Monday, May 27, 2013

Apparitions at Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway

Apparitions at Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway

Two astonishing and unexplained tales about Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway incidents.

I have written previously in my blog about ghosts sightings in an article about Genting Sempah in Genting Highlands.

Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands highway is the main road to the famous resorts with the theme parks, entertainment centres and casinos. The road leads separately from Swee Chin Temple to Genting Highlands.
There have been numerous accidents, car crashes as reported by the media at that stretch of highway over the years and many people have questioned whether the ghosts and afterlives were involved with some of these incidents. 

Accident at Genting Sempah road

The first incident when Pei Hui was rushing back with her 5 year old daughter, Jeslyn, at 1am. She was in trouble with her husband and family that she has taken again gambling at the casino. She has huge gambling debts with the “ah longs” (debt collectors) and to make it worse, she lost again at the casino.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Century Mahkota Hotel, Melaka – Haunted?

Century Mahkota Hotel, Melaka – Haunted?
Two “aunties” visited Century Mahkota Hotel as part of their vacation but were stumped but the unexplained and unnatural events from the hotel.

Century Mahkota Hotel (now rename Mahkota Hotel Melaka) is located at Mahkota Parade shopping mall and is walking distance from the historical site of A’Formosa.  Melaka is one of the oldest towns in Malaysia, where tales, myths and legends are commonplace in contrast to ultra sleek modern facilities of buildings in the latest developments.

Logo of the Century Mahkota Hotel in Melaka

Sam Yong and his sister, Geraldine and brother-in-law wanted to surprise their mother and their aunty Tai Yee to a vacation to Melaka. Although the 3 of them did not have the time with their busy schedules, they were determined to send both their mother and their aunty for the trip.

Sam’s and Geraldine’s mother and aunty were excited after they check in to the Century Mahkota Hotel and in their room. They quickly unpacked luggage and happily off they went to their sightseeing trips and shopping at the malls. 

When they finally came back to their room, they were surprised to find the luggage or bags have been moved or shifted from their room. All their stuff was there but their stuff were in a different location in their room. They also heard the sound of water from the tap in the bathroom – someone left the tap on. 

Extremely angry and annoyed they march to the reception counter to complain. The night manager apologetic but explained that he could not moved to another room as the hotel was filled up. Both of them reluctantly went back to their room after giving them hell.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gwai Zhai or Toyol

Gwai Zhai or Toyol

A college student has a terrifying encounter with a ‘child ghost’ (or commonly known as gwai zhai or toyol).

Mei Lei rented a room at a rented house with her friends for her studies at TAR University College at Kampar, Perak. When she got back to her place there was nobody there as her friends were still in campus. Feeling a bit tired she wanted to go for a shower followed with a nap.

Logo for Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

The feeling in the house gave her the freaks…it was like so eerie and lifeless. Nevertheless she up to her room to get her clothes for the shower. When she was showering she thought she heard giggling and she thought it couldn’t be her friends back so early. So she yelled up and to say that she was in the shower but there was no answer.

Mei Lei quickly finished showering put her clothes on and went to the down to the ground floor to look for her friends. When she got there nobody was around and thought she must be mistaken and must look foolish. She reluctantly went back to her bedroom deciding on a good nap before dinner.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Haunted House in Kluang, Johor

Haunted House in Kluang, Johor

A young boy and his family encountered many freaky and scary incidents at their rented old house in Kluang, Johor.

Kluang town is approximately about 100 km from the state capital of Johor Baru in Johor. It have a combined population of 300,000 residents of Malay, Chinese, Indians and other races. During the second World War, the Japanese army invaded the country including the town of Kluang. In fact, the airfield was used by the Japanese to attack Singapore in their campaigns. 

Map of Johor state (including Kluang)

Walter Neoh and his family lived in a rented old bungalow in Kluang. Since his father used to work the company he did not have much choice to rent out from the company. The old bungalow was not in a good position as there were a lot of accidents, cars and motorbikes, happen regularly.

The first encounter was when his mother was resting in the evening when she heard a child laughing happily in the ground floor of her house. Who get that be, Walter’s mother mumbled, as she got up and she went downstairs. She could hear the childish giggling of a young child from the storeroom which was bedside the kitchen. “Who is that?” Walter mum’s asked as she walked to the storeroom. When she finally got to the room, there was totally silent and nobody was there. She later asked the kids and her husband but they insisted they did not bring any kids to their house. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Raintree Club – haunted?

