Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Ghostly Incident at Maxwell Hill

A Ghostly Incident at Maxwell Hill

The night was dark except for the moon with the cool jungle breeze the swirling fog was everywhere, when the two went to their car. They saw a piece of white cloth in a tree….

 This incident happened when Ricky managed to pester and beg his parents to allow him to spend a couple of days at Maxwell Hill. At last his finally parents relented and gave in to Ricky and together with his 4 friends from school managed to drive to the hillside resort at Maxwell Hill or as commonly called Bukit Larut about 9 – 10 kilometers from Taipng.

Maxwell Hill commonly known as Bukit Larut

Ricky and his friends managed to rent an old single storey bungalow at the foothill of Maxwell Hill as no private vehicles are allowed in the hill.  

After dinner, as there were no internet and even a tv, they suggested playing cards which was unfortunately left in the car. Ricky volunteered to go and get them and Min followed as he had to smoke.
Outside it was absolutely dark except for the moonlight and the swirling mist from the jungle air, when the duo carrying torchlights and were walking to the car. “Apa tu? (translate “whats that?”) as Min tugged at Ricky’s arm with his torchlight shining on a clump of overgrown trees.

It was pitch black but Ricky can barely make out that it was a white cloth and was happily sitting on a branch on top of a tree. Before Ricky could answer that white thing suddenly started to laugh…a continuous gaggling laughter. Stunned, shocked and confused they could only looked at that thing and the laughter (it sounded like a female’s voice) .

Then the white cloth thing jumped and leapt from the tree onto to tree about  6 metres away (like in a Chinese movie! flying or leaping in a Kung Fu scene). The white cloth thing proceeded with leaping from one branch to another until ‘she’ was out of sight!

Ricky and Min, terrified and scared shitless, ran back to the bungalow without the playing cards from the car.

Was it a Pontianak?....what did they see?


  1. "Gaggling" is not a word. Instead, change "a" to "i" and you have giggling, which is "to laugh with repeated short catches of the breath".

  2. I don't believe this at all. I stayed at Bukit Larut many times, and there is really nothing. But at the Sultan's bungalow, I feel something a bit not right. Granted, the Sultan's bungalow is unoccupied for much of the time. Other than this, nothing.


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