Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mysterious Encounter at Bali Resort

Mysterious Encounter at Bali Resort

A trip to the Indonesian island of magical paradise of Bali but had unfortunately left with some mysterious incidents.

Tuti is from Indonesia when we were studying in the US in the 1980s. We have kept in touch only once in a while and presently she is works in a large advertising company in Indonesia. She emailed me that her whole family will be going to Bali for a couple of days of relaxation.

A Ride in Bali town

They stayed in a bungalow-type in a resort with her husband, two kids and her mother. The first day, Tuti’s mother who was assigned to a large bedroom suddenly asked her, “Who is sleeping with me?...what if I find “somebody” in my bed?” Strange, Tuti thought her mother do not believe in the existence of ghosts or hantus. Anyway, Tuti suggested that she will stay with her mother in the bedroom during their stay in Bali.

The second night, as they finished from hanging around Bali, they were struck by a power failure. The whole bungalow unit was left without electricity and they had to scampered to look for candles and torchlights. They were later told by the resort’s staff that it was a common occurrence at Bali.

On the 3rd night, after putting her kids to sleep, Tuti was walking in the living room clearing her kids’ toys where the lights went off. Tuti had to gather the candles and the torchlight from the kitchen in the darkness…

“What is the hell is that?....” Tuti shrieked and was horrified as she saw a rapid movement in the darkness lited by only the pale moonlight. In the moonlight, she saw a small black figure scampering with a rapid sound of clink! clink! clink! from the marble tiles on the floor. Tuti half fell from fright as she staggered back and the “creature” instead of the floor has scooted and ran directly to the wall of the bungalow and was running on the wall with the sound clink! clink! clink!… The lights suddenly turned on and..... the creature was not there.

Tuti complained to her husband, only when nobody was around, but he was baffled and couldn’t identify the creature. Tuti complained to me by email and wrote, “…it seemed like a creature from the other world…”


  1. Chris! Oh that is so good! We had similar experiences recently when we too were vacationing in Bali! Wow! How scarily weird! Great story!

  2. Tuti must be really scared about the 'creature'.

  3. woah . good read :) i wonder where can i send you my ghost story experience :)


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