Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dreams & Nightmares – Can it be Real?

Dreams & Nightmares – Can it be Real?

A terrifying scene a dead sister announced that their father was going to die..... Captivating and unbelievable true accounts of dreams & nightmares but can it be real? Here are two stories of their horrifying and unnatural real true life accounts.

Baldish woke up shivering in cold sweat, she just saw her dead sister in her dream and she said their father is going to die. Stricken with fear as it seemed so real woke up her husband and quickly related her story to him.

 Early the next morning, Baldish called her father and was relieved to find him well and fine. Baldish was so relieved ans told her father that she and her family were going to his hometown of Jerantut in the state of Pahang the next weekend for a visit.

Two days after the telephone conversation with her father, Baldish was informed by one of her uncles that her father had unexpectedly passed away that morning!

The next story was when Serena Kam was presently working and staying in Kuala Lumpur. She used to lived at an old attap house with her family and grandma at Gemas in Negri Sembilan. Her grandma passed away 6 months ago and she rushed back to her hometown to prepare for the funeral.

Serena was close to her grandma as she use to take care of her when her parents were busy struggling to make ends meet. Her grandma was supposed to have a present for her, an old silver chain, but she could not find it.

After she left for KL, she went to bed and she dreamt about her grandma and it was so clear – her grandma's smiling face, her eyes, her mouth etc. She talked to her grandma and said she was so frustrated that she couldn’t find the old chain her grandma left for her. Her grandma smiled and told her it was ok and told her where the old chain was.

The next morning, Serena telephoned her mother in their hometown of Gemas about the chain. Serena’s mother later called her that she found the old chain, wrapped with a soft cloth in the old storeroom – the exact location where her grandma said!

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