Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Scary Incident at Amber Court, Genting Highlands

Another Scary Incident at Amber Court, Genting Highlands

Tales of scary incidents abound and Amber Court and Ria Apartment in Genting Highlands has become famous (or infamous) for being haunted.

Overall View of Amber Court condominium

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crying Kid Incident

Crying Kid Incident
Thomas Chong is the oldest son (12 years old) with two younger brothers. They stay with their mother at their rented flat in Perak. They recently lost their father when he was killed in a tragic car accident.
One night was cleaning the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, he looked out of his kitchen window at the other rows flat and he commented, “I wonder which parents would allow the kids to play ball at such late hour”. There was a constant thok! thok! thok! sound of someone playing ball. His mother who was drying the plates with a cloth, silently look, through the kitchen window and peered the silent flat in 7th floor apartment. 

Bouncing Ball

Monday, August 27, 2012

Car Park Mysterious Incident

Car Park Mysterious Incident
Amir together with his wife, Rosie, parked his car at the mall to do their shopping. As it was only 6 pm they went to the food court to have their meal before proceeding to do their weekly shopping. After their meal, they went to Tesco and carried on with their shopping.

Car Park at the Mall

Friday, August 24, 2012

Haunting at Shopping Mall

Haunting at Shopping Mall
Felicia Heng is a shop assistant at a retail store at a popular shopping mall. At peak shopping seasons Felicia have to work late, sometimes after 2 to 3am.  Where they had to take the daily receipts and to reconciled or match with the amount of the purchased stocks sold.  They even had to eat their dinners in their stores in the mall.

View of Shopping Mall in normal time

Duta Palm Springs Resort Incident

Duta Palm Springs Resort Incident
Duta Palm Resort is a deserted blocks of apartments or town-houses. When Luke Yee and his family booked this place they were quite disappointed over the lack of amenities. They had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and 2 bathrooms. Still it was his wife, Cloris, who made the most noise about the lack of amenities...
 An almost deserted Duta Palm Springs in Port Dickson

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toyol at it again

Toyol at it again
Toyol is a genie or a supernatural creature as mentioned in the Malay mythology. Toyol, it has a small stature and having a baby physique with only a height of 15-20cm. His skin was red and chubby red with protruding eyes quite a bit. It has prominent with forehead, wide mouth and a bald head. It is from the jinn or genie who are used by people to make money and get rich quick from others.
This incident occurred when Ami was studying at a local college and she stayed with her friends at a hostel. One day came back from her classes in college, when she saw an ugly blood stain on a small section of the wall just above the floor of the hostel. Ami angrily shouted at her friends, who were in the bedroom, who was responsible for the stain. Her three friends got out of the bedroom, wondering what were the commotion all about. When they saw the blood stain, they were surprised and the three friends flatly denied of doing it.
Ami and her friends then got together with pails, brushes and lots of water to clean the stain.  Instead of removing the stain, it got even worse. It was twice the size compared to previous stain.
Ami and her friends then consulted a ‘bomoh’ (a traditional medical practitioner) while mumbling incantations concluded that the stain was caused by the supernatural. The ‘bomoh’ and his assistants managed to clean the stain.
After a few weeks the blood stain back and it got worse, there were bloody tiny footprints on the wall. One of Ami’s friends one night accidentally even saw a small creature crawling on the wall!!! Eeek!
Ami and her friends have to get another ‘bomoh’ for a thorough cleaning to get rid of the supernatural.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amber Court in Genting Highlands Eerie Incident

Amber Court in Genting Highlands Eerie Incident

Amber Court has been considered by many as the most haunted place in Malaysia. There are cases that many people had died there as a result of freak accidents or suicides. It is also one of the favorite spots for “ghost hunting” enthusiasts in the country.

Amber Court in Genting Highlands, Front View

Note: The missing letter in the word “court”.

Monday, August 20, 2012

PJ Hilton Hotel Haunted?

