Thursday, November 27, 2014

Are You There?

Are You There?

Paranormal or Supernatural Activities, are they real – or just a wild figment of one’s imagination? It’s up to you to believe or not.

 Eye Blinking image of a hovering “Child Ghost”

1st Story
For the first story, Lionel Yee and his friends decided to go to Kuala Terengganu for their vacation. Kuala Terengganu is located in the state of Terengganu which lies in the eastern region of Peninsula Malaysia.

One night they decided to go for dinner at a well-known local food stall and by the time they got there it was already after 8 pm. The food stall was packed with customers and they had to wait for their turn. While waiting for their turn they went to an empty nearby field to chit-chat and to smoke. The field was relatively dark as the lights from the food stall were facing the other side. However there was a partial moon with moonlight shining dimly in the darkness.

Lionel suddenly felt something had hit him hard on the lower back directly above the head and he staggered wildly towards his friends. His friends were shocked as they rushed to help Lionel asking anxiously him what was wrong. Lionel spurned around turned and angrily glared, as he was sure that it was one of friends but…there was no one, not even a soul!

They went to their hotel after their meal at the food stall and Lionel kept complaining about the ache on his back. As he was undressing he looked at the back of his T-shirt but did not find any tear, not even a sign of a cut on the fabric. As Lionel was busy inspecting his T-shirt when one his friend accidentally looked up and was extremely shocked to find that Lionel’s back shoulder was bruised with a vicious blue-black mark!!

Was it a supernatural or paranormal spirit……

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hungry Ghost Festival in Asia

Hungry Ghost Festival in Asia
…the 7 year old sleepy boy went to go to the kitchen for a glass of water when he was taken aback, shocked to see a black shadowy figure on the outside right beside the window panes in the kitchen….

I must be a bit ignorant (or just poor in Geography) as I did not know that the Vietnamese also celebrated Hungry Ghost Festival. They celebrated with other Taoist or Buddhist followers from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even China have observed the age old tradition of paying respect to the death. These followers believe that the souls of the departed are freed from the Gates of Hell and given a month to roam earth realm during the 7th lunar month.

Joss Sticks and Food for the Dead Souls

Trang was only 7 year old when his parents thought it was best and much safer that he and his younger sister went to live temporarily with their grandmother place at a rural farm area in Vietnam. That was during the Vietnam War between the south and north Vietnam in the late seventies.

Trang’s parents decided to move him and his sister to their grandmother’s farm and so happened it was during the Hungry Ghost Festival. One night Trang suddenly woke up in the middle of the night at his Grandma’s one-storey farm house. His mouth and his throat was parched, realizing that his mother was back in Saigon to be with her husband and his grandma was fast asleep in the next room, Trang decided to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

The dining room was located beside Trang and his younger sister’s bedroom and the kitchen was directly behind that. The old hand sink in the kitchen with closed glass window panels was set above the basin. Half asleep Trang slowly walked past the dining room and onto the kitchen when he was stunned to see a black shadowy man-like figure out side in the frosted glass panel in the kitchen. He was not sure whether to scream or shout to warn his grandma about the intruder.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Followed Ghost Hunter Home

Followed Ghost Hunter Home

An amateur Ghost Hunter was shocked that ‘something’ followed her home!

Molly was a 17 year old who likes to follow her friends looking for haunted houses in their home town of Kota Tinggi in the state of Johor, Malaysia. Especially after SPM (a government exam) they were just bored and just wanted excitement besides Molly was naturally interested in the supernatural.

One night Molly and a group of her friends went to a derelict abandoned old folks’ home on the outskirt of town. It was pitch black when they finally found the exact location, it was a 2 storey bungalow with a rusty padlock hanging loose about the gate. They drove their car onto the small lane beside the old bungalow.

They made the way to the garden which was terribly overgrown with weeds and plants when some of them finally suggested that they will wait for them there. Molly and her friend, Rajoo, were furious with their suggestion and for changing their minds at the very last minute. Their pleas and threats fell on deaf ears as they were adamant that will only wait at the car.

Nevertheless Molly and Rajoo crept silently into the abandoned bungalow with their flashlights which only provided them with lights which were unfortunately not bright enough. They went through the broken front door and slowly went into the front hall, which were fill-up with broken furniture, weeds and with eerily massive cobwebs on the ceiling and walls.

They made to the kitchen which was located at the side of the bungalow when suddenly Molly heard a faint giggling sound from the front hall. Thinking it was her friends, Molly grabbed Rajoo and rushed to the front door but found nobody there. As Molly yelled at her friends not to play the fool she had a quick glimpse of shadows of a movement moving very fast up the staircase. Molly and Rajoo pounded up the stairs but found their friends were not there.

Later they were told by their friends who were waiting beside their car that they were busy chatting and they did not go anywhere. Molly thought it was just her imagination running wild and as such did not make too much of the incident.

