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Closing an Old House

Closing an Old House
Ghostly events occurred when a woman and family helps her mother to relocate to their house.

Felicia was relived and overjoyed when her mother finally agreed to their pleas about her relocating to their home in Ipoh, Perak. Her mother had a stroke recently and she had pleaded with her mother it was her turn to look after her. Felicia’s hubby, Denis, agreed in fact they have decided to move her things to a private portion in their house so she can have privacy.

Felicia and her siblings grew-up together their parents in an old Chinese Village in a small town. As they grew up they moved away and Felicia feels that with her mother’s recent stroke, it is time to bring her home with them.

A Typical Chinese Village

When they arrived at the old house, Felicia’s daughter, Mandy 4 year-old, suddenly screamed and cried insisting on being carried by her father. When questioned by Felicia, she would only mumbled that it was “lar char” (translation: dirty). Unable to pacify or calm Mandy, they gave up and brought back Felicia’s mother to their home in Ipoh.

The following week, Felicia, her husband and their Indonesian servant, Nina, drove down again to the old house. They planned to throw the old stuff away from the deserted house. According to Felicia (she later found out), Nina had a chill down her spine and “bulu naik” from her arms from just looking at the old house.

The next day, while Felicia and hubby were packing in the main bedroom and Nina was in the kitchen, Nina heard a strange creaking sound from the store room. Since Felicia and hubby were in the bedroom, Nina decided to check it out, thinking most probably it was rats or maybe bats.

It was late evening and the house was dark, as Nina got to the store room. She was clearing up the many boxes when she saw something moving on one of the wall. As it was getting dark, she squinted to have a look at the mysterious creature…instead she saw a blackish figure of a man clinging on both hands and legs on the wall! Totally shocked and terrified, she took off, heart pounding and staggered wildly to the bedroom where Felicia and hubby were.

On looking back, Felicia could not believe that the old house where they grew up can be haunted. However some people believe that a house that is almost deserted and dark most of the time is ripe for ghosts to move in.

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