Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ghostly Girl at Lantern Festival

Ghostly Girl at Lantern Festival

A housewife was chatting with her neighbours when she saw a young girl alone with her lantern away from the other kids.

Chinese Lantern Festival (Pesta Tanglung) falls in September on the eighth month of the year. Although celebrated by the Chinese it also in recent years attracted many multiracial followers.

A Typical Chinese Lantern Procession (

Lillian Tong a housewife was furious with her husband who had unexpectedly got to meet a client that night. “Why he can’t say no,” she fumed knowing that they have promised to take their son to a neighbourhood lantern procession.

After her husband left, Lillian decided to take her son with his lantern to the parade which was a few blocks away from their house. When they arrived their son happily joined the rest of the kids with their lanterns. Lillian also met Miriam and her husband who were keeping an eye on their kids.

As they were busy chatting, Lillian realized that there was a little girl who was alone and standing away far away from the rest of the children. The little girl was dressed in a little white gown with her tanglung. Lillian then said to Miriam that she was going to ask and invite the little girl to join the parade.

As the two women were walking half way to the playground when Lillian felt a tugged on her arm…followed by a “Alamak!” Lillian turned and realized it was Miriam who seemed transfixed and terrified and was staring at something. Lillian quickly spunned around to look at the little girl who has turned and walked away from them…that little girl has no legs. She was like floating with no legs…and then disappeared!

Lillian later found out from one of the neighbours that a few years ago that a car accident happened in their neighborhood. A little girl was killed!

Was it the same little girl that they saw their night?  


  1. ... Namo-Amitabha ... poor little wandering Soul ... may some one get a real Buddhist Monk to conduct a prayer for her to be reincarnated ...


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