Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eerie Tales about Hostels & Dormitories

Eerie Tales about Hostels & Dormitories

Real-life incidents of hauntings and ghostly sightings in hostels and dormitories are recorded all around the world. For some reasons, spirits seem to be attracted to these buildings, I have a story about a girl who personally weird occurrence while living in a dormitory or hostel in Malaysia.

 A Typical Hostel in Malaysia

Chrissy was a government hostel when she felt strange and eerie disturbances at the hostel. For example, Chrissy and the girls felt a presence in the girls’ toilet when they were bathing (a horny ghost or ham sap kwei) but Chrissy did not pay attention, thinking that they were just new at that place.  
However she finally admitted something was not right , when she clearly remembered that she had a blanket wrapped around her body at night but she woke to find the blanket missing – it was pulled from her and onto the floor in the morning!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Creepy Drive

Creepy Drive

A truly creepy night drive, where they faced an unexpectedly encounter…. a harrowing image on the lonely road.

When Winston and Ram had been assigned to move the belongings from a client to Kota Bahru-Kuala Terengganu they secretly started complaining .....(quietly lar). The client could only picked up their stuff at 6pm from Kuala Terengganu which mean they will be really late by the time they finally reached back to their hometown of Kota Bahru.

Winston and Ram were professional movers with a 3 tonne lorry assigned that day. They were coming that night at Kuala Terengganu-Kota Bahru road and driving very fast when suddenly Ram begged Winston, who was driving, to slow down.

Road Map of Kota Bahru-Kuala Terengganu

Friday, February 7, 2014

Spooky Home Incidents

Spooky Home Incidents

Homes can be a makeshift mat, flat, a Malay house wilt stilts, a terraced or an even a fabulous gigantic mansion. However, whatever a home is they can be a source of paranormal hauntings. There are numerous of spooky tales of such incidents but here are just 3 of them.

One of the Many Types of House in Malaysia

The town of Rembau which is nestled near Seremban in the state of Negeri Sembilan. Johan and his wife. Mariam, together with their 4 kids lives in small town of Rembau.

One night, after Mariam manage to get their kids to bed she when to take her shower in their bedroom. Johan was watching a tv program and that show was over he went to their bedroom. He was reading in bed when Mariam got in bed and asked, “Bang, why are you breathing so hard?”
Huhh? Bulu naik….Johan muttered to himself….I was not breathing loud!

Did Mariam hear somebody’s voice?

The next incident occurred when 14 year old Bobby Lam was in his house in a mid-sized town of Pasir Gudang in Johor. After dinner, Bobby was in his room playing PlayStation when he heard his mother loudly shouting his name. Shucks! what?…as he reluctantly put down his computer game saying, “Coming-ler ma”

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Asian Ghost Stories 5

Asian Ghost Stories 5

This time we have 2 spooky stories about a Beach Resort in Sarawak and a high rise flat in Singapore.

Daryl was with his colleagues for a photo shoot in Sarawak with a Travel company. After the photo shoot assignment was completed, Daryl and his buddy, Mitch, decided to return take a break in Sarawak. They went to Damai Beach Resort while waiting for their girlfriends to fly in the next day. 

Room in Damai Beach Resort in Sarawak

After they have checked in the resort, Daryl decided to go for a shower while Mitch was out going look for some local food. It was dark, when Daryl finished with his shower and he casually strolled into the bedroom. Mitch was not there and Daryl thought that his friend a food-starved addict must be looking for dinner.

The tv was on and he flopped down on his bed to check on local news from the internet. The lights were turned on with the full-length curtains entirely closed. As Daryl was looking at his laptop he noticed that was a shadowy figure behind the closed curtain. Thinking it must be Mitch trying to prank him, he angrily shouted, “Dummy!..can see you-lar”.

After a few minutes and Mitch have not answered, Daryl wearily got up to the closed curtains and grabbed it opened…but there was nobody there. Slightly bewildered and scratching his hair, Daryl wondered that his was at the 12th floor, who could it be? …but it must be an optical illusion. Daryl closed the curtains and when back to his laptop.

While working on his laptop again, he casually looked up at the closed curtains he was shocked….the shadowy figure was clearly there behind the curtains!