Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kemayan City Shopping Mall – Haunted?

Kemayan City Shopping Mall – Haunted?
Kemayan City Mall is a rundown abandoned building however is it haunted?
Kemayayan City Mall in Johor Baru, Johor consists of a Cineplex, supermarket and shopping mall which were swept away by the financial crisis in the 1990s. The construction which was almost finished, was stopped. At one time, it was supposed to be the Johor Baru’s largest shopping and commercial mall.

Kemayan Shopping Mall in Johor Baru
The abandoned building has turned to a den for drug addicts, for scrap metal dealers and even a haunt for lovers. It also housed illegal immigrants, beggars and the homeless by made the shopping complex their home.

The Abandoned Mall of Kemanan City in Johor
Making the rounds newspapers, articles are rumours of ghostly sightings and paranormal incidents. These tales are told by Singaporean tourists, locals and of course, the ghost busters.
Three of the most talk about tales or incidents are:
Incident 1 – A Singaporean family while travelling home, saw the shopping mall and was surprised to find it all lighted up and filled up with customers. Thinking that the mall was finally opened they joined the rest of the customers. After spending the time happily shopping they finally left but stopped at a relative’s house in Johor. The family proudly showed their relatives the things they bought but found that it was only dried leaves and twigs. The relatives mentioned that the shopping mall was abandoned for many years.
According to an employee of Johor Baru Town council, that houses or buildings that have long been abandoned will attract the devils or demons (kediaman syaitan dan jin – Malay translation) which will housed the entities.
Incident 2 – An illegal pregnant woman who was squatting in Kemayan City Plaza had an accident. She injured herself when accidentally stepped on an iron rod protruding in the ground. The other “residents” did not bother with her cries of help and she eventually died. Since then, there were wails and cries from a toddler/baby and occasion sights from the toddler has frightened many.
Incident 3 – There are some who at nights have spotted huge black shadowy figures outside in the abandoned shopping mall.  Some even claimed that some people have lost controls of their vehicles after seeing flying entities!
If anybody has seen any paranormal or supernatural in Kemayan City Plaza, do let me.


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