Molly lived with her parents together with her elder brother, Eric, and sister, Cynthia. After a week from the incident, she noticed that things were not exactly right at her house. There were furious arguments between family members and especially between Eric and Cynthia. Being the eldest boy and girl they were close and had a loving sibling relationship but instead now they were fighting like dogs and cats, as if they could not even accept each other.

Even the house pet, a family cat named Tabby, had many weird and unexpected incidents. Tabby as usual would be busy grooming herself when she suddenly looking up and she will be frightened out of her mind. Tabby arched her back hissing all the while looking at a certain spot in the room. Then she would zoom away and be out of there at breakneck speed heading for the safety of Molly’s parents room!

The final straw came about when one night, Molly was watching TV alone in the living room. During the commercial break she went to kitchen for a glass of water when suddenly she felt something or somebody viciously yanked at the back of her hair. The tugged of her hair was so hard that she fell on her back and she let out a piercing scream. The rest of the family rushed out to the living room when they heard her scream wondering what was wrong. They discovered Molly was lying on her back sitting dazed and they anxiously asked what is going on.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Scary Footprints

Scary Footprints

…..they crept slowly about the deserted house where they found a series of footprints then they followed into the empty living room…

I was going to start on the original story but I was reminded of another story about hearing of mysterious footprints and so on, so let me start with that first.

Kelly Lin claimed never actually seen a ghost but she personally recollects a mysterious and eerie incident. Kelly left for the Meinong District in Taiwan to attend one of her cousin’s wedding. She stayed with her relatives while staying there.

His aunty brought out her to have lunch at a food stall for lunch before driving her home as the aunty has to work. Kelly was left alone and she sat on the sofa in the living room busy and preoccupied with her phone. She suddenly heard that was somebody upstairs and it sounded like a kid giggling and there were sound of footsteps of someone shuffling or dragging their feet.

Kelly was a bit surprised because as far as she knew nobody else was supposed to be in….much more a kid! She yelled but there was no reply but the sound of giggling continued. Feeling slightly frustrated she went upstairs when the giggling suddenly stopped. When she got upstairs she found the rooms were empty. She could have sworn that she heard the sound of a little kid giggling and the footsteps but she could have imagined the whole thing.

When she went to the relatives again a year later, Kelly was unpacking her clothes in the guest room in upstairs. She was clearly shocked when she heard the sound of a kid giggling in one of upstairs room. She rushed into the rooms of the upper portion but found that there was no one around! She did asked her uncle and aunty but they confirm they did not hear anything.

For the second story, Zaidi was a constable in the town of Tawau in the state of Sabah in East Malaysia. One night there were a lot of complaints from a certain neighborhood that someone seemed to be in a deserted house. Zaidi and his partner were instructed to check out the house in the neighborhood.

 Image of a Footprint

Monday, July 7, 2014

Was I Possessed?

Was I Possessed?

She reluctantly conceded that their house is haunted but was utterly horrified that she might actually be possessed as well.

When Neal and Denise shifted to Kuala Kangsar in the state of Perak, Malaysia, they were lucky to buy an old resident place which was surprising were in their budget. The couple together with their young daughter and Neal’s mother quickly settled in.

As a young married couple both Neal and Denise got into occasional minor quarrels and spats but they were generally a happy couple. However after living for a few months they seemed to be constantly involved in angry outburst and vicious rows.  Almost every day they will be screaming until the lingering heartbreak and numbness which seem at times impossible to bear.

During this period there were also a number of strange and weird incidents in the house. For instance Neal’s mother was woken up from her sleep when she heard the couple quarreling. She walked to her grandchild’s bedroom and found the little girl fast asleep. She was going to talk to the couple what was wrong again when she felt so drowsy that she felt asleep by her grandchild’s bed. While falling to sleep Neal’s mother heard the sound of a man snickering.  Even Neal’s and Denise’s young child was not spared who complained that he is seeing an “uncle” (a shadow of a man) in the corners of the house.

Neal came back from work and found Denise sitting on the bedroom putting the clothes away. Neal said excitedly that should go out for dinner just the two of them like they used to do. He added that he that he had informed his cousin to bring his mother and their young daughter out for dinner with the cousin’s family. Denise was a bit reluctant and wary but agreed to go Neal for dinner.

After a wonderful dinner that night Neal finally said that it his fault but he felt there was something wrong with their house…that he seemed like he was possessed.  Denise was surprised and taken aback…it was exactly the same way that she felt!

They decided to enlist the help of a pastor but after performing the cleansing ceremony, things were okay until the couple’s young daughter saw the “uncle” again. The dark figure was again standing at the back of her bedroom. When they told the pastor what happened, he was shock and said that will bring another old pastor in a nearby town who has more experience with spirits.

After the older pastor has done blessing, he looked at the couple and said the ghost would NOT leave. His advice that the couple and the rest of the family should leave as soon as possible!

