Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tragic School Holidays

Tragic School Holidays

The last night, on the 7th day after Malcolm’s cousin, Weng Kai, died, there was a sound, of 2 people talking, and the only person there was his aunty (the cousin’s mother) and.....!

Malcolm See was an old classmate of mine, when we schooling in the seventies in Penang. He lives with his uncle and wife and only went back to his parents place in Ipoh (as both his parents were so busy with their jobs).

During a particular trip from Ipoh, they decided to go to Seremban in Negeri Sembilan (to visit their relatives) and then off to Singapore to spend during Christmas. At that morning before leaving for Singapore, they were informed that one his cousin, Weng Kai, just drowned in a tragic accident.
 It seemed, that his cousin (its’ the school holidays) and his friends went to an old disused abandoned tin mining pool to swim. They were so poor that they used to place plastic bags filled with air and used that as floats. 

Unfortunately, my Weng Kai’s float had a hole and he got into difficulties. Weng Kai’s friends tried to help but were unsuccessful and they rushed back to his cousin’s house whereby they informed the family had happened. They rushed to the abandoned mining pool, by that time Weng Kai’s body was already missing.

Then they informed their relatives in Seremban and the police. After rushing to Malcolm’s uncle and aunty’s house, they waited beside the overgrown bushes at the disused mining pool but Weng Kai’s body did not show up. By the 2nd day, they all went to the mining pool and waited for the whole day unsuccessfully as Weng Kai's body was stiill missing.  Malcolm’s uncle and the police then suggested to call the Navy divers who was based in Lumut in Perak.

After the next morning (the 3rd day) they gathered again at the abandoned mining pool and waited for the Navy divers. While waiting, a cousin saw Weng Kai’s body beside edge of the mining pool and they all rushed to inform the parents. Malcolm’s aunty (the mother of the dead cousin) rushed to the pool but was forcibly held back by the rest of the aunties. Weng Kai’s distraught father was also there and when everybody seemed reluctant to retrieve the cousin’s body, the Weng Kai’s father went down to the mining pool and gathered the body which was covered with greying weeds. Malcolm was told by some busybody aunties and elder cousins that it was not right for the father to touch the dead son in drowning case (as some believe that those who had died unexpectedly and young as especially with parents who are still alive would come back as humiliated and restless spirits).

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brother Ghost

Brother Ghost

A guy narrates how he saw his friend’s ghostly brother.

When I was visiting at Subang Medical Center recently, I met up with Matt Saw who was visiting his aunt at the hospital. The two of us were waiting for visiting time (4 pm) and we decided to have coffee at the cafeteria. We were chatting to pass the time when I casually mention paranormal stuff and he hesitantly said that he have witnessed strange voices and even felt their presence at times.

In fact Matt claimed that he actually seen a ghost once when he was drinking with some of his office colleagues at a restaurant. During that particular incident, he ran into his buddy, Sam, in the same place. Sam was walking out of the restaurant when he saw Matt and he wanted to say hullo.

While they were saying ‘hullo’ Matt noticed a boy who was about 16-17 years old standing beside Sam. That boy looked like Sam and before he can ask anything, he got a terrible shock…the teenage boy had no legs below his knees! A frightened Matt quickly looked at the teenager’s face which looked surprisingly pale with some blackish pigment with spots around his eyes and mouth. Suddenly the teenager looked directly at Matt, as if surprised that someone can actually see him and he just smiled. All these took place in just a few minutes and Sam left the restaurant together with the legless teenager.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ghost Stories 4

Ghost Stories 4

This is from a reader about an encountered with a female ghost when she was living in her old house in Petaling Jaya in Malaysia.
“Thanks for letting me share my ghostly encounters. I seem to attract a number of them during my youth and it tapered off as I grow older. However I could usually sense something is not right but it's not a good feeling to have. I hv always wished tht I am more blur so that I would not encounter those things again.

Ok let's start with one of my scariest experience when I was in my early childhood which I recall when I was 10 or 11years. At tht time, my family rented a single storey house in PJ and it was an old house. It's toilet & shower was located at the back of the house and everytime if you need to do your business, we hv to pass an open space where it's grilled up and we can see the back portion of house. The creepiest part of the back portion is the single banana tree which gives off an ominous vibe and it used to scare me a lot.

Anyway, i have to get up very early morning ard 5am to get ready for the bus sekolah to pick me up as I would be one of the earliest student to be pick up. My room is located in front and it's windows are facing the front porch where a red Toyota Corolla parked, owned by a guy who rented our room. As I was standing up facing the window, buttoning my white shirt before slipping on the dark blue pinafore, I saw my mom next to the car, hanging some wet clothes to dry. Then I notice someone is in the car. Everything happens at slow motion here as I was puzzled who would be sitting in the car at such early hour and I thought our rent tenant is sleeping. As I went closer to the window, it became very clear tht it is a lady with very pale whitish greenish face with long black hair and she was glaring at me with so much anger in her eyes. At first it did not strike me as anything odd and then I suddenly realized tht I am looking right at a lady ghost and she is not happy at all! She looked really pissed off and when I realized that it was a ghost, I quickly squatted below the window feeling really scared. Well I did not dare to look out the window and I can hear my mom coming in the house. When I ask her whether did she see anyone in the car, she said no. So I kept quiet and quickly ran past the car without looking inside when my school bus arrived.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Closing an Old House

Closing an Old House
Ghostly events occurred when a woman and family helps her mother to relocate to their house.

