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Ghost Stories 4

Ghost Stories 4

This is from a reader about an encountered with a female ghost when she was living in her old house in Petaling Jaya in Malaysia.
“Thanks for letting me share my ghostly encounters. I seem to attract a number of them during my youth and it tapered off as I grow older. However I could usually sense something is not right but it's not a good feeling to have. I hv always wished tht I am more blur so that I would not encounter those things again.

Ok let's start with one of my scariest experience when I was in my early childhood which I recall when I was 10 or 11years. At tht time, my family rented a single storey house in PJ and it was an old house. It's toilet & shower was located at the back of the house and everytime if you need to do your business, we hv to pass an open space where it's grilled up and we can see the back portion of house. The creepiest part of the back portion is the single banana tree which gives off an ominous vibe and it used to scare me a lot.

Anyway, i have to get up very early morning ard 5am to get ready for the bus sekolah to pick me up as I would be one of the earliest student to be pick up. My room is located in front and it's windows are facing the front porch where a red Toyota Corolla parked, owned by a guy who rented our room. As I was standing up facing the window, buttoning my white shirt before slipping on the dark blue pinafore, I saw my mom next to the car, hanging some wet clothes to dry. Then I notice someone is in the car. Everything happens at slow motion here as I was puzzled who would be sitting in the car at such early hour and I thought our rent tenant is sleeping. As I went closer to the window, it became very clear tht it is a lady with very pale whitish greenish face with long black hair and she was glaring at me with so much anger in her eyes. At first it did not strike me as anything odd and then I suddenly realized tht I am looking right at a lady ghost and she is not happy at all! She looked really pissed off and when I realized that it was a ghost, I quickly squatted below the window feeling really scared. Well I did not dare to look out the window and I can hear my mom coming in the house. When I ask her whether did she see anyone in the car, she said no. So I kept quiet and quickly ran past the car without looking inside when my school bus arrived.

When I came back from school, I told my father who then got some 'fu' from a temple and burn it into ashes for me to mix with water. Well it worked for a while until other ghostly encounters which I wld share more later. Until now I could still recall vividly how the lady ghost looked and it's really 'funny' tht it's really the stereotypical type, long black hair wt white blouse/dress(she is sitting inside car) and greenish skin”.

There are people who not believe in the supernatural, ghosts etc. but I want to add that the majority of those people will not see or even feel the presence of these entities – which is great! Many people believe those that see are those with the 3rd eyes (“yin-yang eyes). Other believed that small children have the ability to see or sense these from the afterworld. Some believe that when a person “wan shou” (translation from Cantonese: low spiritual level) they will be more susceptible to encounter sprits or ghosts.

I personally believe what the reader wrote but whether one believe it or not – its’ entirely up to you!

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