Sunday, January 5, 2014

Road To Nowhere

Road To Nowhere

Strange and mysterious journey on the road that leads to nowhere.

Nasri was visiting a favorites aunt at Dungun Hospital alone as his mother and his sister could not make it. After spending the whole day with her, Nasri got in his car to go home. It was dark when he drove along the coastal road to his family home.

As he was driving, he found the radio in his car was not working properly. There were too much static…zzzzz…zzzzz  sound. He got fed up and he turned on the cd player but he got the same static noise. Increasingly frustrated with the radio/cd player which he fiddled around when the heavy rain poured and poured continuously.

 Lonely road to Dungun in Terengganu

He concentrated on his driving as it was not safe to park somewhere along the side of the road and just wait for the rain to stop. He was driving for about an hour before the rain was finally ceasing and the rain was slowing down, he was startled that his cd player was working with the music blaring away.

He looked in the scenery about his car….he was absolutely shock…the car was on the same spot when he first started the journey!

In the 2nd story, Zin was driving with his girlfriend, Ruzitan, and his little sister, Nadine. It was late in the evening, when Ruzita and Nadine wanted to go the rest room. When they got to Tangkak rest area (in Johor), Zin waited in the car while the girls went to the restroom.

 When Ruzita got to the car she was surprised that Nadine was still in the rest room. Ruzita explained that Nadine had wanted to go the rest room by herself. After a few minutes, both Zin and Ruzita got worried that little Nadine got lost. As they were about to leave the car, Zin casually looked up and was surprised that Nadine was at the other side of the expressway!

Zin then motioned to his girlfriend when they saw little Nadine happily waving at them wearing her favourite yellow "angry bird" cap. “How did she get on the other side?” Zin desperately asked Ruzita to stay in the car as he tried to get to the other side of the expressway. Zin weaved his way about the cars from the other direction and when he finally arrived….Nadine was gone. He desperately looked for her and then a call from Ruzita saying that she found Nadine.

Relived to have found Nadine, Nasri made his way to the other side, hugged her then asked Nadine what the hell was she doing on the other side of the expressway. Nadine who was crying by now, denied saying she just got back to the car after the rest room!

·        Was it a Doppelganger (a mystical being who is identical to a real person)?


  1. On the road to nowhere - good short stories. But no I don't think it was a doppelgänger. Do you?

  2. hi helena, I am not to sure. maybe its not a doppelganger.

  3. i have experience with doppelganger . so i'm sure it is a doppelganger .


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