Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Angel of Death

Angel of Death

The Angel Of Death…..the Lord of Hades or the Guardian of Hell are believe to be a messenger of Hell. It is truly remarkable and unbelievable that people from all cultures and nations seem to believe in a supernatural paranormal entity …is it the same entity and does it exist?

I previously wrote in my blog “Time Is Up” about an account where people have seen a dead relative and even a close friend. A friend told me recently about his grandpa’s version about his personal encounter with the Angel of Death!

Angel Of Death (

Alvin went with his family to visit his grandparents Teluk Intan in the state of Perak. The doctors said that his grandfather would not live very long as has severe diabetes problem and he was also left virtually blind due to the illness. Alvin’s grandpa spent his days sleeping in room and only his grandma used to bring him his medicine and his meals. The family did not spend a lot of time with him as he was not only sick but terribly grumpy that only the grandma can take it.

One night after grandma brought his meal to the bedroom he suddenly complained, “Who is that?...” pointing at a particular spot in their bedroom. The grandma turned and looked several times and said there is no one there. Alwin’s grandpa insisted that there was someone there … pointing to a corner and saying, “there he is! … what does the hell he wants” 

The grandma said again there is no one there trying to calm and pacify the old man knowing he was half blind. These incident happened for consecutive 3 days, with old man claiming to see a man again in his room and claimed… a dark figure covered in a dark robe including his head and he was carrying a long stick! Alwin’s grandpa passed away after the third day.

Thinking back, Alwin wondered it was just his grandpa’s wild imagination or was it the messenger of death … the Angel of Death?


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