Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dreams & Nightmares – Can it be Real?

Dreams & Nightmares – Can it be Real?

A terrifying scene a dead sister announced that their father was going to die..... Captivating and unbelievable true accounts of dreams & nightmares but can it be real? Here are two stories of their horrifying and unnatural real true life accounts.

Baldish woke up shivering in cold sweat, she just saw her dead sister in her dream and she said their father is going to die. Stricken with fear as it seemed so real woke up her husband and quickly related her story to him.

 Early the next morning, Baldish called her father and was relieved to find him well and fine. Baldish was so relieved ans told her father that she and her family were going to his hometown of Jerantut in the state of Pahang the next weekend for a visit.

Two days after the telephone conversation with her father, Baldish was informed by one of her uncles that her father had unexpectedly passed away that morning!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Voice Calling My Name

Voice Calling My Name

We were warned numerous times by our mothers and aunties (sometime even uncles) not to reply when ‘somebody’ calls your name. Whether it is an old Chinese superstition or old wives tale but nobody seem to know the meaning, what if one actually answer…do the vengeful or mischievous spirit follow you home or they just kacau (disturb) you? Please let me know if you do know the answer.

The Goh family lives in Senawang in the state of Negeri Sembilan, which is located near the Malacca state border. One late evening, 16 year old, Larry Goh, was deeply engrossed in the school library when he heard the voice his friend, Pawan, calling his name. He heard it 3 times but looking around the near deserted library, he decided it was a prank. When he met Pawan the next day, he found out his friend was in his house all along and not in the school library.

In another incident, Larry was in the living room watching tv when he heard his voice calling him….Chai!..Chai!  (Chinese for son). Reluctantly, he went to look and found his father in their little garden. “pa what’s up?” but was surprised to be told by his father that he did not call him at all.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mysterious Encounter at Bali Resort

Mysterious Encounter at Bali Resort

A trip to the Indonesian island of magical paradise of Bali but had unfortunately left with some mysterious incidents.

Tuti is from Indonesia when we were studying in the US in the 1980s. We have kept in touch only once in a while and presently she is works in a large advertising company in Indonesia. She emailed me that her whole family will be going to Bali for a couple of days of relaxation.

A Ride in Bali town

They stayed in a bungalow-type in a resort with her husband, two kids and her mother. The first day, Tuti’s mother who was assigned to a large bedroom suddenly asked her, “Who is sleeping with me?...what if I find “somebody” in my bed?” Strange, Tuti thought her mother do not believe in the existence of ghosts or hantus. Anyway, Tuti suggested that she will stay with her mother in the bedroom during their stay in Bali.

The second night, as they finished from hanging around Bali, they were struck by a power failure. The whole bungalow unit was left without electricity and they had to scampered to look for candles and torchlights. They were later told by the resort’s staff that it was a common occurrence at Bali.

On the 3rd night, after putting her kids to sleep, Tuti was walking in the living room clearing her kids’ toys where the lights went off. Tuti had to gather the candles and the torchlight from the kitchen in the darkness…

Monday, January 6, 2014

Spooky Incident at Glory Beach Resort

Spooky Incident at Glory Beach Resort

A group of school friends spent a scary night at the resort in Port Dickson.

Melvin and a group of school friends went to Glory Beach Resort in Port Dickson for a holiday. It was 6 years ago and they have just finished with their SPM exams and they pleaded with their parents to let them go to Port Dickson. Finally their parents relented and allowed them to go but they only managed to save enough money for 1 night’s stay at the resort.

Swimming Pool at Glory Beach Resort in Port Dickson

The 8 of them took a bus and then they took taxis before arriving at the resort. They check-in and rushed into their service apartment before spending the rest of the afternoon in the beach and swimming.

Living Room at Glory Beach Resort

After dinner at some food stalls they went back to their apartment. After taking their showers they sat around the living room – the boys were playing their playstation while the girls were busy chit-chatting. Melvin and some of the others feel something was not right but decided to ignore it.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Road To Nowhere

Road To Nowhere

Strange and mysterious journey on the road that leads to nowhere.

Nasri was visiting a favorites aunt at Dungun Hospital alone as his mother and his sister could not make it. After spending the whole day with her, Nasri got in his car to go home. It was dark when he drove along the coastal road to his family home.

As he was driving, he found the radio in his car was not working properly. There were too much static…zzzzz…zzzzz  sound. He got fed up and he turned on the cd player but he got the same static noise. Increasingly frustrated with the radio/cd player which he fiddled around when the heavy rain poured and poured continuously.

 Lonely road to Dungun in Terengganu

He concentrated on his driving as it was not safe to park somewhere along the side of the road and just wait for the rain to stop. He was driving for about an hour before the rain was finally ceasing and the rain was slowing down, he was startled that his cd player was working with the music blaring away.

He looked in the scenery about his car….he was absolutely shock…the car was on the same spot when he first started the journey!