Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Abandoned Neighbourhood’s House

The Abandoned Neighbourhood’s House
“…while walking late at night, she heard her woman wailing from an abandoned house…”

Rita stays at the relatively tranquil town Bentong in the state of Pahang. Rita spends the weekend “crashing” at Cindy (and her family) house which is located in a quiet residential suburb of Bentong.

 Map of Bentong in Pahang (Google Map)

After dinner, they had arranged with their friends at a nearby Starbuck coffee outlet where they chit-chat the latest happenings among themselves. It was past 12am when Rita and Cindy were walking back to Cindy’s house in a residential housing estate.

Cindy was walking slightly behind Rita and Cindy was busy chatting with her boyfriend on her mobile phone, when Rita noticed a woman was wailing and sobbing. In the badly lit environment of the neighborhood she realized that it was coming from an abandoned house which was covered with overgrown grass and weeds.

By that time, Cindy who was busy yapping happily on her phone had walked past Rita, who was curious wondering who could it be, crying so loudly in the middle of the night. She was looking at the abandoned house, when out of her corner of her eye, she saw a flash of white apparition in the “living room” of the abandoned house!

Rita was so surprised and frightened and at the same time was still peering at the “living room”, when Cindy turned back and said, “aiyoh!...seen a ghost or what” Rita who quickly turned back at her friend and asked whether she heard the sobbing sound and especially the white apparition in the abandoned house. Cindy insisted that she did not hear or seen anything…and decided to get away from that house ASAP.

While they were eating at the kitchen the next morning, Rita asked Mrs Cheng (Cindy’s mother) about the abandoned house. Mrs Cheng was reluctant to talk about that place except it was a bad place. The two girls managed to persuade Mrs Cheng to tell them and she heard from the neighborhood ‘aunties’ that the house was abandoned a long time ago and even before they moved in. A young couple together with her young daughter lived in that house. The man who lost his job and was drunk at the same time killed his wife and their daughter. Since that incident, many people have heard of so-called strange and weird occurrences in the abandoned house.

Was Rita imagining things, when she heard a woman sobbing that night and whether she was actually looking desperately looking for her daughter after all this years. 

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