Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Incident in Genting’s Parking Lot

Another Incident in Genting’s Parking Lot

“Go to Genting…sumore of at night…Go lah…” Adrian Soon’s mother was absolutely furious when she heard of Adrian’s intention of going to gamble at Genting.

Adrian is from Bera in the state of Pahang and his friends, Tony & Jim, was determined and planned to spend the night at the casino no matter what. They were more or less hardcore gambling addicts (..”kaki judi”) and were going to win big from the casino.

However after spending 5 hours at the casino, they left gloomy and dejected having lost all their money. As they walking to the parking lot in the middle of the night, the mist and fog were swirling from the surrounding area when Jim noticed a blurry dark person going into their car!

Parking Lot In Genting (otoreview.blogspot.com)

His friends have already got in the car and Jim did not have any choice but got into the front passenger seat. Sensing something was wrong Jim then said, “Can we talk a little bit before going back?”
Tony was glum but he agreed but Adrian was very angry and said angrily to Jim, “shaddap lah what to f##king talk…#!?...don’t play play lah” Jim tried to calm him down saying, “Can talk or not…” Finally Adrian managed to cool down and the three of them had a short casual talk.

Jim’s family said hr had the 3rd eye which means sometimes he can sense and even see the spirits those that have passed away. That night when Jim peered at the fogged up window in the car, he saw the mysterious blurry person walking away!

They got back to Bera in Pahang without incident due to probably Jim’s insistence that they cool down and have a simple talk. However Adrian felt sick and vomited and was out for 2 weeks. Adrian’s mother brought him to a temple where the medium said a ghost was angry at him. They offered offerings, burnt joss sticks and everything was fine after that.

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