Friday, November 8, 2013

Weird Incident at Mont’ Kiara Condo

Weird Incident at Mont’ Kiara Condo

Mont’ Kiara has been in the news recently about a Japanese couple who were found dead in their apartment.  There were some other mysterious gruesome deaths including a Singaporean in the areas.

One of the Condos in Mont’ Kiara (

For those who are not familiar with Klang Valley region, Mont’ Kiara is located at Sri Damansara area in Kuala Lumpur. It is a much higher price for their units (too much for me too!)  costing between RM2500 – RM6000 just for rental! With their swimming pools, gymnasiums and tennis courts it is simply luxurious living.

I have a retired ex-colleague, who lives in one of the condominium in Mont’ Kiara. Paul lives with his wife and his son on the 12 floor of their condo. One night Harry, Paul’s son, was out with his friends and his wife was busy chatting on the phone when the doorbell rang continuously at the front door.

Paul looked up to from his TV to find his wife gesturing angrily at him to look who is there. Paul got up reluctantly and looked into the peephole at the front door. The light facing the peephole must have fuse and he can only see an outline of a dark adult male but he cannot make out his features. His wife, Anna, who had finished her telephone conversation, walked beside Paul and asked who is it.
“Don’t know…the corridor light must be out,” as he partially open the front door with the latch or chain on. When he peered through the door in the dim light from the corridor, there was no one there. A bit puzzled, Paul unlock the latch and looked left and right at the dim lights of the corridor…and there was no one there.

The next day, Paul and his wife complained to the Maintenance department about the faulty corridor lights. When the maintenance guy arrived he told them that the lights was working. Paul was a bit confused but he insisted that it must be the wiring.

Three weeks after that the same thing happened at night between 12am. Doorbell was ringing and when they check, there was no one around. They casually mentioned to their son, Harry, about the incident and asked whether it could be one of his friends. Harry thought about it and said that it was unlikely but just in case he will tell his friends to stop playing the fool.

After a few weeks, Harry who was getting to go out for the night, when he heard the front doorbell ringing. Thinking it was probably his friends, he opened the front door but there was no one there – he searched the entire corridor including the emergency staircase but there was no one.

After telling his parents about the latest incident, they decided to hire a pastor to bless their whole unit including the front door. An ‘aunty’ at a nearby restaurant said it was probably a lost and wandering ghost.

After the blessing from the pastor, there was no ghostly ringing of doorbell at their door at night except that once in a while they can still hear footsteps along their corridor.


  1. Christopher, good to see that you have gone ahead with coming up scary tales in the Mont Kiara area.

  2. That story is nothing compared to the hell that my family and I went through for 4 months between May-Aug 2012, in a brand new, modern RM 1.8 million Mt Kiara condo........

  3. hi ezhar jaafar, What wow happened in Mt. kiara....pls tell me

  4. Is it a ghost that play prank to get attention from humans?


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