PJ Hilton Hotel Haunted?
Is PJ Hilton really haunted? The famous Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, is a popular place for the richer for the younger crowds. The 4-star hotel is known for it is brand of Hilton (or even more famous for Paris Hilton…ha ha)

View of PJ Hilton at Petaling Jaya

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Spirits in Church

Spirits in Church
Tapah is a small town in the state of Perak in Malaysia. This town is considered as the main entry point into the old Cameron Highlands route, which is a winding and narrow road uphill. It has a population of only 30,000 people.
Linus Chen’s girlfriend, Ginny is from Tapah, actually it is her grandparents home. Although Linus and Ginny stay and work in Penang, and they occasionally visit Ginny’s grandparent at their home in Tapah, Perak.

View of Tapah in Perak

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sensitive and Angry Ghost

Sensitive and Angry Ghost
There is a saying that people must be careful and be sensitivity do what you say or do to the supernatural entities. My late grandmother had a saying that, when we were kids, it is important to ask for permission being simply peeing etc. away especially when outdoors (like most kids…even adults, anywhere is good enough yeah!).
Ira was travelling to her house in Melaka after spending a few days at a relative’s house in Kedah. She was with her husband who was driving, her mother, sister and her three kids. On the way, the kids have to stop for “pee breaks” and food. So they parked their car at one of the rest stop, do their stuff and also give the adults a break.
Ira did not follow her family when they went for their lunch but instead waited for the rest at a partially covered shed near their car. She was with her youngest daughter, Mina who was 4 years old, who was in a bad-tempered and difficult mood…(…manja-lah-spoilt little girl).
Rest Stop area in Malaysi

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Doppleganger – My Colleague

Doppleganger – My Colleague
Marie works in a restaurant assistant in Genting Highlands. She is presently working the night shift and she goes back to her hostel when the shift is over. Every day seems like a repeat of yesterday and they have to go to the grind of life. At least she got a good job except it is a bit monotonous at times.
Image of Cable Car in Foggy Weather in Genting Highlands

One night having brought some food for herself, she was walking alone to her hostel when she noticed her friend, Marina Gan, walking in the opposite direction towards the casino.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Floating Lady Ghost

Floating  Lady Ghost
Emily Liang was only about 6 years ago, when he lived in Balakong, in the 1990s. She lived in the area called Balakong Taman Jaya in a terrace house, together with his parents and siblings.
Balakong is a huge township in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. Balakong is located between the boundary of Kajang and Cheras. The township consists mainly of residential condominiums, office complexes and factories.
Balakong originally was surrounded by rubber plantation used Tin Mining Lakes. Most families in the village was rubber tappers. There a was primary school, a few Chinese temple, a wet market, a Lutheran church(on a hilltop),a cowboy town street, a people's town hall and a football field.

View of Taman Balakong Jaya in Selangor

It was about 10pm and Emily was ordered not to bother her 2 older brothers’ as they have to study for their examinations. So Emily left in the living room with her mother busy with her laundry, folding the dried clothes. Emily was busy working on her colouring book and sitting at the window of the living room.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dormitory’s Student Hall Ghostly Apparition

Dormitory’s Student Hall Ghostly Apparition
Sarmila’s first year at a local Universiti is proving a trying time for her as it was examination time. Her parents lived in Pahang and they were worried that she is eating enough (….like all mother’s worry) now that she is Selangor. At the same time, her eldest brother Ravi who works in Selangor, has elected to her take out for dinner, in his motorcycle.  Anyway, it was a great relief for Sarmila to be able take a break from her books and studies. Also she looked forward to see her brother and to catch-up with her family going on.

