Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ghost in My Bed!

Ghost in My Bed!

“There was a ghostly figure of a woman lying beside my bed!”

I ran into an old friend, Rusdi, and his wife and they insisted that I must spend some time in their house. As we were bust chit-chatting about the old times how we were mesmerized about the old movies during the 1970s like “Pontianak”, “Orang Minyak” etc by the late P. Ramli.

Noraini, Rusdi’s wife, casually mentioned that she has seen a ghost. Reluctant at first to talk about the incident, she finally gave in to our constant begging. It happened when she was a girl of 8 years old and her uncle, aunty, her cousins were going to Kuala Pilah in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

Norini pleaded and begged her parents for permission to go with her with them and eventually she finally won (as usual!) They packed her uncle’s old van and they drove to the rest house in Kuala Pilah. 

Photo of Bedding Arrangement (

Noraini together with her cousin, Sophie, had the double-bed while Sophie’s older sister, Nisha, had the single bed. That night while sleeping, Noraini groggily woke up and saw Nisha asleep in the single bed. As she turn to look at Sophie just beside her….she was speechless…there was a frizzy haired woman lying on her back in their bed!

“Ah Mak!!!...” as Noraini scrambled away from the lady as she suddenly turned her head and smile at her! By that time, Noraini have fallen off the bed and landed on the floor beside the two beds. She was screaming and screaming non-stop when Nisha woke up and saw Noraimi hysterical crying beside the bed. 

By that time, Sophie got back from the bathroom, wondering the hell was going on.
Noraini was still virtually hysterical and crying as her uncle and aunty came rushing to their bedroom. That night they slept in their parents’ room and they left the very next day.

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