Raintree Club – haunted?
A young girl was horrified about her strange and eerie encounters with her family.

The Raintree Club in Kuala Lumpur was set up in 1983. It was located just about 10 minutes from the city centre.

Raintree Club in KL

Melinda aged 11 years old came with her elder sister Linda together with her parents to have dinner one night at the club. It was a Thursday night and her mother did not feel like cooking that night and they decided to have their meal at the club instead. 

When they had order their meal at the coffeehouse, Melinda had to go to the restroom to do her business. They were not many members as it was after 10pm and it was a working day. The female restroom was located at a narrow corridor close to the reception area which was closed at the club. 

They were no people at the ladies’ toilet when Melinda walked in and she quickly got into a cubicle. While she was doing her business, she heard someone entering the toilet. She breathes a sigh of relief and thinking at least someone is there. She hurriedly finished with her cubicle and started washing her hands at the row of basins. She glanced at the restroom but nobody was there and she looked at the rows of cubicles which were left partially opened but there was no there was nobody there either. Melinda was surprised as she had clearly heard someone entering the restroom.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Old Changi Hospital in Singapore

Old Changi Hospital in Singapore

Dereck youthful and real-life experiences about Old Changi Hospital probably the most haunted building in island of the republic of Singapore.

Old Changi Hospital

Old Changi Hospital in Singapore is one of the republic’s most infamous scariest haunted buildings. During World War II, Japan invaded Singapore, Malaya and several neighbouring countries.  The Japanese invaded Singapore and they made Changi Hospital as the headquarters where thousands of lives were killed by the atrocities by the brutality of the Japanese. Ironically, after the war the Japanese themselves were executed. During the 1950s Changi became a public hospital but was eventually abandoned in 1997. There are thousands of stories where by the public have they claimed that they have seen the ghosts of the victims and even the gory images Japanese soldiers!

Andreas Chan lives in Singapore and is in Kuala Lumpur to attend the Media Conference, I met up for lunch with her. She talked about the usual gossips and she mentioned she with her went with her friend to see the movie, “Haunted Changi” which was released in 2010. In fact, she together several times with 3 of her friends went in her younger days when to Old Changi Hospital. 

They climbed over the fences and sneaked in to the 1st and 2nd floor which was left wide opened. They went to the toilets with the doors opened and the mirrors were left facing them. It was really scary and eerie looking at the reflection in mirror. They then proceeded to the mortuary when they smelly something funny…probably the lingering smell of disinfectants. She admitted that they were young and wanted to explore the place...basically where curiosity overcame fear.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Part-Time Ghost Hunters 2

Part-Time Ghost Hunters 2

A continuation from “Part-Time Ghost Hunters” with a spooky story from Polly and Benjamin.

Polly Teoh and Benjamin Liew are friends with Tommie, who is my neighbours’ son. Some younger people seemed to be so fascinated or interested about the existence of the afterlife. Benjamin have gone with friends to a few vacant and abandoned buildings except for frightening themselves silly over the incidents, Benjamin admits they have not actually seen anything. However there was an incident that Lucas, his elder brother, and his friends were involved. 

In that particular incident, Lucas and his friends, went at night after work to a haunted bungalow in Kajang in Selangor. By the time they finally found the place it was already after 1am. It was an old vacant abandoned bungalow and was overflowing with overgrown weeds. The 5 of them were thrilled and excited as they walked with their torchlights, their cameras and their special equipments towards the abandoned bungalow. 

When got to the living room, it was deserted with overgrown weeds and rubbish everywhere and they made their way slowly to the ground floor. I was a moonless night and everything was pitched dark when to the staircase to the bedrooms at the first floor of the house. When they went to the next room, it must be a child’s room as there were broken dolls lying everywhere. Lydia, one of Lucas’s friends, whispered softly that she feel cold. Looking around they found a particular spot in the bedroom that was extremely icy-cold, a cold spot (some people believe that a cold spot is where the spirit is). They took numerous photos with their camera phones hoping to capture an apparition or at least an orb.

A Digital Voice Recorder – EVP (electronic voice phenomenon)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ghosts, Hantus & Djinns

Ghosts, Hantus & Djinns

There are countless of ordinary people in their everyday lives who have encountered paranormal or supernatural incidents whether they are called ghosts, hantus or djinns. People who have the “3rd eyes” (ying yang eyes) who have the ability and can sense the presence of the spirits around them or can even see the afterlife or the undead.  From the numerous haunting of buildings (government buildings, schools and houses) to the shrieking howls of Pontianak at nights and the unexplained and frightening incidents of Genting – do they exist?

