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Afterworld Wedding

Afterworld Wedding

Afterworld Wedding or Ghost Marriage according to some Chinese beliefs is a marriage between a man and a woman who are already dead. This is a true life account of a person's experience of the event.

Boon Hock lives in Kuala Kangsar with his wife, three kids and his mother in Perak. One night he was startled and woke up from a dream about his younger brother. In that dream, Ah Tee (his younger brother) informed him that he wants to get married except his brother was already dead. Ah Tee was killed in a car accident 5 years ago!

When Boon Hock was busy trying to eat his breakfast the next morning, his mother informed him she had a dream about Ah Tee (her youngest son) with the similar message, that he wants to get married. The dead girl who passed away from an illness was from Seremban in Negeri Sembilan. His mother’s dream was similar to Boon Hock’s!

During work, Boon Hock was bothered about their dreams and finally when he got home, he and his wife told his mother that he got the same dream last night. His mother suggested they seek advice from a medium at the nearby temple. The medium confirm that At Tee had fallen in love to a girl from Seremban from the otherworld and wants to marry her.

Although Boon Hock was only a fish monger at the local market, he desperately begged, borrowed from his relatives and friends to come out the money. They even got the deceased girl’s parents consent for the marriage. When they finally succeeded they held an elaborate marriage wedding for his brother in Boon Hock’s house. It was a typical marriage rite with the girl’s parents and some of the relatives.

After a week, one night Boon Hock was restless watching the TV programs with the rest of his family have fallen asleep. He turned off the TV and closed the light from the living room when he noticed 2 small glowing shining orbs of light were floating near the ancestral altar. One of the orbs was much larger than the other one and Boon Hock was dumbstruck and speechless. Boon Hock was staring at the 2 orbs for several minutes and then the orbs eventually disappeared.

Boon Hock was sure that the 2 orbs that he has seen that night were his brother, Ah Tee, and Ah Tee’s wife. He is very happy that the couple is living together in the afterworld. Since then, Boon Hock’s mother too has passed away. By the way, Boon Hock is now a successful businessman and lives with his wife and 3 children.

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