Thursday, November 27, 2014

Are You There?

Are You There?

Paranormal or Supernatural Activities, are they real – or just a wild figment of one’s imagination? It’s up to you to believe or not.

 Eye Blinking image of a hovering “Child Ghost”

1st Story
For the first story, Lionel Yee and his friends decided to go to Kuala Terengganu for their vacation. Kuala Terengganu is located in the state of Terengganu which lies in the eastern region of Peninsula Malaysia.

One night they decided to go for dinner at a well-known local food stall and by the time they got there it was already after 8 pm. The food stall was packed with customers and they had to wait for their turn. While waiting for their turn they went to an empty nearby field to chit-chat and to smoke. The field was relatively dark as the lights from the food stall were facing the other side. However there was a partial moon with moonlight shining dimly in the darkness.

Lionel suddenly felt something had hit him hard on the lower back directly above the head and he staggered wildly towards his friends. His friends were shocked as they rushed to help Lionel asking anxiously him what was wrong. Lionel spurned around turned and angrily glared, as he was sure that it was one of friends but…there was no one, not even a soul!

They went to their hotel after their meal at the food stall and Lionel kept complaining about the ache on his back. As he was undressing he looked at the back of his T-shirt but did not find any tear, not even a sign of a cut on the fabric. As Lionel was busy inspecting his T-shirt when one his friend accidentally looked up and was extremely shocked to find that Lionel’s back shoulder was bruised with a vicious blue-black mark!!

Was it a supernatural or paranormal spirit……

2nd Story
Did she go through a terrifying but so-called natural scientific encounter of “Sleep analysis” or was it something else?

16 year old Dewi lived in a fairly new neighborhood with her parents, her younger brother and baby sister. The family stayed at a bustling town of Sitiawan which is located approximately 10 km from Royal Malaysian Navy's Naval Base at Lumut in the state of Perak, Malaysia.
This particular incident happened when Dewi went for a school excursion and when she got back from the trip, her father together with the rest of her family drove her home. She was extremely excited and was busy chatting about what they saw, her friends and their latest gossips.

The rest of the night was actually quite normal except for their pet cat, Princess a Persian cat, who seen strangely engrossed peering in the direction of the bedrooms on the first floor. When Dewi went to pat the cat she was surprised that Princess actually swiped her with her front paw before sprinting away to a small gap beneath the cupboard in the living room. Despite coaxing from the rest of the family, Princess absolutely refused to come out.

Having a somewhat hectic day, Dewi was feeling tired and decided to get some sleep. She had a harrowing nightmare that a blackish man was hunting her & family and they were frantically looking for a way out. Suddenly she woke up with perspiration on her body, when she felt somebody was on her bed…something was straddling on her body!!! She horrified she jumped & twisted her entire body from the bed but she could NOT move…not even a single muscle, her entire body seemed paralyzed…even her eye lids were closed shut!

Taking a few long deep breaths trying to anxiously calm herself, she said her prayers and she secretly plan that she will trick the “spirit” by pretending to relax…and then without warning opened her eyes! She got her wish when her eyes burst opened and was momentarily blinded by the semi darkness…as she adjusted to the darkness, she saw a pitch black figure with long white hair & shinny white teeth smiling, mere centimeters away from her face!!! Totally & utterly shocked …..  she simply fainted.

 There are some people who believe in the scientific explanation of “Sleep Paralysis” whereas other may believe in the Chinese saying “ghost pressing on body” or in Malay, “kena tindih”. Although the episode was so real to Dewi, she would probably go for the “Sleep Paralysis” explanation as she did not really believe in the supernatural but…

When Dewi was cleaning her bed she found 2 strands of white hair…. but none of her family had white hair!!!


  1. Hi Christopher

    Thanks for the many interesting posting. I enjoyed reading all of them.

    When coming to this posting on sleep paralysis, I felt the need to share on what goes on (as I am a sufferer).

    Firstly, When it happens, your eye lids don't shut tightly. You can see. And yes, you can hear. It is just that you cannot move.

    Secondly, you don't faint during sleep paralysis. Goodness gracious. You would jolly try your very best to force yourself to be awake, body & mind. It is never a nice experience.

    Thirdly, a presence is felt, not seen. And that awful vibrating hum ...

    1. Yes, it's not a pleasant experience and we tried very hard to force ourselves awake. I also experience breathing difficulties and yes, the awful humming..

  2. Hi Anonymous, So glad you like the stories. I also like your personal accounts of sleep paralysis! thks.

  3. I had sleep paralysis at certain times in life and it started during my teen years. I'm coming to 50 in a few years time. I strongly believe it is nothing supernatural but some body-mind occurrences. I did even consulted a psychiatrist and I got a very good answer for it - lack of potassium in our blood. This happens after a long day or exercise. And dewi did have a hectic day in the story , though I can't explain the strands of white hair and the dark shadows.
    Potassium can be easily found in fruits or isotonic drinks, btw.

  4. Hi ChrisAu, Must have been a scary incident for you. Hard to understand whether its scientific explanation or its supernatural.


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