Hantu Pucong

The first incident involved the mysterious and the existence of a “doppelganger”. Kang came to the office very early at 5.10am as he had to submit a report to his boss. He walk to his office and turned the lights on and he was surprised to see his colleague, Jageet Singh, at his cubicle at the building. Kang thought that Jageet must be having problems with his house as he was staring at the wall on his chair, seeming lost in thoughts.

Kang was too busy as he got into his assignment for his boss. He got most of his work done and he felt hungry and decided to go for his breakfast at a coffee shop before 8am where everybody starts work. As he was rushing for the elevator, he looked at Jageet at his chair and he decided leave him alone.
Half way eating his ‘roti kosong’ he was surprised to find Jageet happily rushing to work. Kang waved at Jageet to join him and said, “Working so early, having problems with your wife again?” Jageet looked puzzled and said “Huh?... what are you talking about?..I just got in”.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Christianity – Miracle Cure

Christianity – Miracle Cure

A miraculous tale from a Malaysian Christian about her personal experience about her daughter’s remarkable cure.

According to consensus Christians make up over 10 % of the Malaysian population. They consist of Catholics, Methodist, Protestants, Calvary Church and other Christian groups in this country. I am a lapsed Christian (at least for now) simply because I am not able understand some of their teachings. Anyway back to my story about her personal experience.

This happened in the town of Kulai in the state of Johor. Pei Yin is in her late twenties and she was heartbroken and with grief to learn that a five-year old daughter was diagnosed with a blood disorder. She desperately visited other western doctors and even traditional medicines but nothing work. Pei Yin was shattered and cried but only when her daughter is not around as did not want to frighten her.

One night Pei Yin was sleeping in bed lying with her daughter close to her, numb and frighten she fell to an uneasy sleep. In her dream, a woman and a man dressed in robes and they both smiled at her and at then at the sleeping girl. The lady then sat on the bed near her daughter who was sleeping beside Pei Yin. This dream happened every night for 3 whole nights, the same dream, until the lady on the 3rd night gently whispered to Pei Ying that everything was alright.

When Pei Ying woke up the next morning she found that her daughter was alright – no fever, no pain, her daughter was absolutely cured. Even the doctors at the hospital were shocked at the recovery.

Two weeks passed since the recovery, Pei Ying and her daughter hurried over to a neighbour’s house, to bring her and her husband some home cooked meal. Her neighbour went to the kitchen insisting of giving some drinks and biscuits to Pei Ying and her little daughter. While the little girl was playing, Yee Ping casually looked around the living room when she noticed a portrait of a woman and a man at the altar. She was stunned!

Portrait of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tourist Guide in Gua Musang, Kelantan

Tourist Guide in Gua Musang, Kelantan

A tourist guide in Gua Musang meet up with up with up with a spooky vision and soon after is possessed by an angry spirit.

Rozita who is in her late twenties work in a travel agency. Rozita can speak in multiple language, in Malay, English and in Cantonese and Mandarin (Chinese dialects). They have local tourists and Chinese from the mainland China who is planning for a trip to Gua Musang in Kelantan. Rozita who is a travel guide selected by her agency because she well versed and familiar in the different languages.

A Road Sign to Gua Musang in Kelantan

Gua Musang is a quiet town and the largest district in Kelantan, Malaysia. The town is surrounded by limestone hills and rock-climbing is a popular pastime and the renowned Guanyin Temple. It is however a land lost in time and steep in superstitious ghostly beliefs and many blood-chilling tales are told and whispered by word of mouth. 

Limestone hills at Gua Musang

That particular day, Rozita and their clients (mostly ‘aunties’) were in their coach, when their clients insisted that they be left down in the roadside stalls selling all kinds of local fruits. The coach stopped at the narrow road and they got down and were excited snapping photos and buying fruits. While this was going on, Rozita waited on a tree beside the road. 

Rozita fell a sudden cold icy breeze blowing on her body and she quickly look around her. It was evening time and the sun has set but there was no wind about her. Then she saw a hazy translucent object nearby the bush and it flashed and sped away. Ah Chew, the driver, asked her whether she was alright and she mumbled that she fine. Rozita just brush it off thinking it only her imagination.