Thursday, August 14, 2014

Followed Ghost Hunter Home

Followed Ghost Hunter Home

An amateur Ghost Hunter was shocked that ‘something’ followed her home!

Molly was a 17 year old who likes to follow her friends looking for haunted houses in their home town of Kota Tinggi in the state of Johor, Malaysia. Especially after SPM (a government exam) they were just bored and just wanted excitement besides Molly was naturally interested in the supernatural.

One night Molly and a group of her friends went to a derelict abandoned old folks’ home on the outskirt of town. It was pitch black when they finally found the exact location, it was a 2 storey bungalow with a rusty padlock hanging loose about the gate. They drove their car onto the small lane beside the old bungalow.

They made the way to the garden which was terribly overgrown with weeds and plants when some of them finally suggested that they will wait for them there. Molly and her friend, Rajoo, were furious with their suggestion and for changing their minds at the very last minute. Their pleas and threats fell on deaf ears as they were adamant that will only wait at the car.

Nevertheless Molly and Rajoo crept silently into the abandoned bungalow with their flashlights which only provided them with lights which were unfortunately not bright enough. They went through the broken front door and slowly went into the front hall, which were fill-up with broken furniture, weeds and with eerily massive cobwebs on the ceiling and walls.

They made to the kitchen which was located at the side of the bungalow when suddenly Molly heard a faint giggling sound from the front hall. Thinking it was her friends, Molly grabbed Rajoo and rushed to the front door but found nobody there. As Molly yelled at her friends not to play the fool she had a quick glimpse of shadows of a movement moving very fast up the staircase. Molly and Rajoo pounded up the stairs but found their friends were not there.

Later they were told by their friends who were waiting beside their car that they were busy chatting and they did not go anywhere. Molly thought it was just her imagination running wild and as such did not make too much of the incident.

Molly lived with her parents together with her elder brother, Eric, and sister, Cynthia. After a week from the incident, she noticed that things were not exactly right at her house. There were furious arguments between family members and especially between Eric and Cynthia. Being the eldest boy and girl they were close and had a loving sibling relationship but instead now they were fighting like dogs and cats, as if they could not even accept each other.

Even the house pet, a family cat named Tabby, had many weird and unexpected incidents. Tabby as usual would be busy grooming herself when she suddenly looking up and she will be frightened out of her mind. Tabby arched her back hissing all the while looking at a certain spot in the room. Then she would zoom away and be out of there at breakneck speed heading for the safety of Molly’s parents room!

The final straw came about when one night, Molly was watching TV alone in the living room. During the commercial break she went to kitchen for a glass of water when suddenly she felt something or somebody viciously yanked at the back of her hair. The tugged of her hair was so hard that she fell on her back and she let out a piercing scream. The rest of the family rushed out to the living room when they heard her scream wondering what was wrong. They discovered Molly was lying on her back sitting dazed and they anxiously asked what is going on.

After hearing Molly’s recollection about her latest incident they were horrified when they found a chunk of hair including the roots on lying on the floor tiles. Molly’s parents decided immediately that they should call their Catholic priest the very next day.

The Catholic priest was fairly young and inexperienced as when he attempted to bless the entire house with incense, holy water together with Latin verses from the bible. The priest tried twice but he was unsuccessful to get the unwanted spirit to leave their house and out of the family lives. The young priest seemed like he was disorientated and a bit confused. The priest pleaded with Molly’s parents to try and find another house however that was not possible as they could afford to buy another house.

The young priest finally found another retired priest who was willing to help with their problem. The young priest and selected church members drove the old priest from his home at a nearby town. The older priest went through the rituals and finally after a whole night, he was happy to announce that the spirit was gone. The family members were so relief, they can feel the atmosphere were lighter that the darkness were gone. Although Molly was also elated but she can’t feeling wondering…will it be back?


  1. Disorientated. Is that anything to do with datorientated? And the family heard her scream, "Wondering what was wrong." And they found her lying on her back sitting dazed. Please, lah. Everything has to do with vocabulary, sentence construction, and consistency when you write.

    1. Even your vocab sucks, and yet you dare comment.

  2. Needless to say, you stories are very, very entertaining and reflects how we take to the language. Write more, ah.


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