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Sri Mutiara Apartment Lift Incident

Sri Mutiara Apartment Lift Incident

Bernard Ng agreed to look after their aunty’s place during her holiday visit to Taiwan with her other mahjong ‘aunties’. Bernard, his sister May and his mum will visit the apartment for a week during that time. Her aunty lived in an apartment in Sri Mutiara Apartment in Sungei Besi at Kuala Lumpur.

Sri Mutiara Apartment in Sungai Besi (

A couple of nights later when they were sleeping, Bernard heard the sound of someone dropping marbles or pebbles on the outside floor tiles. After a while he got up irritated when the sound did not stop….thoonk! thoonk! as he walked from the bedroom door and he found May peering at their bedroom door (mum was asleep). Before he could say anything, the sound of dropping marbles or pebbles suddenly stopped. They both went to turn the lights on from the living room but it was quiet and silent. Must be some neighbours kids, Bernard told his sister although he found it strange that the kids will be playing marbles at 3am.

The night before his aunty came back from Taiwan, the three of them were in the living room when Bernard suggested going to supper at some hawker stalls. His mother and May were not interested so he went off by himself. 

As Bernard got on the lift he noticed that he was not alone, there was a young striking lady inside the lift. As he got on the lift he saw she must be in her twenties with a sexy body-hugging dress with a flawless skin. He quickly said “hullo…going out?” but she did not even reply or acknowledge his presence, preoccupied and busy with her handphone. Walking to further behind the lift he thought “So stuck-up mer”.

When he casually looked at the mirror at the bottom panel of the lift, he found that nobody was in the lift. Puzzled he quickly glanced back to the front portion only to find the young lady still fiddling with her phone. What is this, he thought as he looked spunned to the back to the reflection in the mirror….she was not there! He stumbled and fell back in shock as he looked back again at the young lady ….but instead she simply walked out as they have arrived at the ground floor. Taking a few sharp breaths he slowly crept over the door of the lift but fortunately (or unfortunately) there was nobody around!

He was still shock and confused, Bernard climbed the stairs all the way to the apartment and without going out for his supper. Thinking about the incident, Bernard felt as it was Hungry Ghost month with all the offerings at the roadside, he must have seen a “wandering ghost”.

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