Monday, March 25, 2013

Sleep Paralysis in SEA Park, Petaling Jaya

Sleep Paralysis in SEA Park, Petaling Jaya

I personally experience this phenomena of Sleep Paralysis when I was studying in Petaling Jaya – is it real?

I have heard the scientific reasons for Sleep Paralysis, that is when a person is unable to move or even to speak as if totally paralysed. That person may hear sounds, imagine an apparition or a ghost-like creature or feel their chest was pressing on them. This is what the scientific term of Sleep Paralysis is related to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which occurs at the onset of sleep. The body’s muscles are relaxed but dreaming is frequent.

I used to live in SEA Park in Petaling Jaya, at my cousin’s place, while I was attending my studies at Taylor’s College (so many years ago!). My cousin invited a couple for a room and in addition she also rented to 8 guys who studying at FIT (now have closed down). As we were young, we did not mind the inconveniences, we basically just need a room to sleep.

One night, the water was not on and we had to do without any water. However my cousin and some of the guys from FIT were busy gambling and I was busy drinking my beer. When it was finally over, I slept on an old couch and three of the guys were sleeping in the living room. 

An Old Couch in the Living Room

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grandma Followed Her Home

Grandma Followed Her Home

A girl experienced a terrible shock when she is followed by her late grandma to her home.

23 year Cynthia Kee lives in Selangor is basically a clubber and party girl. She loves to go nightclubs and bars with her friends at night. She was driving alone one night, after dropping her friend off, when she noticed that the air-condition seen to blowing directly on her. This is slightly strange as she remembered she has turned the air-conditioner blower away from her.

As she was driving and nervously fidgeting with the air-con at the same time when she noticed that somebody was actually blowing at the back of her head. Cynthia rushed home, got out of her car and took off for her house. At the same time, she glanced back at her car and the dark shadowy patch of the old tree beside her vehicle. She could barely see of what look like a lady in an old traditional costume.

A Traditional Nyonya Dress (copyright from Google)

When she woke up the next day, she was fine and thinking it was just her wild imagination. After work the next day, Cynthia went out for a friend’s birthday dinner and then went out to a bar to celebrate. She was half drunk and a bit trashed when finally got back to her house that night. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Red Box Karaoke – Another Strange Incident

Red Box Karaoke – Another Strange Incident

A couple of technicians were called to a Red Box Karaoke to fix the audio and visual equipment when they met up with a disturbing and unexplained encounter.

View of Red Box Karaoke

Kevyn Goh and Mohan were instructed to a Red Box Karaoke in town to fix a problem in one of their Karaoke rooms. Then were met by Mr. Chin who was the manager of the karaoke and told them of the problems with the wiring in that room. Mr Chin was late for a management meeting and they were short of staff, Kevin and Mohan had to on their own.

One of the Karaoke room

The lights were dimmed when they got to the Karaoke room and went to work. Kevyn noticed a woman sitting in the dark, at the back of the couch, and thinking it must be one of the karaoke’s staff. Kevyn immediately said “hullo, you must be Mr. Chin’s staff”. The woman or girl  (it was too dark to notice) did not reply but sat silently on the sofa. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ghosts Sighting at Genting Sempah, Selangor

Ghosts Sighting at Genting Sempah, Selangor

Two different strange tales of incidents during night driving in Genting Sempah in Genting, Selangor.

A Signboard of Genting Sempah in Genting

Many eerie stories from the mainstream media and especially in the cyber world have been said about said about driving in Genting Sempah and some say that it is infested and overwhelm by dark spirits and ghosts.
Genting Sempah is basically a transit town between the states of Pahang and Selangor. However, Genting Sempah is also the transit point to the infamous Genting Highlands.

The first tale is about Mrs Chan who is a devout follower of the Taoist religion. Mrs Chan and her group had invited a Taoist priest from Sitiawan to a retreat in Genting Highlands. On the way when they reached Genting Sempah at night, the 70 year old Taoist priest suddenly look distraught and demanded that turn around the van and head back for Kuala Lumpur. The highly agitated priest said that there are numerous spirits roaming around that place – there were too much Yin energies. Yin energy can be describe as feminine energy but can also mean nighttime, or evil and dark forces. They drove back to Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Unnatural Tales from a Taxi Driver

Unnatural Tales from a Taxi Driver

A Public Cab taxi driver’s own personal experiences with the world of supernatural.

