Friday, August 16, 2013

Malaysian Ghost Stories

Malaysian Ghost Stories

Countless people faced mysterious and unexplained experiences in their everyday lives…here are 2 such stories.

Gloria Soh was a student at KDU University College in Damansara Jaya in Selangor. Gloria and 5 other outstation students, were placed in a temporary house in USJ in Petaling Jaya. The double-storey house was a corner unit of a linked terrace lot in a residential housing. The corner house was mostly furnished but it was cold, dark and lifeless which an agent explained that the old lady living there had passed away a few years ago. The 6 girls were given 3 rooms upstairs and they had 2 people per room.

Things were fine in the beginning except when one night after dinner at a food stall they got back and when turned on the light…the girls noticed there was wisp of smoke near a picture frame in the dining room. The smoke quickly dissipated and vanished and the girls hurriedly check out the kitchen etc whether it was on fire but could not find anything.

Days after that, Gloria was in bed reading when she heard clearly music sound from the piano downstairs. There was an old piano in the living room downstairs which was left by the old lady before she passed away. 

Old Piano (

Gloria and her roommate rushed down as the music from the piano suddenly stop in the living room but there was nobody there. Confused and thinking it must be one of the other girls must be playing a prank on them, they rushed up to the other bedrooms only to find their friends fast asleep. When Gloria woke up the next day she startled to discover that the cover from the piano was opened. These incidents about the piano and the music happened a few times before they finally shifted to another place.

The next incident happened to Hardeep who was working at a private hospital. Hardeep was working on the night shift and it was very quiet night. So Hardeep went to a general or storage room to take a quick nap. 

As he slept he dreamt that a furious lady angrily shouted at him pointing at a bed saying “Whoi!...that’s my place”. Hardeep was equally mad and he replied, “So what…” When Hardeep work up early the next morning he found himself sleeping beside the trash bin beside the private hospital!


  1. I love this stories. ghosts always get a bad rap in movies and on television…it seems that evil ghosts have more audience appeal.


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