Neal’s mother while walking to the car and leaving that house, she glanced at the window of the bedroom…she saw a dark figure and he was carrying a noose … or a hanging rope!

Although the new place was much smaller than the previous house they felt much better away with the constant fights and spats (and away from the ghost).

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life’s Unexpected Spooky Encounters

Life’s Unexpected Spooky Encounters

Incredible coincidence or was it a mischievous spirit…or even an evil spirit? These are 2 different incidents about their spooky experience.

Elsa and her team flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to take part in a book exhibition at PWTC (Putra World Trade Center). The next day, Elsa’s colleague and hotel mate, has to leave for Singapore as her baby boy taken ill and have to be hospitalized.

Elsa was resting on the bed that night, reading the extra notes about the event as her friend has left for home. Elsa was feeling drowsy and extremely sleepy as she tried to continue reading. The lights in the bedroom was cozy and dimmed as Elsa finally decided to sleep she switched off the reading light bedside her bed…she was startled to find a man’s hand (but only the hand up to the elbow) moving to turn off the reading light by her bed! She let out a sharp gasp…Holy Shit! .... rustling and whirling to the other edge of her bed…as she hurriedly and wildly looked back at the reading light but this time she did not see the man’s fingers and hand. Feeling tired and stupid, she thought foolishly to herself that it was just a figment of her overwork imagination.

Elsa woke up the next morning and together with her other colleagues after the breakfast hotel buffet rushed to prepare for the events at PWTC for that day. Later in the morning, when it was less busy with customers, she checked her smartphone, only to find there was a photo taken by her smartphone…..a photo of her sleeping in the hotel bedroom!

Shocked!…who could have taken the photo of her especially since her colleague already left to go back to Singapore the night before….

Tara Tsai from Hong Kong met up with her old friend, Kylie, for lunch to chit-chat about their lives from the old days when they were school. After lunch, Kylie was insistent that she show Tara the photos in her apartment.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Super Creepy Incidents from Asia

Super Creepy Incidents from Asia

Two really creepy and scary incidents from selected countries from Asia.

The first incident occurred when Yew Seng, a renovation supervisor, was working on a project in Kuantan in state of Pahang, Malaysia. It was late in the evening and he just got a call from his boss giving him hell and asking what was going on. They were working on an International School and he walked wearily back to an old music room which they were renovating.

 A Music Room

He got back and his found his 2 Indonesian workers and all of them were down on their knees cleaning the floor tiles. They were down on their knees facing downwards towards the Music room, when he heard a lady behind him saying, “Excuse me”. Tired and weary he told his workers, “Orang jalan……tepi! tepi!” (translation in English “People walking….move! move!”)

As the 2 workings scrambled and moved a path away and could hear the footsteps beside their bodies. The footsteps continued but they suddenly realized there was nobody there!….the footsteps suddenly stopped and they heard a woman saying, “Thank You”… and the sound of footsteps slowly faded at the end of the room. The 3 of them looked at each totally lost with mouths wide-opened absolutely confused…they heard the voice of the lady and even heard her footsteps…. but there was nobody there!

One of the worker heard of a rumour about a teacher having committed suicide in the music room or that school many years ago.

The next incident occurred in Butuan City in the country of Philippines. Liza is a teacher and presently unmarried and stays in the poorer suburbs of Butuan City. After work one day, she reached her flat which basically consist of a small bathroom, a bedroom and a combined room of the kitchen/living room together with a kitchen.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Farewell to an Old Friend

Farewell to an Old Friend

It was heartbreaking tragic news as he was told that his close friend has suddenly passed away. He was further shocked when he suddenly realized that it was his friend that he saw that night.

Gopeng which was a small rich ex-mining town located about 20 km from Ipoh, the state capital, in the state of Perak in Malaysia.  Eugene and Menom were not only childhood but best friends and lived almost their entire adult lives in the town of Gopeng.

Town of Gopeng in Perak

Eventually Eugene left home in Gopeng bringing his father and his younger sister along with him. He was promoted as an assistant distribution manager in Shah Alam, Selangor. His father could get his weekly treatment in a nearby hospital and his sister could begin her course at a local college.

One night Menom and his wife just finished dinner at a local ‘mamak’ store and they drove to their house. His wife unlocked the front door and Menom was taking out some grocery from the car when he decided to smoke his cigarette (not allowed to smoke in the house). The entire neighbourhood was very dark except for a few roadside lamps. As he was sitting on the bonnet of his car, he saw a stranger opposite and near to his house beside a roadside lamp. As the stranger was beside the lamp, Menom could only see the outline of the stranger but it was very familiar.