Felicia was relived and overjoyed when her mother finally agreed to their pleas about her relocating to their home in Ipoh, Perak. Her mother had a stroke recently and she had pleaded with her mother it was her turn to look after her. Felicia’s hubby, Denis, agreed in fact they have decided to move her things to a private portion in their house so she can have privacy.

Felicia and her siblings grew-up together their parents in an old Chinese Village in a small town. As they grew up they moved away and Felicia feels that with her mother’s recent stroke, it is time to bring her home with them.

A Typical Chinese Village

When they arrived at the old house, Felicia’s daughter, Mandy 4 year-old, suddenly screamed and cried insisting on being carried by her father. When questioned by Felicia, she would only mumbled that it was “lar char” (translation: dirty). Unable to pacify or calm Mandy, they gave up and brought back Felicia’s mother to their home in Ipoh.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Malaysian Ghost Stories 3

Malaysian Ghost Stories 3

Two more tales about the strange and mysterious world about the ghostly supernatural events in everyday life.

The first story is about Marcia Siew who stayed at residential enclave in the town of Kampar on Perak. Kampar is also the educational hub and home to Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC).The name of Kampar was coined from the term “Kam Poh” which in Cantonese stands for precious gold.

Kampar suffered from the communist raids and the Japanese occupation of the Second WW2 and have a population of over 90,000 people.

Map of Kampar in Perak

Marcia Siew was lazily watching a love story movie show on the TV and it was around 3am. Her parents and her brother have retired for the night. After the movie was over she went over the kitchen to get a glass of water.

As she was drinking her water she noticed the neighbor dogs were busy yapping and yelping. She looked through the window from the kitchen but she did not see the dogs and she brushed aside without thinking. Turning away from the kitchen and from the corner of her eyes she saw something strange in their garden.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Dark Isolated Road to Gua Musang

A Dark Isolated Road to Gua Musang

I have written in my blog about the little town of Gua Musang, about a “Tourist Guide in Gua Musang, Kelantan”. However a reader has also encountered a spine chilling experience about his car trip to Gua Musang.

Gua Musang is a small town and is sometimes called a railway town. I am also told that Gua Musang stands for “foxes cave“.

Haira lives with his sister, Ziana, and brother-in-law in Kota Bahru which is the capital city of Kelantan. Kota Bahru is approximately 110 km from the Gua Musang, where they are from originally. There was some celebration and the three of them was rushing and driving back to Gua Musang at night after work.

Road to Gua Musang in Kelantan

It was dark by the time they reached Gua Musang road when Hairi, who was seated at the back, was half dozing.  “Alomak!..” yelled Hairi’s brother-in-law as Hairi saw the motorbike way in front of them swerve and almost lost control of his motorbike. The biker then simply sped away at very high speed.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ming Court Hotel at Port Dickson – Haunted?

Ming Court Hotel at Port Dickson – Haunted?

Ming Court Hotel was a popular beach resort during the 2000s. In fact, the hotel was the favourite haunt weekend resort for my wife and I – except some people consider it to be haunted!

Map of Port Dickson

Ming Court Hotel was located at Teluk Kemang in Port Dickson which was popular especially with the quick-getaway by the busy crowd from the Klang Valley. The nights after dinners at the lounge with the local and foreign singers with my wife sitting patiently (or impatiently) with cold mugs of beer for me!
Unfortunately the hotel was closed down somewhere between 2002 or 2003 probably due to the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) epidemic and was taken over by the Corus Group.

The Abandoned Ming Court Hotel in Port Dickson

I did not see or felt any supernatural presence during our stay at the hotel. Probably I am not gifted with “yin yang” eyes which allow people to see or feel the existence of ghosts. However, a friend of mine, Ken, and his future wife, Ivy, had a truly terrifying experience in the then Ming Court Hotel.

After they have check-in to their room, Ivy went to the bathroom and Ken was busy unpacking. When Ivy got back from the bathroom she complained that the room smelt of second hand smoke. Both of them are strict and avid non-smokers. However, they did make too much of it and carried on with their activities.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Asian Tsunami

Asian Tsunami

It must be nearly a decade ago when I first read about the Asian tsunami that brought the devastating waves which swept certain regions across Asia. Stories poured from the media and the internet from eyewitnesses who actually saw or heard from the dead people of this truly tragic incident.

