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High School Batu Pahat – Haunted?

High School Batu Pahat – Haunted?

Is High School Batu Pahat really haunted? Many former students have personally witnessed the weird and unbelievable incidents.

Johor Baru is located about 70 to 100 km to the southeast of the town of Batu Pahat in the state of Johore. With a population of close to 500,000 which is the 2nd largest compared to Johor Baru which is also the state capital of Johore.

High School Batu Pahat is a secondary school for boys located in the town of Batu Pahat and is officially rename as Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tinggi Batu Pahat. It was built and established in 1914 in a mining area and Japanese army invaded in 1942 – 1945, hundreds of civilians were reputed to have been tortured to death. It is said that the spirits till today still haunts the ground of High School Batu Pahat

The Entrance of High School Batu Pahat (

There are numerous incidents of scary & spooky hauntings and the most frightening examples are as follows :

1.      There are many incidents about strange incidents in the toilets – maybe because of the number of suicides that have happened there. However there is a mysterious toilet (reputed to be a ladies toilet) which is locked and nobody knows the reason why.

2.      During camping by some of the students, or in the entrance there were unexpected sightings of apparitions including an incident of a faceless women waiting beside a motorcycle in the motor park.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Old Chinese Cemetery

Old Chinese Cemetery

A casual trip to an old cemetery on a Saturday night resulted into a series of spooky disturbing and surprising turn of events.

Michael Lee and Andy Tan were best friends and also schoolmates in the early 1990s. They were also neighbours (actually they lived about 1 mile from each other – ‘close’ when you were young!) Andy called Michael on the telephone (before the handphone existed!) to find out what’s the plan for the evening.
Downright bored and just goofing around, Michael suddenly suggested playing with the spirit of the coin (something like an Ouija board) at a nearby cemetery that night. At first Andy was kindna reluctant but was persuaded by Michael’s enthusiasm and besides it he thinks the spirit might give him some good news about a girl, Amy, which Andy really likes. In fact Andy was even willing get the board for the spirit of the coin which was taking a white cardboard and writing numbers from 1 – 9, alphabeths like A – Z and “Home, No and Yes”. 

They both met at a nearby mamak stall at 11pm and had ‘teh tariks’ before finally proceeding to the old Chinese Rasah Cemetery. The cemetery was located up a hill as some Chinese belief that it is good ‘feng shui’.

Photo of Rasah Cemetery (by Erwin T.)

It was a dark night with a really cold breeze filled with a bright full moon but with only a few lamp posts along the way and heard the stray dogs was howling and the cats were meowing. There was a shed with a roof but with the walls completely uncovered except for the wooden posts. Luckily the guys had their flashlights and carried on with putting the paper board onto concrete stool.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kelinik Kesihatan Cheras- Bitter & Sweet Memories

Kelinik Kesihatan Cheras- Bitter & Sweet Memories

A true life account of a person’s experiences at the Polyclinic Cheras who was originally named Lady Templer Hospital.

The famous Lady Templer Hospital had a plaque proudly stating that “Foundation stone laid by the Duchess of Kent, 1952, Oct”. It was later transform in the 1980s into Kelinik Kesihatan Cheras with its 50 odd-rooms in a 3-storey blocks. Unfortunately it is also regarded as one the most haunted building in Malaysia. 

Partial View of Lady Templer Hospital (by

Over the years that have been countless stories that the elevator doors opened suddenly, the lights were turned on and off, ceilings were broken and scattered on the floors, of strong smell of anti-septic etc. People have described the run-down building looks like a “rumah mayat” (translation – morgue or funeral home). Some have even described them as “Peng Kuai” (translation – sick ghost). According to Nathan, all these “cari pasal” ghosthunters do not appreciate the patients, staff and the visitors who lived there.

