Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apparitions From The Underworld

Apparitions From The Underworld

When Anna Ching was a teenager, she and her mother visited her aunty and her family at Jerantut in Pahang. Anna’s aunty has been hospitalized and they have to bring food for her everyday. She and her mom also had take care of her young cousins and her uncle in their house.

Jerantut in Pahang 

After spending almost the whole day visiting her aunty in the hospital they went home, where Anna’s mother cooked for her young cousins and her uncle. After dinner, her mother asked Anna to feed the family black mongrel dog, named Trotter. 

It was a moonless night with little light from the lamp posts as Anna walked to the little garden at the front house. Trotter was not at front garden when she heard the mongrel at the fence of the garden whining. Trotter’s face was looking outwards and whining but Anna cannot see anything….the road by the terrace houses was covered with bushes and trees beside the lane…nothing…nada!  There was no one around.

Anna rubbed her eyes with her hands in an attempt to see better…but there were nobody around..except for the dog's whining, she noticed a small shrine around the bushes and the trees but there were no offerings like joss sticks or local fruits. She remembered that her aunt used to do the rituals and the offerings before she was hospitalized. She did not give it further thought to it but went back to the house to play with her cousins.

When she was sleeping that night she had a strange dream, in that dream she was in a room and a young girl was crying…a mournful and sad sound for a very long time. However she forgot about the strange dream the next day.

A few days later, her aunty was discharge from the hospital and they took her home. One of the first thing when her aunty got home, she made an offering at the simple shrine opposite of her house. After dinner, her aunty was tired, so Anna was sent to feed Trotter in the small garden. When feeding the dog, she looked up at the shrine and she saw a little girl with a plain white gown beside the shrine. Shocked and curious she squeezed her eyes and relook again but she was gone. 

Years later, she often wondered whether she actually saw the little girl by the shrine…looking for the offering?

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