On that day, 26th of December 2004, thousands throughout Asia lost their lives when angry and furious waves swept the coastal region in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia etc. On that fateful day without warning over two hundred thousand lives were lost as huge tidal waves raced and trashed the coastal areas in the region.

 Tsunami in the island of Penang, Malaysia (www.asiantsunamivideos.com

In Malaysia, over 60 people lost their lives especially in the island of Penang and eye witnessed saw some disturbing apparitions.  Some people say that ghosts are not angry but merely confused and they cannot move to other world. They just wandered restlessly in this earth.

 In neighboring Thailand, especially in the Andaman coast, there are reports of tales about haunted beaches, liked people playing on the beach in the nights and of moaning and crying “people” when there was nobody there.

I heard this story from a friend who visited Thailand a few years ago. Rose Leong was with her husband for a holiday at a Thai beach resort.  When they check into the hotel they met with a young receptionist who was extremely friendly. A few days later Rose was told by the staff of the hotel that the young receptionist no longer works there.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Weird Incident at Mont’ Kiara Condo

Weird Incident at Mont’ Kiara Condo

Mont’ Kiara has been in the news recently about a Japanese couple who were found dead in their apartment.  There were some other mysterious gruesome deaths including a Singaporean in the areas.

One of the Condos in Mont’ Kiara (expat.blog.com)

For those who are not familiar with Klang Valley region, Mont’ Kiara is located at Sri Damansara area in Kuala Lumpur. It is a much higher price for their units (too much for me too!)  costing between RM2500 – RM6000 just for rental! With their swimming pools, gymnasiums and tennis courts it is simply luxurious living.

I have a retired ex-colleague, who lives in one of the condominium in Mont’ Kiara. Paul lives with his wife and his son on the 12 floor of their condo. One night Harry, Paul’s son, was out with his friends and his wife was busy chatting on the phone when the doorbell rang continuously at the front door.

Paul looked up to from his TV to find his wife gesturing angrily at him to look who is there. Paul got up reluctantly and looked into the peephole at the front door. The light facing the peephole must have fuse and he can only see an outline of a dark adult male but he cannot make out his features. His wife, Anna, who had finished her telephone conversation, walked beside Paul and asked who is it.
“Don’t know…the corridor light must be out,” as he partially open the front door with the latch or chain on. When he peered through the door in the dim light from the corridor, there was no one there. A bit puzzled, Paul unlock the latch and looked left and right at the dim lights of the corridor…and there was no one there.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Putrajaya Hospital – haunted?

Putrajaya Hospital – haunted?

There are allegations and purported sightings of unworldly apparitions circulating from the staff and even visitors in the ultra modern healthcare facilities of Putrajaya Hospital. The actual existence of ghosts, demons, ghouls and the undead, roaming the lonely nights in halls of this hospital.

Putajaya Hospital at the Federal Territory of Putrajaya (mynewshub.my)

The night shift-staff have seen and encountered numerous times of strange apparitions and spirits in selected wards in the hospital. Some nurses have heard people talking during late nights when there were no people around. It is reported that a man wearing a white “kopiah” (a Muslim skull cap) was wandering the corridor late at night and he would suddenly disappear.

The management of the hospital due to harassment from the staff and clients had resorted to hiring Darulssyifa (an Islamic religious consultant) to appease the spirits. Darulssyifa is led by Datuk Dr. Haron Din (a well-known PAS politician and the foremost expert in spiritual healing) in the supernatural cleansing ritual.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Abandoned Neighbourhood’s House

The Abandoned Neighbourhood’s House
“…while walking late at night, she heard her woman wailing from an abandoned house…”

Rita stays at the relatively tranquil town Bentong in the state of Pahang. Rita spends the weekend “crashing” at Cindy (and her family) house which is located in a quiet residential suburb of Bentong.

 Map of Bentong in Pahang (Google Map)

After dinner, they had arranged with their friends at a nearby Starbuck coffee outlet where they chit-chat the latest happenings among themselves. It was past 12am when Rita and Cindy were walking back to Cindy’s house in a residential housing estate.

Cindy was walking slightly behind Rita and Cindy was busy chatting with her boyfriend on her mobile phone, when Rita noticed a woman was wailing and sobbing. In the badly lit environment of the neighborhood she realized that it was coming from an abandoned house which was covered with overgrown grass and weeds.

By that time, Cindy who was busy yapping happily on her phone had walked past Rita, who was curious wondering who could it be, crying so loudly in the middle of the night. She was looking at the abandoned house, when out of her corner of her eye, she saw a flash of white apparition in the “living room” of the abandoned house!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) haunted?

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) haunted?

Is Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) really haunted? There are many articles in the net that this university in Malaysia is really haunted by spirits and souls of the death.

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) lies in a small town of Sintok in the northern state of Kedah. With only a sleepy town of tin mining and rubber estates it has grown to a sprawling campus of over a 1000 hectares of land. The UUM was established in 1984.

