Monday, September 2, 2013

Deceased Colleagues Part 2

Deceased Colleagues Part 2

This is a continuation of ‘Deceased Colleagues’ which I did not manage to complete. This time I have another 2 mysterious and unexplained tales of colleagues’  of passing on from this world.

Fahmi was formerly from Bahau in the state of Negeri Sembilan which was his hometown. This particular incident happened when he was a student in a school downtown. After school on that day, Fahmi was walking back from the canteen where he saw Cik Ku (teacher – ler) Sulaiman, his former teacher. Cik Ku Sulaiman seemed happy to see Fahmi and he waved his hands excitably for Fahmi to come over. 

When Fahmi walked to Cik Ku Sulaiman he noticed that the teacher was very pale and around his eyes were slight dark patches but other than that he seemed fine. Cik Ku Sulaiman even patted Fahmi on his shoulder and said, “Apa Khabar?” (what’s up). Cik Ku Sulaiman then reminded Fahmi to go to the teachers’ room to see him tomorrow before school. 

The next morning when Fahmi got to Cik Ku Sulaiman’s desk at the teachers’ room he found an empty desk. He casually turned to some of the teachers and asked whether there have seen Cik Ku Sulaiman. The teachers looked at each other and one of them said Cik Ku Sulaiman passed away yesterday morning!

The next story was told by Aaron Wee who is a manager for a toy company. One day he was checking the CCTV for the past week when he was surprised and shocked to see clip on Edmund busy attending to a client at the store. Edmund had an unfortunate accident when he drowned in Port Dickson on a Sunday. The creepy video clip shows Edmund on the following day, on Monday!

Some people believe that people who have died do not realized that they are already dead. While others say that the ghostly spirits know that they are dead and only come to the living for a short time before passing over to the other side.

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