Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dead Persons’ Antiques

Dead Persons’ Antiques

My wife is completely terrified of antiques wondering if dead persons actually own them and even how they died. Some Asian cultures believe that previous articles belonging to dead people might have ghostly traces or aura energies of the deceased.

Which reminds me of the show about “The Pickers” on the History Channel on Astro TV. The TV series is about 2 American guys who owned a business in Iowa and they travelled to different states to collect antiques or ‘junk’– called “rusty gold”. Obviously the 2 guys do not believe of the existence of ghost but I wondered whether they felt just bit uneasy of the old stuff they buy. I guess I will not know.
Kenneth Chua, does not believe in this ghostly stuff either, and he runs a fairly successful metal building contracting company.  Kenneth together with his wife, Ming Yoke, their children lives in Balakong in Selangor. One day Kenneth had to go to Terengganu for a site meeting and after lunch he went to an antique shop. As expected, Kenneth was very interested in old stuff and antiques. He purchased an interesting old antique dressing table with mirror for his wife’s birthday present.

The professional movers had to drive all the way from Terengganu to his house in Balakong in Selangor. As the movers were taking the old dressing with mirror they had to walk passed the living room on to the way to the stairs.

An old Dressing Table with Mirror

Kenneth’s and Mei Yoke’s youngest daughter, Jamie, 3 years old were sitting in a child’s table in the living room playing with her computer game. All of a sudden when Jamie looked up, she started crying and shrieking with her legs tucked and folded up, frantically pulling away from her little body. She was truly horrified with her eyes wide opened peering at the old dressing table with the mirror.
Kenneth and his wife were taken aback and they rushed to calm their daughter, lost and wondering what was wrong with her. Meanwhile Jamie fell down from the child’s chair, still screaming with eyes still looking frightfully at the dressing table. When Kenneth and his wife rushed to Jamie, they tried unsuccessfully to pacify their daughter. Finally Kenneth had to tell the movers to transfer the old dressing table back to an old warehouse.

Jamie did not want to tell her parents or anybody anything that happened that day. However when gently persuaded by her mother, Mei Yoke, a few days later, said it was a lady with fiery red eyes in the mirror…and she looked absolutely furious.

Meanwhile Kenneth had to go again to Terengganu for the weekly site meeting then he dropped by the antique shop on the way back. The antique shop owner was surprising somewhat familiar with the previous owner of the dressing table. According to the antique shop owner, the present owner was a grand-nephew and said that her grand-aunty lived in that old abandoned house. It is not entirely clear, as it happened so long ago, but he believed that his grand-aunty died and her husband left with a young woman to another state. He said however there are rumours that some of the neighbours have complained that they have seen a woman in the dark in the long unoccupied house.

Kenneth cannot help but wonder whether there is any connection between the “grand-aunty” of that unoccupied house and what his daughter claimed that she saw in the mirror of the dressing table.


  1. Even though most of the time, getting is more a pleasure than a scare, I don't doubt that sometimes ... it could contain "other stuff" that could be quite scary.

  2. right...thanks so much for your comments.

  3. All things hold energy, that's one reason I try not to buy used items. You never know what energies you will unleash

  4. hi Flashette Pickett, someone people I know are frightened touching dead peoples stuff!


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