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Kedah (cyanxkamo.blogspot.com)

In the early years there were a lot of killings by security forces and the insurgents in the area. A plaque for the security forces were placed in the area. A Japanese army camp and a communist cemetery were also supposed to found in that area.

There was an infamous occasion about “bus incident” where drivers of the buses were instructed to drive and deposit the “hantus” and then deliver them to another deserted site.

There was another case where a lecturer in a classroom full of students suddenly saw a group of Japanese soldiers in the back of the room. Other instances experiences of students who heard voices of children laughing and playing in empty corridors.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Malaysian Ghost Stories 2

Malaysian Ghost Stories 2

Millions of Malaysians from all walks of life have encountered unexpected experiences in the world of the supernatural. I will share two strange and spine chilling stories of such experiences in their normal everyday life.

Teoh work as a vegetable seller at a wet market and his wife is a clerk at a company. Teoh’s father-in-law was in a hospital and was advised by the doctors to bring him better be brought home. They said that due to the serious sickness he would rather be home when he passes away.

When Teoh got back from work he cooked plain porridge for his father-in-law and waited for him to wake up. His wife, Sooi Ling, had to work late that night as she had some work to finish up.

Plain Porridge or Congee (epalworld.com)

Teoh sat on a plastic chair while waiting for his father-in-law to wake up to eat his porridge. While waiting, Teoh almost dozed off when he saw the old man was up and he was talking to someone – but there was no one there except for Teoh. The old man was excited and he raised his hand as if he was taking and eating porridge, all the time he was busy chit chatting with someone.

After a while, Teoh’s father-in-law closed his eyes and went finally went back to his bed. Teoh was a bit puzzled but did not think too much of it. They found out the next day that the old man passed away. Teoh often wondered whether his father-in-law saw something or someone that night.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Incident in Genting’s Parking Lot

Another Incident in Genting’s Parking Lot

“Go to Genting…sumore of at night…Go lah…” Adrian Soon’s mother was absolutely furious when she heard of Adrian’s intention of going to gamble at Genting.

Adrian is from Bera in the state of Pahang and his friends, Tony & Jim, was determined and planned to spend the night at the casino no matter what. They were more or less hardcore gambling addicts (..”kaki judi”) and were going to win big from the casino.

However after spending 5 hours at the casino, they left gloomy and dejected having lost all their money. As they walking to the parking lot in the middle of the night, the mist and fog were swirling from the surrounding area when Jim noticed a blurry dark person going into their car!

Parking Lot In Genting (otoreview.blogspot.com)

His friends have already got in the car and Jim did not have any choice but got into the front passenger seat. Sensing something was wrong Jim then said, “Can we talk a little bit before going back?”
Tony was glum but he agreed but Adrian was very angry and said angrily to Jim, “shaddap lah what to f##king talk…#!?...don’t play play lah” Jim tried to calm him down saying, “Can talk or not…” Finally Adrian managed to cool down and the three of them had a short casual talk.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ghost in My Bed!

Ghost in My Bed!

“There was a ghostly figure of a woman lying beside my bed!”

I ran into an old friend, Rusdi, and his wife and they insisted that I must spend some time in their house. As we were bust chit-chatting about the old times how we were mesmerized about the old movies during the 1970s like “Pontianak”, “Orang Minyak” etc by the late P. Ramli.

Noraini, Rusdi’s wife, casually mentioned that she has seen a ghost. Reluctant at first to talk about the incident, she finally gave in to our constant begging. It happened when she was a girl of 8 years old and her uncle, aunty, her cousins were going to Kuala Pilah in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

Norini pleaded and begged her parents for permission to go with her with them and eventually she finally won (as usual!) They packed her uncle’s old van and they drove to the rest house in Kuala Pilah. 

Photo of Bedding Arrangement (www.flipkey.com)

Noraini together with her cousin, Sophie, had the double-bed while Sophie’s older sister, Nisha, had the single bed. That night while sleeping, Noraini groggily woke up and saw Nisha asleep in the single bed. As she turn to look at Sophie just beside her….she was speechless…there was a frizzy haired woman lying on her back in their bed!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Ghostly Incident at Maxwell Hill

A Ghostly Incident at Maxwell Hill

The night was dark except for the moon with the cool jungle breeze the swirling fog was everywhere, when the two went to their car. They saw a piece of white cloth in a tree….

 This incident happened when Ricky managed to pester and beg his parents to allow him to spend a couple of days at Maxwell Hill. At last his finally parents relented and gave in to Ricky and together with his 4 friends from school managed to drive to the hillside resort at Maxwell Hill or as commonly called Bukit Larut about 9 – 10 kilometers from Taipng.

Maxwell Hill commonly known as Bukit Larut taipingheavenland.blogspot.com

Ricky and his friends managed to rent an old single storey bungalow at the foothill of Maxwell Hill as no private vehicles are allowed in the hill.  

