Saturday, August 31, 2013

Genting Bus Crash 2

Genting Bus Crash 2

I have written about “Genting Bus Crash during Hungry Festival” which left 39 people killed and 16 dead. The privately owned road by Genting Malaysia Berhad, was a scene of tragic and unimaginable devastation. In my article, it was reported that some passengers had seen a group of wavy apparitions waiting at the roadside before the accident.

Some people believe that the souls were waiting to be reincarnated by taking the lives of the people in that tragic accident. Some Chinese also believe that it happened during the Hungry Ghosts Festival where millions of lost souls were released and on the prowl for potential victims. 

Photo of the Genting Bus Crash

From the top right corner of the photo, some readers can see a “white lady looking on the left” and others saw “a white face”. I honestly do not know whether the photo has been ‘photoshop’ or a fake.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apparitions From The Underworld

Apparitions From The Underworld

When Anna Ching was a teenager, she and her mother visited her aunty and her family at Jerantut in Pahang. Anna’s aunty has been hospitalized and they have to bring food for her everyday. She and her mom also had take care of her young cousins and her uncle in their house.

Jerantut in Pahang 

After spending almost the whole day visiting her aunty in the hospital they went home, where Anna’s mother cooked for her young cousins and her uncle. After dinner, her mother asked Anna to feed the family black mongrel dog, named Trotter. 

It was a moonless night with little light from the lamp posts as Anna walked to the little garden at the front house. Trotter was not at front garden when she heard the mongrel at the fence of the garden whining. Trotter’s face was looking outwards and whining but Anna cannot see anything….the road by the terrace houses was covered with bushes and trees beside the lane…nothing…nada!  There was no one around.

Anna rubbed her eyes with her hands in an attempt to see better…but there were nobody around..except for the dog's whining, she noticed a small shrine around the bushes and the trees but there were no offerings like joss sticks or local fruits. She remembered that her aunt used to do the rituals and the offerings before she was hospitalized. She did not give it further thought to it but went back to the house to play with her cousins.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Genting Bus Crash during Hungry Ghosts Festival!

Genting Bus Crash during Hungry Ghosts Festival!

The worst motor accident in Malaysia’s history happened during the Hungry Ghosts Festival. Were the supernatural souls from the afterworld involved?

“37 killed, 16 injured in Malaysia’s worst accident,” as reported by the mainstream and the internet media. The ill-fated bus was on the Genting up-downhill road on the privately owned by Genting Malaysia Berhad.

Resort World Genting’s Logo

The Genting Sempah road is infamous for a string of mysterious incidents  and I have written about it previously in “Apparitions at Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway” and “Ghost Sightings at Genting Sempah, Selangor”.

In addition the bus crash occurred during Hungry Ghosts Month which falls on August 7 and September 4. Taoists believe that the ghosts are opened from hell where the souls can roam the earth for a month. 

Bus Crashed at Genting Highlands

Friday, August 23, 2013

Deceased Colleagues

Deceased Colleagues

Almost everybody has come across deceased colleagues particularly that have passed away unexpectedly. I have 2 different but similar stories about really weird and strange incident that these people have personally come acrossed.

This was told by Janice Foo which was the Office Manager of a large company in Malaysia. Min Ling was an officer when she was knocked by a bus and killed on the way back from her work. Janice described Min Ling as a kind of ‘mousey’ girl, quiet and shy but she was extremely dedicated in her work. 

A few days after the fatal accident, the security guards at Janice’s office found a strange apparition lurking dressed in a white gown late at night. According to the security guards her face could not be seen as her left face seemed to be partially crushed and bloodied. Before the guards could do anything the lurking apparition suddenly vanished!

During Min Ling’s funeral, some family members had requested a “closed coffin” as Min Ling’s face was badly crushed by the bus. As some of Min Ling’s colleagues were excitably talking and speculating what security guards saw that night .….one of the girls noticed that Min Ling’s computer have been switched on! They were shocked as Min Ling’s workstation has been closed as the management had not found a new replacement yet for Min Ling. In fact some girls have complained about working more hours as they have to take over from Min Ling’s unfinished work.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sri Mutiara Apartment Lift Incident

Sri Mutiara Apartment Lift Incident

Bernard Ng agreed to look after their aunty’s place during her holiday visit to Taiwan with her other mahjong ‘aunties’. Bernard, his sister May and his mum will visit the apartment for a week during that time. Her aunty lived in an apartment in Sri Mutiara Apartment in Sungei Besi at Kuala Lumpur.

Sri Mutiara Apartment in Sungai Besi (

A couple of nights later when they were sleeping, Bernard heard the sound of someone dropping marbles or pebbles on the outside floor tiles. After a while he got up irritated when the sound did not stop….thoonk! thoonk! as he walked from the bedroom door and he found May peering at their bedroom door (mum was asleep). Before he could say anything, the sound of dropping marbles or pebbles suddenly stopped. They both went to turn the lights on from the living room but it was quiet and silent. Must be some neighbours kids, Bernard told his sister although he found it strange that the kids will be playing marbles at 3am.

