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Ghostly Restaurant

Ghostly Restaurant

Madam Yeow runs a restaurant in downtown Malacca where she reluctantly tells of her unexpectedly and eerie experiences about her business.

Madam Yeow run a successful Nyonya restaurant in the heart of Malacca for many years. I am not allowed to disclose the actual location as she said “do want to frighten the customers”.

A Typical Restaurant

One incident occurred when Lila, a new waitress, was working in the restaurant. It was about 10 pm and it was packed when Lila heard some children’s giggling and laughing. She noticed that a little boy and girl were playing under the chair beside a customer’s legs and it seem the customer is not even aware of it. The little boy and girl had what seemed like old school uniforms when Lila saw that were no legs – only blurry images of their legs.

Suddenly Debbie, another waitress, urgently grabbed Lila’s arm from the back and said, “…you aso (..also) see them?..” The ghostly girl and boy without warning saw Lila and Debbie, giggled…and slowly vanished.

There was another incident when with a strange entity in the kitchen of the restaurant. When Ah Kong was working in the kitchen, he saw a man standing in the shadows of far corner of the kitchen. He had a black colour old-fashioned suit and he looked furious and disgusted. When Ah Kong turned to the helper in the kitchen…the black suited apparition disappeared.

Although Madam Yeow had not seen any actual apparition but she had heard strange voices of children playing. It happened one night as she was closing the restaurant for the night, she heard the sound of children playing on the floor. They were laughing and … tapping on shoes of someone running on the floor! But she saw nothing!

Wah!...Madam Yeow quickly made the sign of the cross  (..Christian lah) and hurriedly got out of the restaurant…pronto!

Madam Yeow believe that the restaurant are haunted by ghosts…she thinks that the ghosts might be from a different era who for some reason did not passed on.

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  1. It's possible ghosts were attracted to certain geographical location and still love the area.


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