In those days in the 1960s, Nathan who had to go numerous times with her sickly mother and also spent a lot of his time with her at the hospital. Yes, Nathan was initially terrified of standing there and felt the small hair of your neck or arms stood rigid, of sudden feeling the presence of something there and of feeling of unbelievable cold breeze and the smell of cigarettes or cigars in the room.  His mother who can sense his fear and apprehension would softly say, not to be afraid as they mean no harm. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lok Ann Hotel – haunted?

Lok Ann Hotel – haunted?

It were claimed that they heard strange and spooky whisperings and people walking pass when the lights suddenly turn off and on at the hotel – but is it haunted?

Lok Ann Hotel which is economy hotel is located at Pudu Raya (a bus terminal) which is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Recently have been many reports that the old hotel will be demolished to make way for a MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station by the government.

Photo of Hotel Lok Ann in Kuala Lumpur

Robert Chua used to come to Kuala Lumpur every month to have a meeting with his boss. Usually he leaves back to Perak once the meeting is over. However there are times when the meetings are over and it is late, he goes to Hotel Lok Ann to spend a night before driving to Perak.

Robert had heard his colleagues teasing him and from clients at a local food stalls that the hotel was haunted. He was not superstitious and he really was not bothered with such talk. Some people said that they have heard strange whisperings and giggling from the bedrooms but Robert maintained that the walls of the bedrooms were paper-thin that would account for the noise. The bedrooms and corridor lights would go on and off but that was common for an economical hotel.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Water Ghosts

Water Ghosts
Some people have described water ghosts as the most vicious and possibly the most dangerous ghost in Malaysia.

 According to some Chinese culture “sui guai” or water ghosts are spirits of people who have drowned. They could for example, leave taps on with water in the rooms like the bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchen etc. Some Chinese believe that water ghosts are the fiercest spirits of them all.

As it was a Sunday, Paul Khoo together with his close friend, Mat, took a drive to Lake Titiwangsa (also known as Taman Tasik Titiwangsa) for a trip of fishing. Taman Tasik Titiwangsa is a recreation park and a lake nearby to downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Photo of Lake Titiwangsa in Kuala Lumpur

After spending the whole afternoon and evening both of them when back to their homes. That night when Paul and his parents had fallen asleep, Paul’s parents were waken up when they heard someone was talking and were surprised to find him downstairs in the dining room. They found Paul delirious and hallucinating, but the parents finally managed to get him upstairs to his bedroom and go back to sleep.

The next morning, as Paul was still sick his mother brought him to the doctor. Paul spent practically the whole day sleeping. That night Paul’s parents woke up puzzled they heard sounds again from downstairs, thinking that it must be Paul again. Both of them quickly went down out of their bedroom to the staircase but on passing Paul’s room were surprised to find Paul fast asleep.

After they had taken of Paul who still had a high fever, they both slowing crept down the stairs. After turning the lights they found everything was in order except….there was a large puddle of water on the carpet in the living room!

Paul’s parents brought Paul to a Chinese temple where they were told that Paul had encountered a water ghost in the lake. The Chinese medium chanted and Paul had to drink some water from the temple.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Haunted Places

Haunted Places

A mixed collection of unnatural stories and tales of haunted places in the country.

Countless people have reported or witnessed some strange and weird accounts in their everyday lives throughout the country. These only 3 incidents of such spooky experiences that they faced. Here are their stories:

1st Story
Deanna Chin was walking her dog, a mixed cocker spaniel, one night after dinner. When she was walking back she saw Mrs Lai, a neighbour, who asked her about her studies. Mrs Lai’s mother was staying in their house before going back to her own home at Raub in Pahang. Mrs Lai’s mum constant complaints were that she saw many times shadowy black figure moving in the house. 

Deanna’s dog started barking and howling and the dog was staring at the Mrs Lai’s living room. Deanna had to tugged and pulled the leash to prevent her dog from tearing into Mrs Lai’s house. Deanna had never experienced her dog to act that way as the dog was so normally playful and gentle. They both looked towards the living room, confused and lost while Deanna was having a terrible time trying to keep her dog calm. Deanna quickly aplologized to Mrs Lai and hurriedly left with her dog.

