Thursday, October 3, 2013

Something Is In My House!

Something Is In My House!

The Soo family was utterly shocked that ‘something’ was in their house.

 Norman and Caroline Soo together with their 2 young daughters lived in a double-storey bungalow in Sungai Petani in Kedah. They have moved there 5 years ago when they realized that 'something' had moved together with them.

At first there were strange and weird disturbances in their house and followed by the actual sighting of a ghostly apparition. Their experiences were as follows:

One night when they were in the living room after dinner, watching TV when they heard the loud continuous loud tinkling sound of wind chimes from the outside of their house. Norman reluctantly and his 2 daughters opened the front door and switched on the light on the porch. They found the wind chimes which was hung in the porch but they were silent as it was a windless night with hardly a breeze. Norman found it a bit odd but he told his daughters that it must be someone playing the fool with the wind chimes.

A Photo of a Wind Chime

Caroline felt extreme uneasiness about the house – as if someone was lurking hovering silently in the shadows in the dark. One day after taking the girls from the kindergarden she suddenly noticed something odd about her figurines in the glass cupboard. Her collection of miniature glass figurines were kept in the living room in a glass paneled cupboard which was locked.  

Elephant Figurine

She looked closely at the figurines and was taken aback when all the figurines were facing backwards! All the figurines were facing the back wall instead of outwards. Even stranger than that, the glass paneled was locked – how did the figurines managed to turned backwards through a locked panel?

Another case occurred when the 2 girls were in the living room playing when they decided to go to their bedroom upstairs. They saw their mother from the back, Caroline, busy in the kitchen probably washing the dishes at the basin.

When the 2 girls walked to their bedroom they saw again their mother folding the clothes in their room!

Was it a mischievous ghost, Norman and Caroline brought a pastor to bless their entire house. Since the blessing there was no other incident.


  1. The malay community have this belief that the music created by the wind chime when the wind blow attracts djinns and other ghostly beings. That's the reason you don't see many malay houses with wind chimes except the modern ones.

  2. hi Andrew Quay, thanks for your comments.


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