During a recent trip to KLIA, I manage to talk with Haj. Yusof, the taxi driver, about his personal experiences about the supernatural. Haj. Yusof is a over 50 year old and is a jovial man, who work as a taxi driver for Public Cab in mostly Klang Valley in Malaysia. Other than the drivers from Public Cab, he also have friends from rival companies like Radio Taxi, Sunlight, Comfort etc. Like he said, “Everybody has to make a living”.

Public Cab in Malaysia

Haj. Yusof says there seem to be a lot of stories from taxi drivers and ordinary people concerning mostly the tragedy of the Highland Towers. The Highland Towers collapsed at Taman Hillview in Selangor in 1993 where 48 people were killed – and stories and tales of strange and eerie apparitions in the vicinity were reported.

However, Haj. Yusof is reluctant of going to the places like Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang etc not just because of the stories but he seen personally seen strange and weird things from that area. One night after the tragedy, he was around the area in residential part of Ampang, where he saw a man looking for a cab. The night was dark and there was a slight fog in the night air and he drove slightly past the spot where the man was waiting. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mat Rempit Ghostly Ride

Mat Rempit Ghostly Ride

A motorcyclist’s encounter with an unexpected encounter with the truly ride.

Nazimi’s work as a dispatch driver for a solicitor company  for the town of Alor Setar in Kedah. Nazimi is a self confessed Mat Rempit where practically every night he takes off on his specially modified bike to perform stunts, showing off (to impress the girls) but basically, I guess, he is simply bored.

One night, a few years ago, after “performing” their tricky stunts on their motorbikes and evading the police, they adjoun to their favourite ‘teh tarik’ stall. Over endless drinks, they will relate tales of their exploits to everybody who will listen. By that time, it was already after 4am before they finally got it a night.

A Pictorial of a Mat Rempit

Nazimi took off on his motorbike speeding away to the road leading to his kampong. There were not many lamp posts and therefore the lights were not really adequate but enough to get by. As he was riding alone on his bike, he was suddenly overtaken by a black colour was a Yamaha 250cc.

Strange Voices in the Radio

Strange Voices in the Radio

One night when a student was studying for an exam, she heard strange and creepy voices from her radio.
Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) the main campus was established in the 1960s to cater for the student education needs (mostly Chinese students) and was named after Tunku Abdul Rahman who was the first Prime Minister of the Malaysia.

The Emblem of TARC (Tunku Abdul Rahman college) in Malaysia

Jane Siow rented a room at an apartment, more correctly a flat, at a nearby residential or housing place in Setapak in the 1990s. Jane was studying for a exam (I think it was a Business Management) course in her room and it about 2.30 am, when she a bit confused about the song that was playing on her Chinese channel on her radio.

A portable AM and FM radio

She could hear a faint buzzing from her radio followed by a slightly louder sound of people talking and laughing. She was not frightened thinking that her radio reception and channel must have gotten to another radio’s reception. While she was fiddling around with the buttons in her portable radio, she was getting more confused as she still hear the voices on her radio and it was in the Malay language superimposed by the Chinese radio program.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Footprints at Templer’s Park

Footprints at Templer’s Park

A young couple together with their young son found several strange occurrences during their visit to Templer’s Park in Selangor, Malaysia.

Templer’s Park is a forest reserve with a size of approximately 1,200 hectares and located about 5 kilometer from Rawang in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It is named after Sir Gerald Templer which was a former British High Commissioner by the late Sultan of Selangor.

Templer’s Park is essentially a wildlife sanctuary which consists of the many waterfalls, the clear natural streams and the jungle trails. There are of course the essential amenities including car parks, public toilets and picnic spots.

A waterfall at Templer’s Park

Kamal was running late as he had some unexpected work from office to complete on a Sunday. It was late evening by the time to he drove his wife and kid to the shopping mall to do their normal weekend. When he finally drove from the shopping mall, his 4 year old son was making a big fuss as Kamal had earlier promise to take them to Templer’s Park.

There was still light by the time they arrived directly coming from the mall at Templer’s Park. After parking their car, Kamal and his wife, Putri, together with their young son had a ice cream each from an ice cream vendor who was just packing his stuff from his motorbike.
They hurried away to an isolated place where there was a particular small waterfall which Kamal loves to take a cool dip in the icy cold water. The sunset has almost darken the sky by that time and there were no sounds or chirping from the birds as was normal – but complete silence.