Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brother Ghost

Brother Ghost

A guy narrates how he saw his friend’s ghostly brother.

When I was visiting at Subang Medical Center recently, I met up with Matt Saw who was visiting his aunt at the hospital. The two of us were waiting for visiting time (4 pm) and we decided to have coffee at the cafeteria. We were chatting to pass the time when I casually mention paranormal stuff and he hesitantly said that he have witnessed strange voices and even felt their presence at times.

In fact Matt claimed that he actually seen a ghost once when he was drinking with some of his office colleagues at a restaurant. During that particular incident, he ran into his buddy, Sam, in the same place. Sam was walking out of the restaurant when he saw Matt and he wanted to say hullo.

While they were saying ‘hullo’ Matt noticed a boy who was about 16-17 years old standing beside Sam. That boy looked like Sam and before he can ask anything, he got a terrible shock…the teenage boy had no legs below his knees! A frightened Matt quickly looked at the teenager’s face which looked surprisingly pale with some blackish pigment with spots around his eyes and mouth. Suddenly the teenager looked directly at Matt, as if surprised that someone can actually see him and he just smiled. All these took place in just a few minutes and Sam left the restaurant together with the legless teenager.

A few months later, Matt drove to Sam’s double storey house for a night out. As Sam was taking a shower, Matt waited at the living room with Sam’s mother. They were just making small talk when he noticed an old photo on the coffee table beside the sofa. There were 2 boys smiling proudly and the older boy was…exactly the same one as Matt saw in the restaurant previously!

Feeling shock, Matt kept a straight face and he asked if the younger boy was Sam. Sam’s mother happily said yes. Matt then asked who is the older boy and she sighed and said, “that’s Richard, Sam’s elder brother….Richard was killed in a car accident”.

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