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Malaysian Ghost Stories 2

Malaysian Ghost Stories 2

Millions of Malaysians from all walks of life have encountered unexpected experiences in the world of the supernatural. I will share two strange and spine chilling stories of such experiences in their normal everyday life.

Teoh work as a vegetable seller at a wet market and his wife is a clerk at a company. Teoh’s father-in-law was in a hospital and was advised by the doctors to bring him better be brought home. They said that due to the serious sickness he would rather be home when he passes away.

When Teoh got back from work he cooked plain porridge for his father-in-law and waited for him to wake up. His wife, Sooi Ling, had to work late that night as she had some work to finish up.

Plain Porridge or Congee (

Teoh sat on a plastic chair while waiting for his father-in-law to wake up to eat his porridge. While waiting, Teoh almost dozed off when he saw the old man was up and he was talking to someone – but there was no one there except for Teoh. The old man was excited and he raised his hand as if he was taking and eating porridge, all the time he was busy chit chatting with someone.

After a while, Teoh’s father-in-law closed his eyes and went finally went back to his bed. Teoh was a bit puzzled but did not think too much of it. They found out the next day that the old man passed away. Teoh often wondered whether his father-in-law saw something or someone that night.

Mazlan was busy with his friends as they went to the jungle to fish. As they were fishing, Mazlan decided to pee at an overgrown bush. His friend, Osman, asked him whether Mazlan has apologized to ‘hantu’ for peeing in there. Mazlan could not be bothered as he considered that it was just old wives’ tales. 

That night when Mazlan was sleeping at home, he has a horrible dream that someone was pinching him (“cubit”) mercilessly. When he finally awoke the next morning, he went to the toilet to pee. He was shocked to see that after removing the ‘sarong’ (the garment wrapped around the waist) he had numerous painful purple and blue marks all over his upper thighs above his genitals!

How did he get the painful marks… did the angry spirit really pinched all over his body? Should he apologize for peeing in the jungle?

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