Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Farewell to an Old Friend

Farewell to an Old Friend

It was heartbreaking tragic news as he was told that his close friend has suddenly passed away. He was further shocked when he suddenly realized that it was his friend that he saw that night.

Gopeng which was a small rich ex-mining town located about 20 km from Ipoh, the state capital, in the state of Perak in Malaysia.  Eugene and Menom were not only childhood but best friends and lived almost their entire adult lives in the town of Gopeng.

Town of Gopeng in Perak

Eventually Eugene left home in Gopeng bringing his father and his younger sister along with him. He was promoted as an assistant distribution manager in Shah Alam, Selangor. His father could get his weekly treatment in a nearby hospital and his sister could begin her course at a local college.

One night Menom and his wife just finished dinner at a local ‘mamak’ store and they drove to their house. His wife unlocked the front door and Menom was taking out some grocery from the car when he decided to smoke his cigarette (not allowed to smoke in the house). The entire neighbourhood was very dark except for a few roadside lamps. As he was sitting on the bonnet of his car, he saw a stranger opposite and near to his house beside a roadside lamp. As the stranger was beside the lamp, Menom could only see the outline of the stranger but it was very familiar.

Just as Menom was going to call out to the stranger, his wife came to the car and said why he is taking so long. Menom looked at his wife then turned back to the direction of the stranger and was about to reply…..the stranger beside the lamp post was gone. Menom looked everywhere in the neighbourhood but there was nothing there.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dead Persons’ Antiques

Dead Persons’ Antiques

My wife is completely terrified of antiques wondering if dead persons actually own them and even how they died. Some Asian cultures believe that previous articles belonging to dead people might have ghostly traces or aura energies of the deceased.

Which reminds me of the show about “The Pickers” on the History Channel on Astro TV. The TV series is about 2 American guys who owned a business in Iowa and they travelled to different states to collect antiques or ‘junk’– called “rusty gold”. Obviously the 2 guys do not believe of the existence of ghost but I wondered whether they felt just bit uneasy of the old stuff they buy. I guess I will not know.
Kenneth Chua, does not believe in this ghostly stuff either, and he runs a fairly successful metal building contracting company.  Kenneth together with his wife, Ming Yoke, their children lives in Balakong in Selangor. One day Kenneth had to go to Terengganu for a site meeting and after lunch he went to an antique shop. As expected, Kenneth was very interested in old stuff and antiques. He purchased an interesting old antique dressing table with mirror for his wife’s birthday present.

The professional movers had to drive all the way from Terengganu to his house in Balakong in Selangor. As the movers were taking the old dressing with mirror they had to walk passed the living room on to the way to the stairs.

An old Dressing Table with Mirror

Kenneth’s and Mei Yoke’s youngest daughter, Jamie, 3 years old were sitting in a child’s table in the living room playing with her computer game. All of a sudden when Jamie looked up, she started crying and shrieking with her legs tucked and folded up, frantically pulling away from her little body. She was truly horrified with her eyes wide opened peering at the old dressing table with the mirror.
Kenneth and his wife were taken aback and they rushed to calm their daughter, lost and wondering what was wrong with her. Meanwhile Jamie fell down from the child’s chair, still screaming with eyes still looking frightfully at the dressing table. When Kenneth and his wife rushed to Jamie, they tried unsuccessfully to pacify their daughter. Finally Kenneth had to tell the movers to transfer the old dressing table back to an old warehouse.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Eerie Car Tales

Eerie Car Tales

Eerie and harrowing tales about ghostly apparitions or sights that one might encounter unexpectedly particularly in their cars! I have 3 other chilling true-life tales for you.

 An Old Proton Car

Jacob was driving back late after work at old Sungai Buloh back road when he saw a colleague in his old white Proton. Jacob saw there was a woman beside his colleague, Wan, who was busy driving. It was getting dark but he saw that the woman had full length hair and she was sitting on the front seat facing Wan.

