Friday, August 23, 2013

Deceased Colleagues

Deceased Colleagues

Almost everybody has come across deceased colleagues particularly that have passed away unexpectedly. I have 2 different but similar stories about really weird and strange incident that these people have personally come acrossed.

This was told by Janice Foo which was the Office Manager of a large company in Malaysia. Min Ling was an officer when she was knocked by a bus and killed on the way back from her work. Janice described Min Ling as a kind of ‘mousey’ girl, quiet and shy but she was extremely dedicated in her work. 

A few days after the fatal accident, the security guards at Janice’s office found a strange apparition lurking dressed in a white gown late at night. According to the security guards her face could not be seen as her left face seemed to be partially crushed and bloodied. Before the guards could do anything the lurking apparition suddenly vanished!

During Min Ling’s funeral, some family members had requested a “closed coffin” as Min Ling’s face was badly crushed by the bus. As some of Min Ling’s colleagues were excitably talking and speculating what security guards saw that night .….one of the girls noticed that Min Ling’s computer have been switched on! They were shocked as Min Ling’s workstation has been closed as the management had not found a new replacement yet for Min Ling. In fact some girls have complained about working more hours as they have to take over from Min Ling’s unfinished work.

Although normally the girls would not bother their superior, they rushed blindly to Janice’s office to tell her about what they heard from the guards and Min Ling’s computer. Already late for a management meeting Janice angrily and astounded when she found that the computer was not only on but somebody has used Min Ling’s ID card - but how did someone get to her card?

Not wanting to scare the other girls, she merely told them it must be a mistake and there must be a simple explanation. However secretly thinking about the incident, Janice thinks it must be Min Ling’s ghost…maybe she really back to finish the unfinished work!

I am sorry as I could not finish the 2nd story but I really need to go today. I will try to finish the story another time. 

By the way, regarding the recent tragic bus accident in Genting Highlands – I will really appreciate if anyone has any info to share with me. Thanks.

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