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Malaysian Ghost Stories 3

Malaysian Ghost Stories 3

Two more tales about the strange and mysterious world about the ghostly supernatural events in everyday life.

The first story is about Marcia Siew who stayed at residential enclave in the town of Kampar on Perak. Kampar is also the educational hub and home to Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC).The name of Kampar was coined from the term “Kam Poh” which in Cantonese stands for precious gold.

Kampar suffered from the communist raids and the Japanese occupation of the Second WW2 and have a population of over 90,000 people.

Map of Kampar in Perak

Marcia Siew was lazily watching a love story movie show on the TV and it was around 3am. Her parents and her brother have retired for the night. After the movie was over she went over the kitchen to get a glass of water.

As she was drinking her water she noticed the neighbor dogs were busy yapping and yelping. She looked through the window from the kitchen but she did not see the dogs and she brushed aside without thinking. Turning away from the kitchen and from the corner of her eyes she saw something strange in their garden.

She peered in the darkness and notice that there were 2 people, an adult and a child, walking strangely in their garden. Looking closely, she saw it was a man and a young girl dressed in white – and they were hopping. They were hopping but with their hands were facing straight up above their bodies. She was mesmerized and shocked and could only watch the show. The little girl stopped hopping and she turned her whole body until her face Marcia. The little girl’s face was in the shadow but Marcia could see her smiling.

Totally stunned and before she could react, the little girl started hopping towards her! Gasping she madly dashed for the staircase, leaping up two or three steps on the stairs onto her bedroom.
Marcia fled to her bedroom, jumped into her bed and covered her whole body with her blanket. 

Looking back at the event the other night, Marcia do not know whether it was spirits of the underworld but she will definitely close and shut all the curtains at night – especially during the Ghost Month.

The second and final story happened in Segamat, Johor as Kumar was riding his bike with his friend after working late. At a cross junction, a couple on their bike had collided with another car. There were many curious ‘busy’ onlookers who were just watching and Kumar and his friend decided to help.

The lone driver of the car was not seriously hurt but was in a shock and Kumar and some onlookers took him to the road kerb. However when they arrived at the mangled motorcycle, they found a young lady had died but the young man was still alive but unconscious.

When this going on, the ambulance arrived and they found the young lady had already died and they attended to the injured motorcyclist. The lone policeman and Kumar were trying to hold back the crowd when Kumar saw a lady beside the onlookers. She had a looked of complete shocked looking at the injured male motorist and when the ambulance attendants finally took the injured man  to the waiting ambulance.

The young lady then looked sadly at the young woman's body that had died in the accident….when Kumar realized something was odd. Kumar swiftly turned and looked at the dead motorcyclist’s lady passenger…. and it was the same woman!

Kumar received a sudden tab on his shoulder from his friend saying that they should go. When Kumar looked up again at the crowd of onlookers…the young lady was gone!

Some people believe that when some people had died, especially in vehicle accidents, the souls will linger on for a little while at the accident site.


  1. Hi Christopher
    Found your blog site by accident and I enjoyed being spooked very much.
    Not many spooky website in Malaysia and am glad to stumble unto yours. Good job !
    I have many ghost stories to contribute as I had encountered quite a lot during my younger days and recently in my office in TTDI.
    Let me know if you are keen to feature my stories.
    Best regards

  2. Hi Teresa Ong, I am so forget and couldn't remember if I have given you a reply. I am very keen to hear your stories...Thank You and take care.

    1. Cld you give me yr email add n will email to u. Tq

  3. hi Teresa, My eml add is ccslim@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you.

  4. Hi l am looking forward to reading the stories fr Teresa


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