Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Asian Tsunami

Asian Tsunami

It must be nearly a decade ago when I first read about the Asian tsunami that brought the devastating waves which swept certain regions across Asia. Stories poured from the media and the internet from eyewitnesses who actually saw or heard from the dead people of this truly tragic incident.

On that day, 26th of December 2004, thousands throughout Asia lost their lives when angry and furious waves swept the coastal region in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia etc. On that fateful day without warning over two hundred thousand lives were lost as huge tidal waves raced and trashed the coastal areas in the region.

 Tsunami in the island of Penang, Malaysia (

In Malaysia, over 60 people lost their lives especially in the island of Penang and eye witnessed saw some disturbing apparitions.  Some people say that ghosts are not angry but merely confused and they cannot move to other world. They just wandered restlessly in this earth.

 In neighboring Thailand, especially in the Andaman coast, there are reports of tales about haunted beaches, liked people playing on the beach in the nights and of moaning and crying “people” when there was nobody there.

I heard this story from a friend who visited Thailand a few years ago. Rose Leong was with her husband for a holiday at a Thai beach resort.  When they check into the hotel they met with a young receptionist who was extremely friendly. A few days later Rose was told by the staff of the hotel that the young receptionist no longer works there.

It seems that one night the receptionist, while on a night shift she received a telephone call. When she answered the phone call, a woman was screaming and crying that the waves were coming in and was desperately begging for help. Some of the other staff found the receptionist crying and blubbering in a state of total shock. They brought her to a doctor where she managed to eventually tell her unnatural and tragic story. She also vowed to never go to that hotel again.

For those who have lost loved ones in the terrible and unexpected tsunami..... please rest in peace!


  1. Actually Sendai Tsunami same thing they felt paranormal event happen in Japan

  2. I was there at Chao Lak on December 26 with friends

  3. ranin22 I hope you and your friends enjoyed yourself


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