Local Hostel and Dormitory

After a meal with her brother, at an Indian restaurant, she got back to a hostel and took a quick shower. Then it was off to the study room at her dormitory, reluctantly to continue with her studies.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ipoh Specialist Hospital Strange Sightings

Ipoh Specialist Hospital Strange Sightings
I have two separate  tales of people who have personally encountered unrelated strange sightings at the Ipoh Specialist Hospital.
View of Ipoh Specialist Hospital in Ipoh, Perak

Friday, August 10, 2012

Rented House Demon

Rented House Demon
Kajang, is a town in the eastern part of Selangor, Malaysia. Kajang is the district capital of Hulu Langat. It is located 21 kilometers (13 mi) from of Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur.[1]
The current locational gravity of growth in Kajang would be Sungai Chua. The total population of Kajang has grown rapidly in the past few years, with estimated population growth of 9% per annum.
As of 2004, a few townships have been developed in Kajang, such as Taman Prima Saujana (straight from Jalan Cheras), Sungai Chua, Taman Kajang Perdana (Kajang Highlands). Lately, many high-end developments has mushroomed in Kajang such as Twin Palms, Sri Banyan, Country Heights, Jade Hills and Prima Paramount.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

View of Kajang Town in Selangor

Zam never use to believe in ghosts and in fact, he went ghost-hunting but did not see anything.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rifle Range Flats Ghost

Rifle Range Flats Ghost
Rifle Range Flats is the largest low cost housing scheme in the state of Penang. Its area is made of crowdy, dirty, noisy people and the lack of security in terms of Police or guards. The flats consist of Blocks A, B,(inside) and C,D and E. Rifle Range Flats is located in Air Itam in Penang. There are a lack of basic amenities such as halls, playground, carparking etc for the community in Rifle Range Flats. Rifle Range was part of the cemetery and during WW2 it was reported to be the place Japanese armies killed their captives.

View of Rifle Range Flats in Penang

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Karaoke Uninvited Guest

Karaoke Uninvited Guest
Bosco is a mechanic at car shop in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. This happened recently during a Sunday night when he and 4 of friends are feeling a bit restless. So after dinner, they went to a local Karaoke lounge. Actually, they went to a place named Gold Mine KTV Lounge (which gained notoriety many years ago when the KL Magistrate’s Court fined one of its GROs (Guest Relation Officer) for table-top dancing – (she was only clad in a G-string - ha!ha! what they really need!] 
Inside View of Karaoke Lounge

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Taxi Driver’s Eerie Passenger

Taxi Driver’s Eerie Passenger
Wong has been a taxi driver for over 30 years in the state of Penang, Malaysia.  He generally prefers the night shift as the fares charged are higher. One night as he was driving at 3am, when a lady waved at him at Bukit Gelugor. As it was a poor night out, he was glad of the extra customer.
A view of a road of Bukit Gelugor in Penang

Monday, August 6, 2012

WWII Japanese Soldier Headless Apparition

WWII Japanese Soldier Headless Apparition
I was living in the state of Penang with my parents and my siblings when I was 15 years old. We were staying at a Government rows of semi-detached houses which has been demolished to cater for recent developments. The old and majestic British semi-detached houses also known as “beach house” which was the location of the Japanese Military Headquarters during the Second World War.

Old Cemetary at Farquhar Street

Anyway, I could not sleep and so I decided to read my storybook instead. It was about 1am when I realized that I have left my storybook on the ground floor in the Living room. I did not take switch on the light as I was lazy besides the moonlight streaming from the old huge casement windows provided enough light.
Seawall to the “Beach House”

As I was grabbing the storybook from the Living Room, I heard faint sound…a light tapping sound from the television room. So I crept silently to that room and in the moonlight I saw a translucent figure dressed in full Japanese military attire …...minus his head!!! Yeaah! I had to grabbed my hands to my mouth to quite (and maybe to keep my teeth from clattering!) The headless soldier was oblivious to everyone and had to use both hands in front his body and he staggering or swaying…(like his lost something…maybe his head!) This went on for a couple of minutes and then he staggered and swayed away to the kitchen.
With my hands firmly clamped about my mouth, I rushed to my bedroom upstairs and into my blanket and covered myself for the rest of the night.
I heard from the other neighbor ladies that they have seen the headless soldier themselves.
Some people believe that those have died that way, will go through the most painful events that mark their unfortunate death. I sometime wonder, actually what did the Japanese soldiers do the chopped head?
Japanese ghost refers to any shade or being dressed like a soldier Japan . Often it is associated with the places where the army headquarters had made ​​during World War II , the Japanese conquest of Malaysia .
Place considered area are building boarding schools , government offices and important buildings which have developed during World War II.
Often it is seen whether armed with guns or swords, without head
Sometimes, he said to armed marches at night (without head), with sound clatter of boots of  army soldiers.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Toyol in Grandma’s House

