Monday, November 4, 2013

Putrajaya Hospital – haunted?

Putrajaya Hospital – haunted?

There are allegations and purported sightings of unworldly apparitions circulating from the staff and even visitors in the ultra modern healthcare facilities of Putrajaya Hospital. The actual existence of ghosts, demons, ghouls and the undead, roaming the lonely nights in halls of this hospital.

Putajaya Hospital at the Federal Territory of Putrajaya (

The night shift-staff have seen and encountered numerous times of strange apparitions and spirits in selected wards in the hospital. Some nurses have heard people talking during late nights when there were no people around. It is reported that a man wearing a white “kopiah” (a Muslim skull cap) was wandering the corridor late at night and he would suddenly disappear.

The management of the hospital due to harassment from the staff and clients had resorted to hiring Darulssyifa (an Islamic religious consultant) to appease the spirits. Darulssyifa is led by Datuk Dr. Haron Din (a well-known PAS politician and the foremost expert in spiritual healing) in the supernatural cleansing ritual.

A ritual by Darussyifa led by Datuk Haron Din

Some of the patients actually saw wavy apparition in the room while they were sleeping and staring at them. In a separate incident, a nurse had to use the women’s toilet late at night. When she was in the cubicle, she heard the sound of running water from a tap and was idly wondering who could be using it. When she was done, she walked back to the main toilet but there was no sound from the water. As she looked into the mirror beside the tap…she was absolutely was shocked…from the image of the mirror, there was a blackish figure (lembaga) hovering in mid-air… just beside her!

In another incident, a security guard who was patrolling outside the hospital at night was shocked to see a shadowy figure hiding and crouching between the cars…the figure has no legs!...only wavy images of bloody stumps below the legs!

Others believe that Putrajaya Hospital was an original Orang Asli graveyard before the construction of the present facility. Whereas some people said that it is a hospital and therefore there are ghost and supernatural entities. Some believe that only one in a thousand people will see or feel the presence of the unknown especially when their “wan shou” or spiritual level is low.

Do you believe that Putrajaya Hospital is haunted? Please let me know.


  1. The lower ground level in the hospital has several sightings from me alone in just 2 months since Ive been there. Men running with heavy breathing, white figures appearing in the vicinity, knocking on the glass door when there is nothing there on the other side of the door...sometimes just walking down the stairs, I could feel 'damp breath' at the back of my neck!

  2. hi Yvonne, Wow! u must have seen what the others saw! Spooky...any other stories?

  3. Is is said that ghosts also like to use the elevators besides the toilets. But just say your prayers and tell yourself that the ghost can do no harm to you.

    For those hospital staff, just tell the ghosts you work there and wish to have peace. The ghosts will leave you alone.

  4. Hock Thai Caske, Tq for useful info!

  5. hi Hock Thai Casket, oops! I forgot, do u have any stories to share with us...tq

  6. My former company is involved with medical equipment, and according to the technicians, the entities sometimes will play with the machines, and make it seems spoiled, but actually they cannot find out the cause. During those times, the hospital sure call them come to repair, but nothing to repair.


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