Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spookiest Jobs

Spookiest Jobs

The two spookiest jobs are arguably the police and the mortuary because of deaths and because it sometimes involve the ghostly paranormal activities of the unknowns. This involves incident about a mortuary and the police.

Sheila is student living from India when we were students living in the United States. We used to organize dinners living in the dormitories. During our chats about practically everything, she mentioned that she never saw any strange happenings while living in India. However she received disturbing news about an uncle (her mother’s elder brother) who is a doctor works at a mortuary in a Government hospital.

Sheila’s uncle was conduction a post mortem on a teenage girl who was badly mangled during a car accident. His uncle’s medical assistant had moved to the other room temporary and he was looking at some papers when at the corner of his eyes saw the corpse moving.

In a split second he rapidly faced the direction of the corpse and found the mangled body was sitting face up and she was staring at him and she was smiling! The cries from Sheila’s uncle attracted the medical assistant where he found the doctor shivering on the floor. He did not find anything unusual, as the corpse was lying on the table.

The second incident was when Shukri was called to a car incident in the night. Shukri is a traffic policeman and he was called to an accident in the outskirt of Kuantan in Pahang.

 Picture of a Traffic Policeman in Malaysia

It was already dark when he got there and other drivers were already there just milling about the crash site. A Proton Wira has crash and overturned but it was lying in the middle of the road. A woman was killed and lying in the middle of the road and Shukri was putting newspaper on the corpse.

As he was on his knees putting the newspaper when he thought he saw a partial white apparition walking by him towards the crowd. From a kneeling position, he looked at the crowd but there was nothing there and thought it was just his imagination. As he was turning towards the corpse, he saw behind the crowd and on the pole at the side of the road was a white apparition perched on top of the pole. Kind of shocked he stared where the white apparition was pointing a finger towards the direction in the heavy dense undergrowth below the road.

Shukri felt a tap on his shoulder and he suddenly turned and realized it was another traffic policeman asking whether he is alright. He quickly back at top of the pole but nothing was there. He can’t explained the reason why but he rushed frantically beside the road to the thick undergrowth and finally found an injured little boy lying in the undergrowth. The little boy must have flown out when the car crashed to land in the dense undergrowth.

He could not understand but did he saw an apparition of the dead mother on the top of the pole and was she pointing toward to the little boy!


  1. Hi Christopher. Been reading your stories and I enjoyed them all. I used to write books including horror stories but now the enthusiasm had died out. Don't know why. Maybe your stories will jolt me back on track. Thanks.

  2. Hi sam kitaro, Glad you like the stories. Hope you get the enthusiasm back.

  3. I think security guards have their fair share of ghost experiences during 12 am.


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