Toyol in Grandma’s House
Siti lived with her parents in Johor Baru in the state of Johor. Her father was a clerk then and her mother was a housewife. They lived in a Government quarters and this incident when she was only primary 2. When she was that age, about 8 years old, she went with her mother to visit her grandmother for a few days.
A ‘toyol’ at the back of the Door
Her grandma’s was in Masai, Johor and she lived in a wooden plank house with a concrete base. Her mother and Siti will visit her grandma during the school holidays. Although it was only a wooden house, it was a larger house than their house in Johor Baru. Siti will play with the kids from the neighbourhood.

Depiction of a ‘toyol’
This incident occurred when Siti was going to bed at about 11 pm.  She was sleeping with her mother in bed and she getting comfortable and sleepy. Just before her eyes closed, she saw a small-goblin-like creature jumped on her bed and stared at her eyes. Yeaaaah! It was green in colour and red beady eyes and when he laughed, Siti could see a row of small sharp teeth in his mouth. Staring back at that “thing” and desperately tugging at her mother to wake up. The child-like thing just grinned at her and ran away from the bedroom.
Heard her grandma told her mother said, “toyol at the wooden house always cause trouble”.

Definition : Toyol refers to a kind of ghost in Malay belief, probably from among the jinn / satan, which was kept for the purpose of stealing. Is said to be shaped Toyol small children and also has a temperament like a small child. Toyol observed, generally believed to be of the form of a naked little boy, with red eyes and sharp teeth. Allegedly, toyol will be kept in a small bottle and the owners would give his own blood meal every day / every full moon. If failed, toyol will suck the blood of the immediate family of the owner. People normally associate the appearance of a toyol with that of a small baby, frequently that of a newborn baby walking naked with a big head, small hands, clouded eyes and usually greenish skin. Toyol - Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas

Friday, August 3, 2012

Roadside Fruit Stall Ghostly Encounter

Roadside Fruit Stall Ghostly Encounter
Imran is a Graphics  executive in Kuala Lumpur and after his dinner, he felt bored and restless. His friends are off to trekking in Pahang and he was all alone. He could not go as he had to work and some of his assignments were due.
 He thought of going to Mantin as he had heard that little town which has an old cemetery was haunted. So he decided on driving all the way to Mantin to take a look. The cemetery was a bit scary in the dark, especially the trees and overgrown weeds. Still there was not much to see, so he finally decided to drive back to Kuala Lumpur after spending a few hours there.

Map of Mantin in Negeri Sembilan

Footnote : Mantin is a town in Malaysia. It is in the state/region of Negeri Sembilan. It is located about 50 km from Kuala Lumpur, and can be reached within 30 minutes from the Sungei Besi toll in Kuala Lumpur.
A Typical Fresh Fruit Stall

He decided to use the old road which was not very well lighted and he turned his music on his player. As he passed the old road he noticed that the fruit stalls along the road were empty (which is normal considering the time of about 2am). The whole side road and the fruit seller stalls were practically deserted.
Then when he passed the 7 stall, he saw a woman and her child at their stall and he unconsciously braked to slow down his car. The woman and her child were happily sitting and playing a plastic ball by themselves at their stall. He wondered, why the woman’s and the child’s faces were so drastically white and pale. Only when the woman went to pick up a ball for her child, he noticed that she was kind of floating….Good God! awkk...he realized that both of them are not alive! He fell on his accelerator and he sped off and he did not stop until he was back in Kuala Lumpur.