When Jacob met with Wan the next day, he chided his friend asking who was the lady in his car yesterday. Wan look somewhat puzzled and said, “Where got lady….alone lah!”

Although Wan vigorously denied that was with a women, Jacob was at the same time sure that he saw a woman with Wan in the old Proton car! Was it a ghost?

The next story occurred at Chukai (also known as Kemaman Town) in state of Terengganu. Kadir was travelling from that town one night when he was alarmed that a terrible loud sound…phlatt… came crashing on his car. Shook up he quickly pull his car, a Naza Ria, onto the side of the coastal road and sat around to look at the surrounding but there were no cars on that lonely road.

 Model of Naza Ria

He quickly looked at the surrounding again as there was nothing except the wind was blowing hard in the night air. Too terrified to actually go down the car at night instead he drove back to his home.

When he reached his home, he got down from his Naza Ria and with a plastic stool together with a torchlight he got up to look down at his car. The top of the roof at the front of the car were absolutely fine but the….the back of the front portion was badly dented with a depression of approximately 17cm oval in size!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Asia Hotel in Bangkok – haunted?

Asia Hotel in Bangkok – haunted?

Asia Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand is reputed as one of the most haunted hotel in that country. There are many stories from clients of that hotel of certain floors where ghostly apparitions are seen and other spooky incidents. A reader and his wife spoke about their truly weird incidents in that hotel.

The 4-star hotel has long been popular with both business travelers and tourists. It is situated in Bangkok’s vibrant and easy access to the shopping, business and entertainment centres.
Ian and Tess Phua checked in the Asia Hotel for a few days intending for both business (Ian has a meeting with some clients) and pleasure. Ian was in the shower in their room when he felt extreme unease and suddenly he saw an image flash of a man in the shower. He quickly stared all around the shower but did not find anything. Thinking it was just his nerves, he promptly forgot the incident.

The next day, Ian had to rush back to their room in the hotel when he realized that he left some samples for his clients. As he was grabbing the samples from their room, he thought he heard a murmuring sound and realize that Tess was in their bathroom and she seemed to be crying. Frustrated as he was rushing for time, he knocked at the bathroom asking his wife what was wrong. Hearing no response, he rushed abruptly in the bathroom…and he found the sound of crying has stopped….and Tess was not in the bathroom, in fact there was nobody there. Thinking that he must have heard the crying from other rooms he decided to forget it.

A Bedroom from Asia Hotel

After they have gone to bed that night, Tess woke up suddenly when she realized that her body was being groped. Half asleep she angrily smacked her husband hand and felt asleep. She was awakened again and felt the hand groping her body. Angry and furious she muttered saying, “Stop it, I am tired….” As she turned to face her husband but was amazed to find her husband was beside her, fast asleep!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Boy With A Lantern

Boy With A Lantern

A man recounts of ghostly apparition in his old childhood house.

Miguel, 11 years at that time, his parents and siblings stay in the old bungalow in Mindanao, Philippine. The old bungalow was made up of timber and concrete and it was on a large piece of land.
One night, everybody was asleep except for Miguel who was busy with his Rubik’s cube and he had a torchlight on his bed with a blanket covering his body. The only light was a sole lamp in the corridor leading to the bedrooms and the wooo! sound from the heavy wind. Jose, Miguel’s younger brother was fast asleep opposite from Miguel’s bed. Miguel was so busy trying to figure out the Rubik’s cube when he noticed a weird bluish transparent light coming in the bedroom doorway. He was kindna shock and then he saw a young boy walking with a lantern with the bluish light surrounding him. The young boy with the blue light just walk passed the corridor to Miguel’s room.

The next morning, Miguel was so excited and told his family about the bluish light and the young boy holding a lantern. Instead his parents were so angry and his father threatened to beat him with a ‘rotan’  (cane) for making up that ridiculous story.

Miguel saw the ghostly apparition several times over the years and he was with Jose when they both saw the bluish boy with the lantern. Miguel together with Jose made to tell his parents what they saw but they did not fully believe the boys. However their mother started to put a candle and say prayers in their family altar.