Monday, May 12, 2014

Eerie Car Tales

Eerie Car Tales

Eerie and harrowing tales about ghostly apparitions or sights that one might encounter unexpectedly particularly in their cars! I have 3 other chilling true-life tales for you.

 An Old Proton Car

Jacob was driving back late after work at old Sungai Buloh back road when he saw a colleague in his old white Proton. Jacob saw there was a woman beside his colleague, Wan, who was busy driving. It was getting dark but he saw that the woman had full length hair and she was sitting on the front seat facing Wan.

When Jacob met with Wan the next day, he chided his friend asking who was the lady in his car yesterday. Wan look somewhat puzzled and said, “Where got lady….alone lah!”

Although Wan vigorously denied that was with a women, Jacob was at the same time sure that he saw a woman with Wan in the old Proton car! Was it a ghost?

The next story occurred at Chukai (also known as Kemaman Town) in state of Terengganu. Kadir was travelling from that town one night when he was alarmed that a terrible loud sound…phlatt… came crashing on his car. Shook up he quickly pull his car, a Naza Ria, onto the side of the coastal road and sat around to look at the surrounding but there were no cars on that lonely road.

 Model of Naza Ria

He quickly looked at the surrounding again as there was nothing except the wind was blowing hard in the night air. Too terrified to actually go down the car at night instead he drove back to his home.

When he reached his home, he got down from his Naza Ria and with a plastic stool together with a torchlight he got up to look down at his car. The top of the roof at the front of the car were absolutely fine but the….the back of the front portion was badly dented with a depression of approximately 17cm oval in size!

Kadir was absolutely horrified when he was told by a relative that he has heard before about those travelling at desolated road at nights – that vampires (in Malay : ‘pontianak –like’) jumped from obstacles like vehicles!

The last encounter happened in Gerik which is located in the north-east of the state of Perak. Lan was just informed by his childhood friend, Din, that Din’s elder brother has left, the old car will be available (provided Din’s parents are asleep).

Lan and Din, other than girls, are especially interested in the ghosts and the supernatural. They were hanging around until Din’s parents have retired for the night. They crept out to the old car and drove off. They decided to go a deserted graveyard along a neglected road a few kilometers away.

When they have arrived they found a few broken tombstones but in the pitch darkness they could not see anything. About to give up, Lan unexpectedly saw in the front glass window of the car directly above his face….was an extremely old lady peering in the window. Initially shock but Lan realized that it was just an older lady who was now angrily gesturing to the glass car window.

When Lan has finally to managed to wind up the glass panel when the old lady muttered, “What do you want? (translation: Apa mahu?) Lan quickly sheepishly managed to say, “….only looking for ghosts…” (translation: ..tengok ada haunt tak..) The only gave him a disbelieve look and she rolled her eyes upwards then walked back in the opposite side to the car and she just strolled upwards walking going up to the far end of the trees and simply faded away sight….

Lan was so staggered and astounded that he can only shriek, “get back! get back!” (translation: balik! balik!) Both of them were so frightened by that incident they were sick for almost a month!


  1. Great stories! I've seen, felt, and heard spirits, and sometimes it can be very frightening! Especially the evil spirits!


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