Saturday, September 28, 2013

Unseen Ghost

Unseen Ghost

“I have not seen a ghost in my house” Phillip lamented, “…in fact, I have never seen a ghost before.”

Phillip and his family stay at PJ Old Town in Petaling Jaya in Selangor. They live at a double-storey house and he is a partner of a successful law firm in Kuala Lumpur.

Over the years, he has been told that his house was haunted by a ghost. His friends and even his family had complained about seeing about the many shadowy ghostly manifestations that they have personally witnessed. Although he has not seen the ghost (not from trying) he believes that the ghostly apparitions lives in his house.

His own wife sometimes feel the presence in their house and the rotting or decaying smell that it emits in the house. His brother was shock to see a blurry black apparition in the bathroom while he was going to take a shower one night. He fell on his back desperately trying to get away the apparition who was about to reach his brother but suddenly mysteriously disappeared.

His daughter had heard howls of laughter downstairs after everybody has gone to bed. His friends had also seen a strange woman in red dress on the top of the stairway looking at them before vanishing.

According to a medium from a temple, the house is haunted by a woman in red dress. Although prayers and offerings were made, she refused to move on.

Phillip might have considered himself unlucky that he could not see the ghost in his house. The medium however said that most people cannot see or sense the presence of the supernatural, he should however be grateful that he cannot see the dark ghastly side of the afterworld.

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