After dinner, as there were no internet and even a tv, they suggested playing cards which was unfortunately left in the car. Ricky volunteered to go and get them and Min followed as he had to smoke.
Outside it was absolutely dark except for the moonlight and the swirling mist from the jungle air, when the duo carrying torchlights and were walking to the car. “Apa tu? (translate “whats that?”) as Min tugged at Ricky’s arm with his torchlight shining on a clump of overgrown trees.

It was pitch black but Ricky can barely make out that it was a white cloth and was happily sitting on a branch on top of a tree. Before Ricky could answer that white thing suddenly started to laugh…a continuous gaggling laughter. Stunned, shocked and confused they could only looked at that thing and the laughter (it sounded like a female’s voice) .

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ghostly Restaurant

Ghostly Restaurant

Madam Yeow runs a restaurant in downtown Malacca where she reluctantly tells of her unexpectedly and eerie experiences about her business.

Madam Yeow run a successful Nyonya restaurant in the heart of Malacca for many years. I am not allowed to disclose the actual location as she said “do want to frighten the customers”.

A Typical Restaurant www.tripadvisor.com.my

One incident occurred when Lila, a new waitress, was working in the restaurant. It was about 10 pm and it was packed when Lila heard some children’s giggling and laughing. She noticed that a little boy and girl were playing under the chair beside a customer’s legs and it seem the customer is not even aware of it. The little boy and girl had what seemed like old school uniforms when Lila saw that were no legs – only blurry images of their legs.

Suddenly Debbie, another waitress, urgently grabbed Lila’s arm from the back and said, “…you aso (..also) see them?..” The ghostly girl and boy without warning saw Lila and Debbie, giggled…and slowly vanished.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Something Is In My House!

Something Is In My House!

The Soo family was utterly shocked that ‘something’ was in their house.

 Norman and Caroline Soo together with their 2 young daughters lived in a double-storey bungalow in Sungai Petani in Kedah. They have moved there 5 years ago when they realized that 'something' had moved together with them.

At first there were strange and weird disturbances in their house and followed by the actual sighting of a ghostly apparition. Their experiences were as follows:

One night when they were in the living room after dinner, watching TV when they heard the loud continuous loud tinkling sound of wind chimes from the outside of their house. Norman reluctantly and his 2 daughters opened the front door and switched on the light on the porch. They found the wind chimes which was hung in the porch but they were silent as it was a windless night with hardly a breeze. Norman found it a bit odd but he told his daughters that it must be someone playing the fool with the wind chimes.

A Photo of a Wind Chime

Caroline felt extreme uneasiness about the house – as if someone was lurking hovering silently in the shadows in the dark. One day after taking the girls from the kindergarden she suddenly noticed something odd about her figurines in the glass cupboard. Her collection of miniature glass figurines were kept in the living room in a glass paneled cupboard which was locked.  

Elephant Figurine

She looked closely at the figurines and was taken aback when all the figurines were facing backwards! All the figurines were facing the back wall instead of outwards. Even stranger than that, the glass paneled was locked – how did the figurines managed to turned backwards through a locked panel?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Unseen Ghost

Unseen Ghost

“I have not seen a ghost in my house” Phillip lamented, “…in fact, I have never seen a ghost before.”

Phillip and his family stay at PJ Old Town in Petaling Jaya in Selangor. They live at a double-storey house and he is a partner of a successful law firm in Kuala Lumpur.

Over the years, he has been told that his house was haunted by a ghost. His friends and even his family had complained about seeing about the many shadowy ghostly manifestations that they have personally witnessed. Although he has not seen the ghost (not from trying) he believes that the ghostly apparitions lives in his house.

His own wife sometimes feel the presence in their house and the rotting or decaying smell that it emits in the house. His brother was shock to see a blurry black apparition in the bathroom while he was going to take a shower one night. He fell on his back desperately trying to get away the apparition who was about to reach his brother but suddenly mysteriously disappeared.

His daughter had heard howls of laughter downstairs after everybody has gone to bed. His friends had also seen a strange woman in red dress on the top of the stairway looking at them before vanishing.

According to a medium from a temple, the house is haunted by a woman in red dress. Although prayers and offerings were made, she refused to move on.

Phillip might have considered himself unlucky that he could not see the ghost in his house. The medium however said that most people cannot see or sense the presence of the supernatural, he should however be grateful that he cannot see the dark ghastly side of the afterworld.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sounds From Upstairs Office

Sounds From Upstairs Office

Daniel was in the office late in the evening when he heard someone running up the common stairway up to the upper floor thinking the landlord has finally a tenant.

Daniel Chong rented an old office space in one of the neighborhood in Kajang in Selangor. He has only 3 staff and he usually spent the day with clients, meetings and basically look for new business. When he gets back to the office he answers any question from his staff, take calls and do his paper work.

