Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life’s Unexpected Spooky Encounters

Life’s Unexpected Spooky Encounters

Incredible coincidence or was it a mischievous spirit…or even an evil spirit? These are 2 different incidents about their spooky experience.

Elsa and her team flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to take part in a book exhibition at PWTC (Putra World Trade Center). The next day, Elsa’s colleague and hotel mate, has to leave for Singapore as her baby boy taken ill and have to be hospitalized.

Elsa was resting on the bed that night, reading the extra notes about the event as her friend has left for home. Elsa was feeling drowsy and extremely sleepy as she tried to continue reading. The lights in the bedroom was cozy and dimmed as Elsa finally decided to sleep she switched off the reading light bedside her bed…she was startled to find a man’s hand (but only the hand up to the elbow) moving to turn off the reading light by her bed! She let out a sharp gasp…Holy Shit! .... rustling and whirling to the other edge of her bed…as she hurriedly and wildly looked back at the reading light but this time she did not see the man’s fingers and hand. Feeling tired and stupid, she thought foolishly to herself that it was just a figment of her overwork imagination.

Elsa woke up the next morning and together with her other colleagues after the breakfast hotel buffet rushed to prepare for the events at PWTC for that day. Later in the morning, when it was less busy with customers, she checked her smartphone, only to find there was a photo taken by her smartphone…..a photo of her sleeping in the hotel bedroom!

Shocked!…who could have taken the photo of her especially since her colleague already left to go back to Singapore the night before….

Tara Tsai from Hong Kong met up with her old friend, Kylie, for lunch to chit-chat about their lives from the old days when they were school. After lunch, Kylie was insistent that she show Tara the photos in her apartment.

Kylie lived with her parents in their apartment but unfortunately the parents were out shopping. Tara and Kylie were continuing to chat in the apartment, when Kylie rushed to her room to look for the old photos. Tara took the opportunity to go to the well-lit bathroom and when she was done, she went to the bathroom basin to wash her hands. While washing her hands, she looked at herself in the mirror, she was slightly shock and couldn’t believe to see herself looking rather sinister or evil with a smile plastered on her face. She was lost in her thoughts she gingerly, touched her face and…she casually looked at her eyes…..the eye suddenly blinked!!!

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