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Eerie Tales about Hostels & Dormitories

Eerie Tales about Hostels & Dormitories

Real-life incidents of hauntings and ghostly sightings in hostels and dormitories are recorded all around the world. For some reasons, spirits seem to be attracted to these buildings, I have a story about a girl who personally weird occurrence while living in a dormitory or hostel in Malaysia.

 A Typical Hostel in Malaysia

Chrissy was a government hostel when she felt strange and eerie disturbances at the hostel. For example, Chrissy and the girls felt a presence in the girls’ toilet when they were bathing (a horny ghost or ham sap kwei) but Chrissy did not pay attention, thinking that they were just new at that place.  
However she finally admitted something was not right , when she clearly remembered that she had a blanket wrapped around her body at night but she woke to find the blanket missing – it was pulled from her and onto the floor in the morning!

Some of their stuff was misplaced but later found at other location at their room. For instance, Chrissy put her alarm clock in the corner of her small study table beside her bed, before going to sleep. Many a times, when she woke up to find her alarm ringing but only to find the alarm clock still ringing but at the bottom corner of her double-decker bed!

Probably the most frightening incident occurred when Chrissy’s roommate, Shanti, was going to change her clothes one night, when she found the curtains in their room were only partially closed. Shanti went to shut the curtains where she saw something in the window. Curious Shanti opened the curtains to look at the darkness to have a better look…she saw a black figure with an obscene look, leering at her through the opened window. Their room was on the 7th floor!

Chirssy and the girls were so terrified they managed to persuade the College authorities to change their room.

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