Just as Menom was going to call out to the stranger, his wife came to the car and said why he is taking so long. Menom looked at his wife then turned back to the direction of the stranger and was about to reply…..the stranger beside the lamp post was gone. Menom looked everywhere in the neighbourhood but there was nothing there.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dead Persons’ Antiques

Dead Persons’ Antiques

My wife is completely terrified of antiques wondering if dead persons actually own them and even how they died. Some Asian cultures believe that previous articles belonging to dead people might have ghostly traces or aura energies of the deceased.

Which reminds me of the show about “The Pickers” on the History Channel on Astro TV. The TV series is about 2 American guys who owned a business in Iowa and they travelled to different states to collect antiques or ‘junk’– called “rusty gold”. Obviously the 2 guys do not believe of the existence of ghost but I wondered whether they felt just bit uneasy of the old stuff they buy. I guess I will not know.
Kenneth Chua, does not believe in this ghostly stuff either, and he runs a fairly successful metal building contracting company.  Kenneth together with his wife, Ming Yoke, their children lives in Balakong in Selangor. One day Kenneth had to go to Terengganu for a site meeting and after lunch he went to an antique shop. As expected, Kenneth was very interested in old stuff and antiques. He purchased an interesting old antique dressing table with mirror for his wife’s birthday present.

The professional movers had to drive all the way from Terengganu to his house in Balakong in Selangor. As the movers were taking the old dressing with mirror they had to walk passed the living room on to the way to the stairs.

An old Dressing Table with Mirror

Kenneth’s and Mei Yoke’s youngest daughter, Jamie, 3 years old were sitting in a child’s table in the living room playing with her computer game. All of a sudden when Jamie looked up, she started crying and shrieking with her legs tucked and folded up, frantically pulling away from her little body. She was truly horrified with her eyes wide opened peering at the old dressing table with the mirror.
Kenneth and his wife were taken aback and they rushed to calm their daughter, lost and wondering what was wrong with her. Meanwhile Jamie fell down from the child’s chair, still screaming with eyes still looking frightfully at the dressing table. When Kenneth and his wife rushed to Jamie, they tried unsuccessfully to pacify their daughter. Finally Kenneth had to tell the movers to transfer the old dressing table back to an old warehouse.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Eerie Car Tales

Eerie Car Tales

Eerie and harrowing tales about ghostly apparitions or sights that one might encounter unexpectedly particularly in their cars! I have 3 other chilling true-life tales for you.

 An Old Proton Car

Jacob was driving back late after work at old Sungai Buloh back road when he saw a colleague in his old white Proton. Jacob saw there was a woman beside his colleague, Wan, who was busy driving. It was getting dark but he saw that the woman had full length hair and she was sitting on the front seat facing Wan.

When Jacob met with Wan the next day, he chided his friend asking who was the lady in his car yesterday. Wan look somewhat puzzled and said, “Where got lady….alone lah!”

Although Wan vigorously denied that was with a women, Jacob was at the same time sure that he saw a woman with Wan in the old Proton car! Was it a ghost?

The next story occurred at Chukai (also known as Kemaman Town) in state of Terengganu. Kadir was travelling from that town one night when he was alarmed that a terrible loud sound…phlatt… came crashing on his car. Shook up he quickly pull his car, a Naza Ria, onto the side of the coastal road and sat around to look at the surrounding but there were no cars on that lonely road.

 Model of Naza Ria

He quickly looked at the surrounding again as there was nothing except the wind was blowing hard in the night air. Too terrified to actually go down the car at night instead he drove back to his home.

When he reached his home, he got down from his Naza Ria and with a plastic stool together with a torchlight he got up to look down at his car. The top of the roof at the front of the car were absolutely fine but the….the back of the front portion was badly dented with a depression of approximately 17cm oval in size!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Asia Hotel in Bangkok – haunted?

Asia Hotel in Bangkok – haunted?

Asia Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand is reputed as one of the most haunted hotel in that country. There are many stories from clients of that hotel of certain floors where ghostly apparitions are seen and other spooky incidents. A reader and his wife spoke about their truly weird incidents in that hotel.

The 4-star hotel has long been popular with both business travelers and tourists. It is situated in Bangkok’s vibrant and easy access to the shopping, business and entertainment centres.
Ian and Tess Phua checked in the Asia Hotel for a few days intending for both business (Ian has a meeting with some clients) and pleasure. Ian was in the shower in their room when he felt extreme unease and suddenly he saw an image flash of a man in the shower. He quickly stared all around the shower but did not find anything. Thinking it was just his nerves, he promptly forgot the incident.

The next day, Ian had to rush back to their room in the hotel when he realized that he left some samples for his clients. As he was grabbing the samples from their room, he thought he heard a murmuring sound and realize that Tess was in their bathroom and she seemed to be crying. Frustrated as he was rushing for time, he knocked at the bathroom asking his wife what was wrong. Hearing no response, he rushed abruptly in the bathroom…and he found the sound of crying has stopped….and Tess was not in the bathroom, in fact there was nobody there. Thinking that he must have heard the crying from other rooms he decided to forget it.

