Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weird House Pets

Weird House Pets

Weird, spooky tales & encounters about departed/dead common house pets like a cat or a dog.

Anita, 12 years old, and her family lives in a suburb of Alor Setar in the state of Kedah. One night Anita and her younger brother, Nor 9 years, had to eat dinner before their parents went out to do their weekly grocery shopping at some nearby stores.

After dinner, Anita and Nor were lazily sitting in the living room watching TV. While they were watching TV, Anita notice a black shadow flashed with lightning speed past the TV screen and out their front door. Totally shocked Anita only saw that it was only about knee-high, a black shadow streaking past them between where they were sitting and the TV screen.

Anita looked at her younger brother who had his mouth wide opened staring at the empty space, then he asked, “Did you see that?” Anita trying to be brave but managed to say it must be some kind shadow caused by car lights.

Somewhat consoled or comforted about the ridiculous reason given by his sister, they both went back to their TV program. Suddenly Anita realized that their cat was not there and she asked Nor whether he has seen their cat. Nor looked around the living room and shook his head.

Typical House Cat

It was slightly strange because the cat generally follow them whenever they are home. They shouted their cat’s name as they looked at the inside of the house without success.  Then they rushed upstairs and finally found their old cat in their bedroom….lifeless but with the body still warm.
Was it a coincidence that their cat has died at the same time they saw the black shadow streaked pass in the living room? …Spooky.

The next encounter happened when 16 year old Pauline and family had outstation guests at their family home in Sitiawan, Perak. Pauline’s elder sister and her family had arrived to celebrate Pauline’s mother birthday and for a few days stay at their family home.

Pauline was busy talking to her mother when she noticed her 4-years old nephew, Eddie, was resting on a sofa with a big pillow tucked on his back. Little Eddie was also holding tightly to his bolster (small pillow) while his other hand was holding and drinking from a baby milk bottle. He was so cute, strangely engrossed and giggling quietly looking at something above his head.

Pauline walked happily by and sat on the sofa beside the little boy and asked, “What are looking at?” Smiling shyly but he finally muttered, “…Bobo…so funny…” Pauline wanted to shout in surprise….How did Eddie know that name! … “Bobo” was their family dog’s name but the dog died a few years before her nephew, Eddie, was born! …and is Bobo’s spirit still around?

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