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Is Desa Rejang flats really haunted?

Is Desa Rejang flats really haunted?

An old woman was surprised at the sound of mysterious crying at their flat….

Desa Rejang consists of several blocks of low-cost flats owned by City Hall of Kuala Lumpur in Setapak and completed in 2008. Present residents are from Pekililing and Sentul low-cost flats which were demolished to make way for more ‘lucrative’ developments.
Desa Rejang flats in Setapak

Madam Ting lives with her husband in an upper unit there, now that her children are married and lived with their own families in their suburbs. One of the neighbours, Chu Yoke, her mother and her brother live just beside the Tings. Chu Yoke, a mid-30s, used to work as a helper for a poultry market stall nearby. Madam Ting knows the whole family but not so well as they were neighbours even in their previous flats.

Chu Yoke’s mother died a couple of years ago and Chu Yoke seemed to take her mother’s death very badly. She lost her job and she spent her time inside their flat. Madam Ting and other neighbours used to bring her some simple food (left on her doorstep}.

One day Madam Ting overheard Chu Yoke’s brother shouting and complaining at Chu Yoke for taking the neighbours food. Chu Yoke countered that she has no food to eat and her brother was not around much. After the angry spat between her brother and Chu Yoke, she refused the little food from the neighbours and simply locked herself in the little flat.

One night, Madam Ting was washing the dishes in the small adjacent kitchen (which was beside Chu Yoke’s flat) when she heard loud crying and mourning sound (as if someone was crying). There was also a strong smell of rotting food or maybe a dead rat in block in the flat. She quickly got out of their unit and looked around the neighbours’ flats. Then she looked at Chu Yoke’s flat with the window and door firmly which were closed shut with the food left in her door. Yet she was quiet sure that it was probably Chu Yoke crying.

Madam Ting’s husband got out of the flat and angrily ushered Madam Ting back into their unit asking her not to be so busy-body or nosey. Madam Ting’s husband then firmly shut the window and the front door of their flat.

When Madam Ting woke up the next morning, she was in the kitchen boiling water when she heard a lot of commotion outside her flat. When she got out she noticed the aunties from the present floor at Chu Yoke’s flat together with a group of enforcement assistants from local council (DBKL).

Locked Unit of the flat

After shouting at the flat to no avail, the enforcement assistant finally forced the locked door and got into the flat. There were lots of people around the flat but a neighbor told Madam Ting that they found Chu Yoke’s body. Unfortunately Madam Ting’s husband arrived as he proceeded to forced Madam Ting back to their flat and locked the door and window, telling her not be so nosey and not to even look back at Chu Yoke’s flat.

Later in the day, Madam Ting was walking to buy some food for dinner where she saw a neighbor who was talking with a nurse who also lives there at that block of flats. According to the nurse, the young woman (Chu Yoke) had died in her apartment and she had died 3 to 4 days ago!

Madam Ting gasped…. as she only heard the mourning and crying sound just previous night!

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