The night before his aunty came back from Taiwan, the three of them were in the living room when Bernard suggested going to supper at some hawker stalls. His mother and May were not interested so he went off by himself. 

As Bernard got on the lift he noticed that he was not alone, there was a young striking lady inside the lift. As he got on the lift he saw she must be in her twenties with a sexy body-hugging dress with a flawless skin. He quickly said “hullo…going out?” but she did not even reply or acknowledge his presence, preoccupied and busy with her handphone. Walking to further behind the lift he thought “So stuck-up mer”.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Malaysian Ghost Stories

Malaysian Ghost Stories

Countless people faced mysterious and unexplained experiences in their everyday lives…here are 2 such stories.

Gloria Soh was a student at KDU University College in Damansara Jaya in Selangor. Gloria and 5 other outstation students, were placed in a temporary house in USJ in Petaling Jaya. The double-storey house was a corner unit of a linked terrace lot in a residential housing. The corner house was mostly furnished but it was cold, dark and lifeless which an agent explained that the old lady living there had passed away a few years ago. The 6 girls were given 3 rooms upstairs and they had 2 people per room.

Things were fine in the beginning except when one night after dinner at a food stall they got back and when turned on the light…the girls noticed there was wisp of smoke near a picture frame in the dining room. The smoke quickly dissipated and vanished and the girls hurriedly check out the kitchen etc whether it was on fire but could not find anything.

Days after that, Gloria was in bed reading when she heard clearly music sound from the piano downstairs. There was an old piano in the living room downstairs which was left by the old lady before she passed away. 

Old Piano (

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Horny Ghost

Horny Ghost

A teenage girl got the shock of her life when she saw a lurking ghost in her shower.

Jennie Pang and her family moved to their new house at Rompin in the state of Pahang. Everything was alright for the first year when she felt something odd about her house. Like when she was bringing the trash (‘tong sampah’ - ler) one night after dinner, she noticed that although the neighbourhood  were quiet dark, that  a ‘man’ was looking at her house beside a tree directly opposite to their place. Jennie was only 15 years old then and was just a ‘peeping tom’ she did not really care nor think much about it.

A couple of nights later, Jennie was asleep in her bedroom, when she felt something was touching her back as she was lying on her side. Half asleep and dead tired, she simply pulled her blanket around her and facing upwards, she went back to sleep.

A week later, Jennie was finished her shower and she was about to put her clothes on, she casually looked at the bathroom mirror and….there was a ‘man’ in the other corner looking at her! She turned around and gave a yell and screamed, crouching herself and looking at the ‘man’ who was sneering with a mocking smile. She shouted for her mother as she rushed downstairs with super speed to the dining room – butt naked where she found her startled parents and brothers. 

A school friend commented that it must be a horny ghost (“ham sap kwei” – Chinese translation) waiting for his ‘dessert’.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pekililing Flats – haunted?

Pekililing Flats – haunted?

A girl recounts her childhood life in Pekililing Flats which were filled of bitter sweet memories at the same time of tragedies of the countless tenants in everyday lives. It is also of her personal experiences of the eerie and spooky events in the flats.
Pekililing flats is located at Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Pahang in Kuala Lumpur. It is also known also known as Tunku Abdul Rahman flats and it comprise of 11 blocks (A to L) each with 17 floors each. These units have up to 10 people cramped in each home to thousands of people who lived at the flats.
These flats of numerous ‘fire bombs’ (water filled with plastics), badminton games at the corridors etc were home to the kids, but it was also a place or shelter for drug addicts, the homeless, illegal activities and sleazy or unsavory characters. 

Newspaper cutting of Pekililing Flats (
Pamela Yip was a teenage girl when she was still living at the flats. She remembers the eerie feeling of walking to the lifts, the corridors between the individual units and the haunting darkness. She used to shrug off when she felt an inhuman touched her hand or shoulder but simply just walked away.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Genting’s Ghostly Parking Space

Genting’s Ghostly Parking Space

“Lost Again!” lashed angrily Hector but tomorrow will be different, as he got ready to sleep in his old Proton car in Genting’s parking lot. He woke up to eerie and mysterious shadows moving about his car…

Logo of Resorts World Genting

Genting is famous for its slogan “City of Entertainment” with her array of hotels, theme parks and of course, its casino. To many people it has been aptly rename as the “Sin City” instead. For the numerous people it has been the source of spooky and eerie incidents of their trip to Genting Highlands.

Hector Chu has been to the casino at Genting Highlands trying to be fabulously rich but the opportunities have not happen yet. Tomorrow will be different, he thought to himself as he made to his old Proton car at the parking lot with signboards indicating for ‘free’ in Genting Highlands. When he got his car, he noticed the dimly lited car park area and howling wind and the thick swirling fog which has descended upon the open car park.