A Bedroom from Asia Hotel

After they have gone to bed that night, Tess woke up suddenly when she realized that her body was being groped. Half asleep she angrily smacked her husband hand and felt asleep. She was awakened again and felt the hand groping her body. Angry and furious she muttered saying, “Stop it, I am tired….” As she turned to face her husband but was amazed to find her husband was beside her, fast asleep!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Boy With A Lantern

Boy With A Lantern

A man recounts of ghostly apparition in his old childhood house.

Miguel, 11 years at that time, his parents and siblings stay in the old bungalow in Mindanao, Philippine. The old bungalow was made up of timber and concrete and it was on a large piece of land.
One night, everybody was asleep except for Miguel who was busy with his Rubik’s cube and he had a torchlight on his bed with a blanket covering his body. The only light was a sole lamp in the corridor leading to the bedrooms and the wooo! sound from the heavy wind. Jose, Miguel’s younger brother was fast asleep opposite from Miguel’s bed. Miguel was so busy trying to figure out the Rubik’s cube when he noticed a weird bluish transparent light coming in the bedroom doorway. He was kindna shock and then he saw a young boy walking with a lantern with the bluish light surrounding him. The young boy with the blue light just walk passed the corridor to Miguel’s room.

The next morning, Miguel was so excited and told his family about the bluish light and the young boy holding a lantern. Instead his parents were so angry and his father threatened to beat him with a ‘rotan’  (cane) for making up that ridiculous story.

Miguel saw the ghostly apparition several times over the years and he was with Jose when they both saw the bluish boy with the lantern. Miguel together with Jose made to tell his parents what they saw but they did not fully believe the boys. However their mother started to put a candle and say prayers in their family altar.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spooky Grandmas’ Stories

Spooky Grandmas’ Stories

The special ties and bonds that grandparents have for their grandchildren are probably one of the greatest cherish relationship of all. I have for you 2 very special, touching but eerie stories about grandmas when they have passed away.

Pearl was only about 7 years old (mid 1970s) at that time and her grandma was coming from Terengganu in two weeks’ time for Pearl’s birthday. However shortly before Pearl’s grandma can make the trip to Malacca, she passed away suddenly but peacefully.

Pearl’s parents had to rushed down to Terengganu to prepare for Pearl’s grandma funeral. Pearl was not allowed to go because she had to go to school and maybe Pearl’s parents did not want Pearl to face heartbreak of her grandma’s funeral.

After Pearl’s parents got back from the funeral, they noticed that Pearl was still distressed about her grandmother’s sudden death. Pearl had not wanted a birthday party that year but her parents persuaded her to have a small celebration in their house.
A Vintage Telephone (

That night after the celebration, after presents from her family, she walked to the living room when the old dialing phone (or rotary phone) started to ring continuously. Pearl tried to look for her parents but realized they were at the back in the kitchen.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Unexplainable Incidents

Unexplainable Incidents
Have you encountered a weird and strange incident that defies a logical scientific or common sense explanation? An unnatural phenomenal that one cannot understand…unless its an act from the supernatural, ghostly, guardian angel or even a ‘time-warp’. These are 3 different encounters and these are their stories.

Story 1
Daryl Ho, aged 17 at that time, was returning home after soccer practice with friends that evening. Daryl was rushing home and upon reaching the road cross junction, he hurriedly look to make sure that were no cars. He rode his bicycle across the deserted junction when he suddenly heard a voice yelling from inside his head, “STOP”. 

Deserted Road Cross Junction (

Daryl was so shocked that he hurriedly applied the emergency brake on his bicycle and he stumbled crashing on the side of the road. At the exact same time, the BMW car sped at very high speed sweeping across the road without even stopping. The very fast travelling BMW missed hitting Daryl by mere centimeters.  

Daryl always wondered whether he actually heard the mysterious voice asking him to stop and avoid hitting the speeding vehicle….

2nd Story
Clare and her cousin Vicky were both from Perak but they took the train to Singapore. Clare had an interview from a company and tomboyish Vicky was there to provide some moral support.

When Clare was finished with the job interview, she noticed that Vicki had on her hairpin. She casually asked her cousin for her hairpin back. Vicky was a bit defensive and she retorted, “I will return hairpin to you when I am done with it”.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

There are Ghosts Even in Daytime!

There are Ghosts Even in Daytime!

Do you know that there are ghosts even during day time! Although ghosts are believe to be more aggressive at nights but some people some believe ghosts exist even during the day.