Did Deanna’s dog sense an unnatural presence? I really do not know.

2nd Story
Melaka International School which is located at Jalan Kubu (near Jonker Walk) in Malacca is an international school. The school was established in 1993.

Photo of Melaka International School (

There are rumours of mysterious hauntings maybe because the school was reputed to be located at a former nearby graveyard. 

Some have claimed that they witnessed floating stuff in the boys’ toilet. In the dormitory they saw lights turned mysterious on and off and sounds of washing. When they check they found nothing.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Local Security Guard’s Tales

Local Security Guard’s Tales

Life as a security guard could be a numbing boring and thankless tedious job but they have to encounter many strange and spooky things in their work.

Life tough as a security guard is tough especially in a field dominated by foreigner nationalities. Pak Idrus has retired from working at a Government department and to make ends meet with a wife and 5 children, has taken a job as a security guard for a local security company.

Photo of a Security Guard (by

Pak Idrus was working at the night shift as a private security guard at a local manufacturing company. Part of his job requirements was to manually use a clock-in system at designated spot around the manufacturing plant. When one late night Idrus was walking the rounds with the clock-in system the plant he heard a whisper.

He looked around at the dimly lit surrounding in the warehouse section but there was no one round. Shaking his head thinking it was just his imagination, he walked to another section of the plant where he felt a sudden chill at the same time someone was blowing air into his ear. The next thing he remembered he again heard a whisper “Ooi” and he quickly looked around wondering if someone was playing pranks on him. There was absolutely no one around! He said some prayers and scooted from that place.

There was even a scarier incident at that plant about a year back. The entire perimeter of the plant was bordered by a small paved road and Idrus was making his rounds. The light posts which were well lighted and situated in the end of the narrow road and faced the plant. It had just rained and it was cold and it was windy as Idrus walked along on the narrow road. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spooky Chalet at Cherating

Spooky Chalet at Cherating

A young couple goes for a holiday at Cherating encounter strange spooky incidents at their room at the chalet.
Cherating is a popular beach resort located approximately 30 km from Kuantan in the state of Pahang. Josh Nathan and his girlfriend, Maria, after dropping by for a few days at Maria’s place at Ipoh planned to drop by at Cherating before going back to work.

Exit to Cherating

Josh and Maria droved their car to a chalet at Cherating where they chose to spend 3 days and 2 nights there. After checking into a chalet, the both of them was busy putting their stuff away when they heard people softly chatting in their bedroom. Josh and Maria looked at each other in surprised and they opened the door to their bedroom but it was empty. Both of their smiled sheepishly thinking that it must be other clients or the staff of the chalet.

While Maria was putting her stuff away in the bedroom, Nathan had a drink and was reading his newspaper where he glimpsed from the corner of his eyes, a dark flashing image moving with incredible speed at the kitchen.  It was for a few seconds only and it was gone. Nathan sighed and thinking he was so tired from driving and he not want to be a drama queen if Maria found about it – must be just his crazy imagination!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Qing Ming Amazing Stories

Qing Ming Amazing Stories

Qing Ming (or commonly named Ghost Festival) is the time where the deceased or the departed are given one month’s permission to visit our world.

Qing Ming to Taoism and Buddhism followers is to revere or admire one’s departed families and relatives that live in this world. It is also an opportunity to visit the graveyards even sweep their tombstones as a mark of respect. The followers bring food, drinks and joss sticks to pray to graveyards. They also offer paper money, houses, suits, mobile phones and even a paper maid!

Prayers at Gravesite (courtesy

However Qing Ming or Ghost Festival as the name implies have its share of ghostly stories, I will relate two spooky tales that happened during the festival.

