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Ming Court Hotel at Port Dickson – Haunted?

Ming Court Hotel at Port Dickson – Haunted?

Ming Court Hotel was a popular beach resort during the 2000s. In fact, the hotel was the favourite haunt weekend resort for my wife and I – except some people consider it to be haunted!

Map of Port Dickson

Ming Court Hotel was located at Teluk Kemang in Port Dickson which was popular especially with the quick-getaway by the busy crowd from the Klang Valley. The nights after dinners at the lounge with the local and foreign singers with my wife sitting patiently (or impatiently) with cold mugs of beer for me!
Unfortunately the hotel was closed down somewhere between 2002 or 2003 probably due to the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) epidemic and was taken over by the Corus Group.

The Abandoned Ming Court Hotel in Port Dickson

I did not see or felt any supernatural presence during our stay at the hotel. Probably I am not gifted with “yin yang” eyes which allow people to see or feel the existence of ghosts. However, a friend of mine, Ken, and his future wife, Ivy, had a truly terrifying experience in the then Ming Court Hotel.

After they have check-in to their room, Ivy went to the bathroom and Ken was busy unpacking. When Ivy got back from the bathroom she complained that the room smelt of second hand smoke. Both of them are strict and avid non-smokers. However, they did make too much of it and carried on with their activities.

When they went to sleep that night in the hotel, Ivy suddenly awoke to find somebody was choking her throat. She tried to speak but with her hands about her own throat she struggled fruitlessly in vain. Luckily, Ken also woke-up and was shocked to see Ivy struggling and he tried to pry open whatever was holding her throat.  After a few agonizing minutes, Ken managed somehow to do that and Ivy was struggling to breath. When Ivy finally looked, she was shock to see a semi-transparent blackish man looking at her beside their bed. She screamed and scrambled to get away from the bed and Ken look helplessly in the direction where she was pointing – but he saw nothing!

After a tearful and screams from the couple, the blackish semi-transparent man simply vanished.

The horrified couple left the next morning and vowed never to come back!

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  1. Wow, weren't we just talking about Port Dickson over dinner? :D Well done with the photos!!!! I bet there must be quite a lot of haunted tales and stories in PD don't you think?


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