The Heng family moved to a house at Bayan Lepas in the island state of Penang and they found that something were terribly wrong with the house. They heard strange weird voices and saw uncanny things during the night and even during daytime. (They specially stated that their address cannot be disclosed as they hope to sell their property)

During the nights, they found the lights were continuously turned off. Even the electricians say that could not find anything wrong with the electrical wiring. They also found that when they woke up the next morning, in the store room beside the kitchen, there was a strong smell of someone smoking (none of the Hengs’ smoke) and also a stench of perspiration or sweat. Their family cat, Missy, seemed to be highly agitated or strung-out, shriek and hissed staring intently at empty space. The incident with Missy occurred many times not only night time but also during day time. In fact, the incidents frightened Missy (the ‘Fraidy Cat’) so much, she disappeared and left home for good, never to be seen again!

To make it worse, the inexplicable acts happened even the daytime. Once, Mindy, the youngest daughter left her laptop in the living room while she was taking a shower. When she got back her mother complained (aiyoo!) that her lunch was getting cold.

Wall Clock in the Living Room

As she was getting ready to have lunch, the wall clock facing directly in the living room suddenly fell crashing onto the floor. The curtains were all closed and there were no wind.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weird House Pets

Weird House Pets

Weird, spooky tales & encounters about departed/dead common house pets like a cat or a dog.

Anita, 12 years old, and her family lives in a suburb of Alor Setar in the state of Kedah. One night Anita and her younger brother, Nor 9 years, had to eat dinner before their parents went out to do their weekly grocery shopping at some nearby stores.

After dinner, Anita and Nor were lazily sitting in the living room watching TV. While they were watching TV, Anita notice a black shadow flashed with lightning speed past the TV screen and out their front door. Totally shocked Anita only saw that it was only about knee-high, a black shadow streaking past them between where they were sitting and the TV screen.

Anita looked at her younger brother who had his mouth wide opened staring at the empty space, then he asked, “Did you see that?” Anita trying to be brave but managed to say it must be some kind shadow caused by car lights.

Somewhat consoled or comforted about the ridiculous reason given by his sister, they both went back to their TV program. Suddenly Anita realized that their cat was not there and she asked Nor whether he has seen their cat. Nor looked around the living room and shook his head.

Typical House Cat

It was slightly strange because the cat generally follow them whenever they are home. They shouted their cat’s name as they looked at the inside of the house without success.  Then they rushed upstairs and finally found their old cat in their bedroom….lifeless but with the body still warm.
Was it a coincidence that their cat has died at the same time they saw the black shadow streaked pass in the living room? …Spooky.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is Desa Rejang flats really haunted?

Is Desa Rejang flats really haunted?

An old woman was surprised at the sound of mysterious crying at their flat….

Desa Rejang consists of several blocks of low-cost flats owned by City Hall of Kuala Lumpur in Setapak and completed in 2008. Present residents are from Pekililing and Sentul low-cost flats which were demolished to make way for more ‘lucrative’ developments.
Desa Rejang flats in Setapak

Madam Ting lives with her husband in an upper unit there, now that her children are married and lived with their own families in their suburbs. One of the neighbours, Chu Yoke, her mother and her brother live just beside the Tings. Chu Yoke, a mid-30s, used to work as a helper for a poultry market stall nearby. Madam Ting knows the whole family but not so well as they were neighbours even in their previous flats.

Chu Yoke’s mother died a couple of years ago and Chu Yoke seemed to take her mother’s death very badly. She lost her job and she spent her time inside their flat. Madam Ting and other neighbours used to bring her some simple food (left on her doorstep}.

One day Madam Ting overheard Chu Yoke’s brother shouting and complaining at Chu Yoke for taking the neighbours food. Chu Yoke countered that she has no food to eat and her brother was not around much. After the angry spat between her brother and Chu Yoke, she refused the little food from the neighbours and simply locked herself in the little flat.

One night, Madam Ting was washing the dishes in the small adjacent kitchen (which was beside Chu Yoke’s flat) when she heard loud crying and mourning sound (as if someone was crying). There was also a strong smell of rotting food or maybe a dead rat in block in the flat. She quickly got out of their unit and looked around the neighbours’ flats. Then she looked at Chu Yoke’s flat with the window and door firmly which were closed shut with the food left in her door. Yet she was quiet sure that it was probably Chu Yoke crying.

Madam Ting’s husband got out of the flat and angrily ushered Madam Ting back into their unit asking her not to be so busy-body or nosey. Madam Ting’s husband then firmly shut the window and the front door of their flat.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spookiest Jobs

Spookiest Jobs

The two spookiest jobs are arguably the police and the mortuary because of deaths and because it sometimes involve the ghostly paranormal activities of the unknowns. This involves incident about a mortuary and the police.

Sheila is student living from India when we were students living in the United States. We used to organize dinners living in the dormitories. During our chats about practically everything, she mentioned that she never saw any strange happenings while living in India. However she received disturbing news about an uncle (her mother’s elder brother) who is a doctor works at a mortuary in a Government hospital.