One day after coming from a meeting, he heard the footsteps as if someone was walking up the stairways to the upper floor. He looked surprised at Rosli (one of his employee) who just shrugged and smiled saying someone must have rented the upper floor.

Daniel’s office was on the first floor and the second floor (the upper unit) and the top most unit were located above Daniel’s office. The ground floor which was a Tyre shop and it had a separate opening.  It was a 3 storey (including the ground floor) shop lots and they the two units were padlocked through a grilled on the ground floor.

Over the following weeks they heard people talking, whispering and steps on the stairways leading to the 2nd  floor. Once after work at night, Daniel who was alone was busy locking the front door when he saw a girl and a boy dashing and running on the stairway to their upper unit. However it was so fast that he did not get to say the chance to say “hi” to them.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ghostly Girl at Lantern Festival

Ghostly Girl at Lantern Festival

A housewife was chatting with her neighbours when she saw a young girl alone with her lantern away from the other kids.

Chinese Lantern Festival (Pesta Tanglung) falls in September on the eighth month of the year. Although celebrated by the Chinese it also in recent years attracted many multiracial followers.

A Typical Chinese Lantern Procession (ssbcned.blogspot.com)

Lillian Tong a housewife was furious with her husband who had unexpectedly got to meet a client that night. “Why he can’t say no,” she fumed knowing that they have promised to take their son to a neighbourhood lantern procession.

After her husband left, Lillian decided to take her son with his lantern to the parade which was a few blocks away from their house. When they arrived their son happily joined the rest of the kids with their lanterns. Lillian also met Miriam and her husband who were keeping an eye on their kids.

As they were busy chatting, Lillian realized that there was a little girl who was alone and standing away far away from the rest of the children. The little girl was dressed in a little white gown with her tanglung. Lillian then said to Miriam that she was going to ask and invite the little girl to join the parade.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Angel of Death

Angel of Death

The Angel Of Death…..the Lord of Hades or the Guardian of Hell are believe to be a messenger of Hell. It is truly remarkable and unbelievable that people from all cultures and nations seem to believe in a supernatural paranormal entity …is it the same entity and does it exist?

I previously wrote in my blog “Time Is Up” about an account where people have seen a dead relative and even a close friend. A friend told me recently about his grandpa’s version about his personal encounter with the Angel of Death!

Angel Of Death (sekolahanmedia.blogspot.com)

Alvin went with his family to visit his grandparents Teluk Intan in the state of Perak. The doctors said that his grandfather would not live very long as has severe diabetes problem and he was also left virtually blind due to the illness. Alvin’s grandpa spent his days sleeping in room and only his grandma used to bring him his medicine and his meals. The family did not spend a lot of time with him as he was not only sick but terribly grumpy that only the grandma can take it.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Haunted Buildings

Haunted Buildings

A lot of people have witnessed haunting in buildings all cover the country and today I will share 2 such experiences.

Taman Tun Dr Ismail (better known as TTDI) is a middle-higher class residential place in Kuala Lumpur. Ravi who works for an airline company has to rent a room from a colleague, Timmy, at TTDI while his condominium is being renovated. 

Pasar Besar at TTDI (maildoali.wordpress.com)

One night when Ravi was working on his notebook in his bedroom, he heard a constant loud clanging  sound from the downstairs kitchen as if someone was busy fixing a meal. There were continuous sound of clanging and banging of pots and glasses and Ravi decided to take a break and said hi to his friend, Timmy.

When he was walking from his bedroom door, he suddenly realized that was absolute silence, not a sound from the kitchen. Thinking that Timmy must have stopped cooking, Ravi proceeded down the stairs and into the kitchen. He was surprised and confused that the downstairs’ lights have been turned off and it was dark and silent.

When he turned on the lights on in the kitchen…..Timmy was not there and the kitchen was spic and span and all the glasses and pots have been put away. Ravi later found out that Timmy was enjoying himself at a nightclub and only got back much later that night. 

A week later, Ravi got back one night and when he turned on the lights…the entire chandelier  (ceiling mounted light fixture) completely fell onto the floor. Luckily he noticed the chandelier was swaying (but there was no wind at that time) and he managed to skip pass the falling chandelier. 

When Ravi related to his friends the strange and mysterious happenings about the house, one of them joked that the ghost must somehow be angry with him. Whatever the reason, Ravi decided to move to another place to live.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Afterworld Wedding

Afterworld Wedding

Afterworld Wedding or Ghost Marriage according to some Chinese beliefs is a marriage between a man and a woman who are already dead. This is a true life account of a person's experience of the event.

Boon Hock lives in Kuala Kangsar with his wife, three kids and his mother in Perak. One night he was startled and woke up from a dream about his younger brother. In that dream, Ah Tee (his younger brother) informed him that he wants to get married except his brother was already dead. Ah Tee was killed in a car accident 5 years ago!

