Saturday, September 14, 2013

Haunted Buildings

Haunted Buildings

A lot of people have witnessed haunting in buildings all cover the country and today I will share 2 such experiences.

Taman Tun Dr Ismail (better known as TTDI) is a middle-higher class residential place in Kuala Lumpur. Ravi who works for an airline company has to rent a room from a colleague, Timmy, at TTDI while his condominium is being renovated. 

Pasar Besar at TTDI (

One night when Ravi was working on his notebook in his bedroom, he heard a constant loud clanging  sound from the downstairs kitchen as if someone was busy fixing a meal. There were continuous sound of clanging and banging of pots and glasses and Ravi decided to take a break and said hi to his friend, Timmy.

When he was walking from his bedroom door, he suddenly realized that was absolute silence, not a sound from the kitchen. Thinking that Timmy must have stopped cooking, Ravi proceeded down the stairs and into the kitchen. He was surprised and confused that the downstairs’ lights have been turned off and it was dark and silent.

When he turned on the lights on in the kitchen…..Timmy was not there and the kitchen was spic and span and all the glasses and pots have been put away. Ravi later found out that Timmy was enjoying himself at a nightclub and only got back much later that night. 

A week later, Ravi got back one night and when he turned on the lights…the entire chandelier  (ceiling mounted light fixture) completely fell onto the floor. Luckily he noticed the chandelier was swaying (but there was no wind at that time) and he managed to skip pass the falling chandelier. 

When Ravi related to his friends the strange and mysterious happenings about the house, one of them joked that the ghost must somehow be angry with him. Whatever the reason, Ravi decided to move to another place to live.

The next tale is about Kenny Low who works in Cheng Industrial Park in Malacca. Kenny has just started work at the night shift when he felt strange in the workers’ break area. He was alone in the break room when he felt someone was blowing on his face….and then a whisper said, “Hai!” He was surprised because no one was around the break area when all of a sudden he heard a laughter in the toilet!

He thought someone must be pranking him so he rushed to the toilet only to find it was empty. Later he found out from the workers that a foreign worker was killed in that plant a few years back. They have seen water turned on and off in the toilet by itself, their bodies pressed by the ghost and mysterious sounds in the toilet. Some of the workers have even saw a shadow lurking in the break room.

The workers said that whenever they had to the break room or the toilet they went only in groups. Some workers say that the spirit is unable to move on maybe due to grief, hatred or a strong attachment. Some even speculated the spirit do not know that he is dead!

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