Sheila’s uncle was conduction a post mortem on a teenage girl who was badly mangled during a car accident. His uncle’s medical assistant had moved to the other room temporary and he was looking at some papers when at the corner of his eyes saw the corpse moving.

In a split second he rapidly faced the direction of the corpse and found the mangled body was sitting face up and she was staring at him and she was smiling! The cries from Sheila’s uncle attracted the medical assistant where he found the doctor shivering on the floor. He did not find anything unusual, as the corpse was lying on the table.

The second incident was when Shukri was called to a car incident in the night. Shukri is a traffic policeman and he was called to an accident in the outskirt of Kuantan in Pahang.

 Picture of a Traffic Policeman in Malaysia

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eerie Tales about Hostels & Dormitories

Eerie Tales about Hostels & Dormitories

Real-life incidents of hauntings and ghostly sightings in hostels and dormitories are recorded all around the world. For some reasons, spirits seem to be attracted to these buildings, I have a story about a girl who personally weird occurrence while living in a dormitory or hostel in Malaysia.

 A Typical Hostel in Malaysia

Chrissy was a government hostel when she felt strange and eerie disturbances at the hostel. For example, Chrissy and the girls felt a presence in the girls’ toilet when they were bathing (a horny ghost or ham sap kwei) but Chrissy did not pay attention, thinking that they were just new at that place.  
However she finally admitted something was not right , when she clearly remembered that she had a blanket wrapped around her body at night but she woke to find the blanket missing – it was pulled from her and onto the floor in the morning!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Creepy Drive

Creepy Drive

A truly creepy night drive, where they faced an unexpectedly encounter…. a harrowing image on the lonely road.

When Winston and Ram had been assigned to move the belongings from a client to Kota Bahru-Kuala Terengganu they secretly started complaining .....(quietly lar). The client could only picked up their stuff at 6pm from Kuala Terengganu which mean they will be really late by the time they finally reached back to their hometown of Kota Bahru.

Winston and Ram were professional movers with a 3 tonne lorry assigned that day. They were coming that night at Kuala Terengganu-Kota Bahru road and driving very fast when suddenly Ram begged Winston, who was driving, to slow down.

Road Map of Kota Bahru-Kuala Terengganu

Friday, February 7, 2014

Spooky Home Incidents

Spooky Home Incidents

Homes can be a makeshift mat, flat, a Malay house wilt stilts, a terraced or an even a fabulous gigantic mansion. However, whatever a home is they can be a source of paranormal hauntings. There are numerous of spooky tales of such incidents but here are just 3 of them.

One of the Many Types of House in Malaysia

The town of Rembau which is nestled near Seremban in the state of Negeri Sembilan. Johan and his wife. Mariam, together with their 4 kids lives in small town of Rembau.

One night, after Mariam manage to get their kids to bed she when to take her shower in their bedroom. Johan was watching a tv program and that show was over he went to their bedroom. He was reading in bed when Mariam got in bed and asked, “Bang, why are you breathing so hard?”
Huhh? Bulu naik….Johan muttered to himself….I was not breathing loud!

Did Mariam hear somebody’s voice?

The next incident occurred when 14 year old Bobby Lam was in his house in a mid-sized town of Pasir Gudang in Johor. After dinner, Bobby was in his room playing PlayStation when he heard his mother loudly shouting his name. Shucks! what?…as he reluctantly put down his computer game saying, “Coming-ler ma”

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Asian Ghost Stories 5

Asian Ghost Stories 5

This time we have 2 spooky stories about a Beach Resort in Sarawak and a high rise flat in Singapore.

Daryl was with his colleagues for a photo shoot in Sarawak with a Travel company. After the photo shoot assignment was completed, Daryl and his buddy, Mitch, decided to return take a break in Sarawak. They went to Damai Beach Resort while waiting for their girlfriends to fly in the next day. 

Room in Damai Beach Resort in Sarawak

After they have checked in the resort, Daryl decided to go for a shower while Mitch was out going look for some local food. It was dark, when Daryl finished with his shower and he casually strolled into the bedroom. Mitch was not there and Daryl thought that his friend a food-starved addict must be looking for dinner.

The tv was on and he flopped down on his bed to check on local news from the internet. The lights were turned on with the full-length curtains entirely closed. As Daryl was looking at his laptop he noticed that was a shadowy figure behind the closed curtain. Thinking it must be Mitch trying to prank him, he angrily shouted, “Dummy!..can see you-lar”.

After a few minutes and Mitch have not answered, Daryl wearily got up to the closed curtains and grabbed it opened…but there was nobody there. Slightly bewildered and scratching his hair, Daryl wondered that his was at the 12th floor, who could it be? …but it must be an optical illusion. Daryl closed the curtains and when back to his laptop.

While working on his laptop again, he casually looked up at the closed curtains he was shocked….the shadowy figure was clearly there behind the curtains!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dreams & Nightmares – Can it be Real?