Parking Bays in Genting (

After getting his pillow and a worn out blanket, Hector got to sleep in the back of his car. Awoke with a start of whispering of people laughing, he peered at the passenger window of his car and was shocked, there were two shadows (must be 7 – 8 year old kids from their size) playing in the car park. While he was desperately adjusting to the poorly lighted of the car park…3 other shadowy apparitions pop around his car windows. Half asleep and totally unexpected Hector with a yell…hooi!... grabbed his blanket and just stared with his mouth wide opened.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Haunted Home at Arau, Perlis

Haunted Home at Arau, Perlis

Roslan woke up and heard someone urgently knocking at his bedroom but who can it be at that time? He quickly got up and when to the door…then collapsed…woke up to an even bigger surprised.

Roslan was a student at Kolej Tuanki Ja’afar (KTJ) at Mantin in Negeri Sembilan. His girlfriend (now his wife) was also a student at that college and during their holidays spent their time at Rembau in Negeri Sembilan (Roslan’s home town).  Then they drove down all the way to Unmi’s home town at Arau in Perlis.

Shopping at Kompleks Arau (

Roslan was placed in a room downstairs (belum kahwin-mah) while the rest of Umi’s family stayed upstairs. Roslan secretly confided to Umi that he felt an extreme unease and he heard whispering from that room. Umi said that her grandma slept in there but she had passed away many years ago and it was just his imagination. 

One night when Roslan was sleeping, he suddenly awoke to the sound of someone knocking continuously at his door. Half asleep and worried why anyone would be knocking at that late hour, he opened the door…and he totally passed out!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Spooky Tales about Taxi Cabs

Spooky Tales about Taxi Cabs

Taxi Cabs work hard and long tedious hours every day just to make ends meet but also confronted by supposedly eerie and spine chilling incidents in their lives. Or what if suddenly confronted with a taxi from the other world!

Taxi Cab Stand (

For the first tale, Tanya and her 2 friends were waiting for a taxi cab and it was very late after 3.30 am. After clubbing at a nightclub Tanya found her car wouldn’t start so instead of bothering anyone so late (or early) they decided to get a cab. 

Although it was late and the street was mostly deserted there were taxis but all of the just sped off except for a taxi which screeched to a stop in front of the 3 girls. The taxi practically inched slowly towards them before finally agreeing to take them. On the way back, Tanya who was more or less surprised asked the taxi driver, when he shyly mumbled “…to make sure that you are all are not ghosts”.

In the 2nd story, Lester was driving after a late night out with a group of friends. There was a taxi cab beside his car going very fast and zoomed past him. Being young and reckless, Lester also sped up after the taxi cab thinking that his car can even go faster. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Important Hungry Ghosts Festival Rules

 Important Hungry Ghosts Festival Rules

The Ghosts Festival represents the most scariest and spooky time of the month as the wandering spirits are let out of hell and they are allowed to roam in our dimension for a month! This is one of the tale about someone who accidentally and breaks the rule during that month.

There are several important rules to follow especially from the Taoist faith for the Ghost Festival. The Ghosts Festival (or Qing Ming) falls on the 7th month of the lunar year and the hells are open and wandering spirits are everywhere! Some of these basic guidelines are:

1.      Be extremely careful of what you are saying as wandering spirits make take offense (angry-lah) at what is said.

2.      Avoid speeding (avoid knocking on wandering spirits)

3.      Do not spit at the roadsides, stalls etc and definitely do not pee outdoors (an even bigger no-no)

4.      Do not step on the offerings (hell notes, food, etc) offered to the wandering spirits 

Offering for the Death (

Harry Chu just had dinner together with a friend at a restaurant and he was walking back to his car. At the pavement, he was happily chatting with his friend, when he accidentally step over a roadside offering and nearly fell forward. Cursing he kicked at the offerings when his companion screamed at him to stop. Harry sneered and told his friend that is was only an old wives’ superstition. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Old Family House in Temerloh

Old Family House in Temerloh

An old family house brings many back many happy memories but at the same time also many strange and weird incidents.

Signboard to Termeloh (

Termeloh is the 2nd largest largest town after Kuantan in the state of Pahang. 15 year old Aida lives with her parents and 4 brothers and sisters in the outskirt of Termeloh. They lived in an old bungalow Malay house together with their 2 cats and 6 chickens.

Aida was washing the dishes alone after their dinner (as their mother was not feeling well and decided to rest) in their kitchen. The kitchen was located in the lower back portion of their house and she was standing looking directly at the window when she saw little Dina (her youngest sister at 5) creeping past the window. Slightly puzzled, Aida called after Dina from the window but there was no reply. Aida went to the back door to looked for Dina (as her little was not allowed to play in the compound especially at night) as Aida reached round the compound she noticed Dina was partially hiding in front of a thick bush. Aida scolded her sister at the same time fumbled with her spectacles as it was in her pocket. 

When she finally managed to get her glasses on she little Dina was not there. Getting a bit annoyed Aida searched the entire compound before entering the living room again, only to find her sibling and her father watching TV. Little Dina was lying on the couch happily playing with Pokeman. She glared at her brothers and said they were supposed to take care of Dina and let her go to the compound herself. Her brothers were a bit dazed and confused and one of them said Dina was in the living room with them!