When Boon Hock was busy trying to eat his breakfast the next morning, his mother informed him she had a dream about Ah Tee (her youngest son) with the similar message, that he wants to get married. The dead girl who passed away from an illness was from Seremban in Negeri Sembilan. His mother’s dream was similar to Boon Hock’s!

During work, Boon Hock was bothered about their dreams and finally when he got home, he and his wife told his mother that he got the same dream last night. His mother suggested they seek advice from a medium at the nearby temple. The medium confirm that At Tee had fallen in love to a girl from Seremban from the otherworld and wants to marry her.

Although Boon Hock was only a fish monger at the local market, he desperately begged, borrowed from his relatives and friends to come out the money. They even got the deceased girl’s parents consent for the marriage. When they finally succeeded they held an elaborate marriage wedding for his brother in Boon Hock’s house. It was a typical marriage rite with the girl’s parents and some of the relatives.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Deceased Colleagues Part 2

Deceased Colleagues Part 2

This is a continuation of ‘Deceased Colleagues’ which I did not manage to complete. This time I have another 2 mysterious and unexplained tales of colleagues’  of passing on from this world.

Fahmi was formerly from Bahau in the state of Negeri Sembilan which was his hometown. This particular incident happened when he was a student in a school downtown. After school on that day, Fahmi was walking back from the canteen where he saw Cik Ku (teacher – ler) Sulaiman, his former teacher. Cik Ku Sulaiman seemed happy to see Fahmi and he waved his hands excitably for Fahmi to come over. 

When Fahmi walked to Cik Ku Sulaiman he noticed that the teacher was very pale and around his eyes were slight dark patches but other than that he seemed fine. Cik Ku Sulaiman even patted Fahmi on his shoulder and said, “Apa Khabar?” (what’s up). Cik Ku Sulaiman then reminded Fahmi to go to the teachers’ room to see him tomorrow before school. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Genting Bus Crash 2

Genting Bus Crash 2

I have written about “Genting Bus Crash during Hungry Festival” which left 39 people killed and 16 dead. The privately owned road by Genting Malaysia Berhad, was a scene of tragic and unimaginable devastation. In my article, it was reported that some passengers had seen a group of wavy apparitions waiting at the roadside before the accident.

Some people believe that the souls were waiting to be reincarnated by taking the lives of the people in that tragic accident. Some Chinese also believe that it happened during the Hungry Ghosts Festival where millions of lost souls were released and on the prowl for potential victims. 

Photo of the Genting Bus Crash

From the top right corner of the photo, some readers can see a “white lady looking on the left” and others saw “a white face”. I honestly do not know whether the photo has been ‘photoshop’ or a fake.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apparitions From The Underworld

Apparitions From The Underworld

When Anna Ching was a teenager, she and her mother visited her aunty and her family at Jerantut in Pahang. Anna’s aunty has been hospitalized and they have to bring food for her everyday. She and her mom also had take care of her young cousins and her uncle in their house.

Jerantut in Pahang 

After spending almost the whole day visiting her aunty in the hospital they went home, where Anna’s mother cooked for her young cousins and her uncle. After dinner, her mother asked Anna to feed the family black mongrel dog, named Trotter. 

It was a moonless night with little light from the lamp posts as Anna walked to the little garden at the front house. Trotter was not at front garden when she heard the mongrel at the fence of the garden whining. Trotter’s face was looking outwards and whining but Anna cannot see anything….the road by the terrace houses was covered with bushes and trees beside the lane…nothing…nada!  There was no one around.

Anna rubbed her eyes with her hands in an attempt to see better…but there were nobody around..except for the dog's whining, she noticed a small shrine around the bushes and the trees but there were no offerings like joss sticks or local fruits. She remembered that her aunt used to do the rituals and the offerings before she was hospitalized. She did not give it further thought to it but went back to the house to play with her cousins.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Genting Bus Crash during Hungry Ghosts Festival!

Genting Bus Crash during Hungry Ghosts Festival!

The worst motor accident in Malaysia’s history happened during the Hungry Ghosts Festival. Were the supernatural souls from the afterworld involved?

“37 killed, 16 injured in Malaysia’s worst accident,” as reported by the mainstream and the internet media. The ill-fated bus was on the Genting up-downhill road on the privately owned by Genting Malaysia Berhad.

Resort World Genting’s Logo

The Genting Sempah road is infamous for a string of mysterious incidents  and I have written about it previously in “Apparitions at Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway” and “Ghost Sightings at Genting Sempah, Selangor”.

In addition the bus crash occurred during Hungry Ghosts Month which falls on August 7 and September 4. Taoists believe that the ghosts are opened from hell where the souls can roam the earth for a month. 

Bus Crashed at Genting Highlands

Friday, August 23, 2013

Deceased Colleagues

Deceased Colleagues

Almost everybody has come across deceased colleagues particularly that have passed away unexpectedly. I have 2 different but similar stories about really weird and strange incident that these people have personally come acrossed.