Dreams & Nightmares – Can it be Real?

A terrifying scene a dead sister announced that their father was going to die..... Captivating and unbelievable true accounts of dreams & nightmares but can it be real? Here are two stories of their horrifying and unnatural real true life accounts.

Baldish woke up shivering in cold sweat, she just saw her dead sister in her dream and she said their father is going to die. Stricken with fear as it seemed so real woke up her husband and quickly related her story to him.

 Early the next morning, Baldish called her father and was relieved to find him well and fine. Baldish was so relieved ans told her father that she and her family were going to his hometown of Jerantut in the state of Pahang the next weekend for a visit.

Two days after the telephone conversation with her father, Baldish was informed by one of her uncles that her father had unexpectedly passed away that morning!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Voice Calling My Name

Voice Calling My Name

We were warned numerous times by our mothers and aunties (sometime even uncles) not to reply when ‘somebody’ calls your name. Whether it is an old Chinese superstition or old wives tale but nobody seem to know the meaning, what if one actually answer…do the vengeful or mischievous spirit follow you home or they just kacau (disturb) you? Please let me know if you do know the answer.

The Goh family lives in Senawang in the state of Negeri Sembilan, which is located near the Malacca state border. One late evening, 16 year old, Larry Goh, was deeply engrossed in the school library when he heard the voice his friend, Pawan, calling his name. He heard it 3 times but looking around the near deserted library, he decided it was a prank. When he met Pawan the next day, he found out his friend was in his house all along and not in the school library.

In another incident, Larry was in the living room watching tv when he heard his voice calling him….Chai!..Chai!  (Chinese for son). Reluctantly, he went to look and found his father in their little garden. “pa what’s up?” but was surprised to be told by his father that he did not call him at all.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mysterious Encounter at Bali Resort

Mysterious Encounter at Bali Resort

A trip to the Indonesian island of magical paradise of Bali but had unfortunately left with some mysterious incidents.

Tuti is from Indonesia when we were studying in the US in the 1980s. We have kept in touch only once in a while and presently she is works in a large advertising company in Indonesia. She emailed me that her whole family will be going to Bali for a couple of days of relaxation.

A Ride in Bali town

They stayed in a bungalow-type in a resort with her husband, two kids and her mother. The first day, Tuti’s mother who was assigned to a large bedroom suddenly asked her, “Who is sleeping with me?...what if I find “somebody” in my bed?” Strange, Tuti thought her mother do not believe in the existence of ghosts or hantus. Anyway, Tuti suggested that she will stay with her mother in the bedroom during their stay in Bali.

The second night, as they finished from hanging around Bali, they were struck by a power failure. The whole bungalow unit was left without electricity and they had to scampered to look for candles and torchlights. They were later told by the resort’s staff that it was a common occurrence at Bali.

On the 3rd night, after putting her kids to sleep, Tuti was walking in the living room clearing her kids’ toys where the lights went off. Tuti had to gather the candles and the torchlight from the kitchen in the darkness…

Monday, January 6, 2014

Spooky Incident at Glory Beach Resort

Spooky Incident at Glory Beach Resort

A group of school friends spent a scary night at the resort in Port Dickson.

Melvin and a group of school friends went to Glory Beach Resort in Port Dickson for a holiday. It was 6 years ago and they have just finished with their SPM exams and they pleaded with their parents to let them go to Port Dickson. Finally their parents relented and allowed them to go but they only managed to save enough money for 1 night’s stay at the resort.

Swimming Pool at Glory Beach Resort in Port Dickson

The 8 of them took a bus and then they took taxis before arriving at the resort. They check-in and rushed into their service apartment before spending the rest of the afternoon in the beach and swimming.

Living Room at Glory Beach Resort

After dinner at some food stalls they went back to their apartment. After taking their showers they sat around the living room – the boys were playing their playstation while the girls were busy chit-chatting. Melvin and some of the others feel something was not right but decided to ignore it.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Road To Nowhere

Road To Nowhere

Strange and mysterious journey on the road that leads to nowhere.

Nasri was visiting a favorites aunt at Dungun Hospital alone as his mother and his sister could not make it. After spending the whole day with her, Nasri got in his car to go home. It was dark when he drove along the coastal road to his family home.

As he was driving, he found the radio in his car was not working properly. There were too much static…zzzzz…zzzzz  sound. He got fed up and he turned on the cd player but he got the same static noise. Increasingly frustrated with the radio/cd player which he fiddled around when the heavy rain poured and poured continuously.

 Lonely road to Dungun in Terengganu

He concentrated on his driving as it was not safe to park somewhere along the side of the road and just wait for the rain to stop. He was driving for about an hour before the rain was finally ceasing and the rain was slowing down, he was startled that his cd player was working with the music blaring away.

He looked in the scenery about his car….he was absolutely shock…the car was on the same spot when he first started the journey!