1st story
This happened in a seafood restaurant in Port Klang during the Qing Ming month as told by Steven Yap. Steven was told by his mother to be back early after work especially during that month but he did not really believe in such stories. 

He and his office colleagues had a celebration one night when one of his workmates received a healthy commission for a project. After work they went to a seafood restaurant to celebrate with food and drinks.
Half way during dinner, Steven had to go the restroom which was separately located adjacent to the restaurant. The male toilet was dark and muddy and the lights were not working well as they were flickering on and off. When he was done, he went to the row of basins to wash his hand when the lights went off. He was quickly drying his hands when he realised from the mirror that someone was in the toilet. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Eerie Domestic Pets

Eerie Domestic Pets

A collection of eerie and spooky true real life accounts of domestic pets like dogs and cats in everyday lives.
There are numerous bizarre stories that pets, specifically dogs and cats, many people believe they have  6th sense that they can ‘see’ or ‘feel’ the presence of the afterlife or the supernatural. Or the other hand some believe that it just bullshit merely a figment of one’s wild imagination. Please let me know your comments whether you believe in these things or not. Anyway, I have 2 strange and spooky stories about a dog and a cat for you.

1st story
One night after dinner Malcolm See was watching a TV program in the family living room when their dog started barking loudly and nonstop continuously. Malcolm family’s dog was a mongrel (‘pariah’ – dog-ler) and Malcolm went out to find out what was wrong with the animal. When he got there, he found their dog barking furiously at something on the right side of their gate. It was late in the night and some of the street lights nearby were not working. 

Slightly confused about the dog’s incessant or never-ending barking Malcolm casually stared at the partly lighted surrounding neighbourhood but he could not see anything unusual. Malcolm’s kid brother also went out to the front porch and with a cane tried to get their dog to stop barking. Both of them were trying to stop and calm their dog, Malcolm realized that their howling and whining dog was looking at directly at their gate… but there was nothing there. Without warning the dog howled miserably and took off like a shot into their house to the living room and finally to their toilet at the back where he stubbornly remain. The dog was frightened with nonstop whining (like crying) with her legs splayed about her trembling body and refused to come out – something that she has never done, that is going in the house, until the next morning.

A few weeks later, Malcolm heard his mother talking with an ‘aunty’ neighbor that a little girl was killed, nearby to their present house, by her drug crazed parents a few years ago. Some people have said it was “ghost returning” where a lost soul will return for certain occasions. Whether that was true or not, I really do not know.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ghostly Passenger at Labis-Segamat Trunk Road

Ghostly Passenger at Labis-Segamat Trunk Road

A brother and his sister were driving at Labis-Segamat trunk road where they encountered an unexpected and unwelcomed ghostly passenger.

Iskandar and Noor had droved their mother to a nearby town of Labis for a few days. Their mother and the rest of the aunties (mak ciks) were going to prepare a fabulous dinner (“makan beradab”) for her nephew’s wedding. 

When they arrived they were asked the usual questions by the aunties like, “why you so thin?” or “when are you getting married?” Finally excusing themselves from the aunties, they hurried away saying that it is almost night time and they have to drive home to their house in Johor Baru.

On the way back, the trunk road was cold and completely dark as they were on the Labis-Segamat road when they saw from the beam of light from their car they saw something flashing in front of their car. It flashed like a blinding bluish light and it moved with incredible speed (whossh!) and it disappeared in the darkness. Noor asked whether Iskandar whether he saw the ball of light but he saw with a split second he merely said that it was nothing, so as not to frighten his sister over a silly imagination.

At the same time they smell a strong fragrance in Iskandar’s car, a sweet and almost delicate feminine aroma around the car. A car with the beam light was coming in the opposite direction and the lights flooded into their car. Noor tried to avoid the glare as she turned away she look at the rear mirror....there was a figure sitting at the bonnet of Iskandar’s car. Shock and stunned Noor was going to mentioned to her brother but a second car came from the opposing direction with the beam of light flooded the interior of their car.