Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sounds From Upstairs Office

Sounds From Upstairs Office

Daniel was in the office late in the evening when he heard someone running up the common stairway up to the upper floor thinking the landlord has finally a tenant.

Daniel Chong rented an old office space in one of the neighborhood in Kajang in Selangor. He has only 3 staff and he usually spent the day with clients, meetings and basically look for new business. When he gets back to the office he answers any question from his staff, take calls and do his paper work.

One day after coming from a meeting, he heard the footsteps as if someone was walking up the stairways to the upper floor. He looked surprised at Rosli (one of his employee) who just shrugged and smiled saying someone must have rented the upper floor.

Daniel’s office was on the first floor and the second floor (the upper unit) and the top most unit were located above Daniel’s office. The ground floor which was a Tyre shop and it had a separate opening.  It was a 3 storey (including the ground floor) shop lots and they the two units were padlocked through a grilled on the ground floor.

Over the following weeks they heard people talking, whispering and steps on the stairways leading to the 2nd  floor. Once after work at night, Daniel who was alone was busy locking the front door when he saw a girl and a boy dashing and running on the stairway to their upper unit. However it was so fast that he did not get to say the chance to say “hi” to them.

One evening Daniel’s landlord, En.Khalid, came by the office to collect the rent. When Daniel congratulated that En. Khalid finally found a tenant and maybe they could get slightly less rental for the office. En. Khalid was looked puzzled and confused saying, “Where got tenant? crazy-la…” Equally perplexed and baffled Daniel insisted that he heard the sounds of people walking and even saw a flashed of the little girl and boy running up.

Daniel and En. Khalid went upstairs to the top most unit they saw the usual trash of old brochures and newspapers at the entrance. As En. Khalid unlocked the front door, Daniel saw that it was empty…except for a fine coating of dust on the floor!

Did Daniel and his staff really hear the sound of people in the stairway…was it just only in their heads? Some believe that a place which was left vacant for a long time it will attract wandering ghosts…


  1. I've got an interesting photo taken by my hubby using his old sony walkman phone..It's taken in an old abandoned hospital block in India while he was studying there (new building)..I'll find the pic n post it 2 you


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