This was told by Janice Foo which was the Office Manager of a large company in Malaysia. Min Ling was an officer when she was knocked by a bus and killed on the way back from her work. Janice described Min Ling as a kind of ‘mousey’ girl, quiet and shy but she was extremely dedicated in her work. 

A few days after the fatal accident, the security guards at Janice’s office found a strange apparition lurking dressed in a white gown late at night. According to the security guards her face could not be seen as her left face seemed to be partially crushed and bloodied. Before the guards could do anything the lurking apparition suddenly vanished!

During Min Ling’s funeral, some family members had requested a “closed coffin” as Min Ling’s face was badly crushed by the bus. As some of Min Ling’s colleagues were excitably talking and speculating what security guards saw that night .….one of the girls noticed that Min Ling’s computer have been switched on! They were shocked as Min Ling’s workstation has been closed as the management had not found a new replacement yet for Min Ling. In fact some girls have complained about working more hours as they have to take over from Min Ling’s unfinished work.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sri Mutiara Apartment Lift Incident

Sri Mutiara Apartment Lift Incident

Bernard Ng agreed to look after their aunty’s place during her holiday visit to Taiwan with her other mahjong ‘aunties’. Bernard, his sister May and his mum will visit the apartment for a week during that time. Her aunty lived in an apartment in Sri Mutiara Apartment in Sungei Besi at Kuala Lumpur.

Sri Mutiara Apartment in Sungai Besi (www.prowall.my)

A couple of nights later when they were sleeping, Bernard heard the sound of someone dropping marbles or pebbles on the outside floor tiles. After a while he got up irritated when the sound did not stop….thoonk! thoonk! as he walked from the bedroom door and he found May peering at their bedroom door (mum was asleep). Before he could say anything, the sound of dropping marbles or pebbles suddenly stopped. They both went to turn the lights on from the living room but it was quiet and silent. Must be some neighbours kids, Bernard told his sister although he found it strange that the kids will be playing marbles at 3am.

The night before his aunty came back from Taiwan, the three of them were in the living room when Bernard suggested going to supper at some hawker stalls. His mother and May were not interested so he went off by himself. 

As Bernard got on the lift he noticed that he was not alone, there was a young striking lady inside the lift. As he got on the lift he saw she must be in her twenties with a sexy body-hugging dress with a flawless skin. He quickly said “hullo…going out?” but she did not even reply or acknowledge his presence, preoccupied and busy with her handphone. Walking to further behind the lift he thought “So stuck-up mer”.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Malaysian Ghost Stories

Malaysian Ghost Stories

Countless people faced mysterious and unexplained experiences in their everyday lives…here are 2 such stories.

Gloria Soh was a student at KDU University College in Damansara Jaya in Selangor. Gloria and 5 other outstation students, were placed in a temporary house in USJ in Petaling Jaya. The double-storey house was a corner unit of a linked terrace lot in a residential housing. The corner house was mostly furnished but it was cold, dark and lifeless which an agent explained that the old lady living there had passed away a few years ago. The 6 girls were given 3 rooms upstairs and they had 2 people per room.

Things were fine in the beginning except when one night after dinner at a food stall they got back and when turned on the light…the girls noticed there was wisp of smoke near a picture frame in the dining room. The smoke quickly dissipated and vanished and the girls hurriedly check out the kitchen etc whether it was on fire but could not find anything.

Days after that, Gloria was in bed reading when she heard clearly music sound from the piano downstairs. There was an old piano in the living room downstairs which was left by the old lady before she passed away. 

Old Piano (www.reidy.com)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Horny Ghost

Horny Ghost

A teenage girl got the shock of her life when she saw a lurking ghost in her shower.

Jennie Pang and her family moved to their new house at Rompin in the state of Pahang. Everything was alright for the first year when she felt something odd about her house. Like when she was bringing the trash (‘tong sampah’ - ler) one night after dinner, she noticed that although the neighbourhood  were quiet dark, that  a ‘man’ was looking at her house beside a tree directly opposite to their place. Jennie was only 15 years old then and was just a ‘peeping tom’ she did not really care nor think much about it.

A couple of nights later, Jennie was asleep in her bedroom, when she felt something was touching her back as she was lying on her side. Half asleep and dead tired, she simply pulled her blanket around her and facing upwards, she went back to sleep.

A week later, Jennie was finished her shower and she was about to put her clothes on, she casually looked at the bathroom mirror and….there was a ‘man’ in the other corner looking at her! She turned around and gave a yell and screamed, crouching herself and looking at the ‘man’ who was sneering with a mocking smile. She shouted for her mother as she rushed downstairs with super speed to the dining room – butt naked where she found her startled parents and brothers. 

A school friend commented that it must be a horny ghost (“ham sap kwei” – Chinese translation) waiting for his ‘dessert’.