Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Supernatural Tales from Taiwan & Malaysia

Supernatural Tales from Taiwan & Malaysia

Two stories about supernatural or paranormal experiences from both Taiwan & Malaysia. In Taiwan a youth claims his BFF (best friend forever) is a ghost. For Malaysia a young girl claims to talk with her with her deceased grandmother.


14 year old, Kenny is the only child and stays with his parents in the capital Taipei in Taiwan. His parents were having problems in their relationship and to add to that, Kenny has started mixing with the wrong crowd.

Desperate for a solution and as it was during school holidays, his parents decided that he should go Mrs Wu who lives in the small town in province of Yilan. Kenny’s mother is the sister of Mrs Wu who is widow and lives with her son Victor. Kenny who thinks that 12 year old Victor with thick glasses is a nerdy brat who proudly inform everyone that his best friend is a ghost!

One day Victor volunteered to pick up the prepared food for dinner from a lady as Mrs Wu had to the 2nd shift at work. As Kenny walked back to the apartment he noticed that the TV was loudly blaring away and he heard Victor was happily chatting by himself.

Putting the food away, a totally fed-up Kenny walked to the living room to confront Victor. When he reached the room, Victor was at side facing yapping with the TV facing directly. Kenny stopped absolutely shock ..the empty rocking chair beside Victor … was gently rocking away by itself!!!


Some people believe that some young children are more likely feel the presence of the paranormal or ghosts. I have also written of these experiences in my blog.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ghosts Everywhere!

Ghosts Everywhere!

There are ghosts and they can be anywhere!

A Taoist sifu (master) said to me that most people do not seemed to realize but ghosts can come and go anywhere. The Chinese for example called them as wandering or roaming ghosts. (would really appreciate if anybody could provide these type of ghosts of Malay, Indians, Iban, etc)  These ghosts or departed spirits will roam anywhere but probably within the country.

 Public Offering during Hungry Ghost Month

Mrs Cheong told me about the eerie experience that her son and daughter had in a public tuition center. Her son Troy, 15 year-old, had finished his English class and was waiting for his younger sister, Kandi, for her music class to be over in another hour.

Troy went back to the usual mamak stall and with a coke he sat faced sideways with his stool and his back resting on the table. After thirty minutes he heard a voice at the back  of his table. It was Kandi and she was looking at Troy as he casually asked, “Tuition over?”

Kandi did not reply but was just looking at him with a crazy smirk like smile. Crazy girl, Troy thought as he went back to game on his phone. Ten minutes later he felt his sister tugging on his back shoulder which he shrugged off.